Nita Flores

Personal Information






Awakened (Human)




116 (As of 2016)

18/19 in appearance


18th July 1961


Washington, U.S.A.

Ethnic Origin

White U.S.A.

Sexual Orientation



Complete Blindness

Impaired Touch on Left Side



Professional Information



"Center of All Crime"

Base of Operations


Extra Information

Neutral Evil


Sakkame (Subordinate, Head Strategist - Alive)

Kerensa (Personal Aide, Head Maid - Alive)

Clara Bishop (Maid, Student, Favourite - Alive)

Emilie Brekke (Subordinate - Alive)

Harriet Neal (Subordinate - Alive)


Battling her wits, and strategies against Lumi, toying with the human race, dancing.

Hair Color


Hair Style

Long, straight

Eye Color

Grey-White (Blind)


171cm (5'7.3”)


60.5kg (133.38lbs)

Powers and Abilities

Business Intuition

Crime Inducement

Criminology Intuition

Fatal Touch

Game Intuition

Hunting Intuition

Interrogation Intuition

Killing Intuition

Law Intuition

Magicians Intuition

Mathematical Intuition

Mystery Solving


Overwhelming Influence

Photographic Deduction

Political Intuition

Poisoning Intuition

Predator and Prey Intuition

Psychological Intuition

Rot Touch

Scientific Prowess

Supernatural Condition

Supernatural Thievery

Tactical Genius

Trapping Intuition


Absolute Inversic Power

Threat Capacity

Black Pudding

"The world is her harp, each string is a person, and she knows how to play the most elegant melodies. Humanity dances to her rhythm, and she blends in with the crowd. She gives gold to the corrupt, exposure to the wicked, plays games with our politics and chess with our armies. How do you defeat someone who has become the silent black hole around which humanity unknowingly orbits?"
Lumi Faraday about Nita

Nita Flores is a criminal genius, mastermind, and awakened inversic. She’s the “center of the underworld”, and has connections and influences everywhere, even in important positions in governments. Lumi even believes her influence stretches off world, into astrala, and possibly even some factions of the ae’ani.


Nita has long black hair, tied into an over-the-shoulder ponytail with a grey tie.

Nita wears very plain clothing- the kind of clothing you would see on anybody, although she often just in her pyjamas in the manor. And although she never stick with one set of clothes, she has a silver watch which she always wears. She claims it was her mother’s, but nobody really knows.


At her core, Nita relishes in death, agony, chaos, and toying with others, as she shows time and time again with her involvement in the darkness of humanity, and other races, controlling them like puppets on a string, and smiling in delight as we kill ourselves off. She exudes a "my pace" attitude as she lazes about in her manor in her pyjamas, making others dance to her rhythm. Nita is one of the most sadistic and chillingly cruel individuals you’ll ever meet. She loves to play with people, or make them suffer before she either helps or kills them, as displayed when she used her power to poke holes in the captured wife and children of one of the mafia bosses she was meeting with, who was refusing to listen to her, all with a smile on her face. She tempers this with her unfathomable intellect, sardonic wit, and dark humour. Nita is fully aware of how people perceive her, her reputation of cruelty, and she makes no efforts to deny them, and plays with that reputation to her advantage.

Nita can come across as arrogant, as she regards all other lifeforms, with the exception of some, as insects, worms, or less. To her, the people that come for her aid are like babies, crying for the help of a mother. They possess no real power against her, no matter their threats or position in the world, and she revels in watching them squabble and bicker as she makes them fight among each other, sometimes without saying a word, and she delights in people giving into begging for her aid. However, she isn’t overconfident. She’s cold and calculating, and always takes potential threats seriously, and handles them as such.

Despite all this, Nita possess a very calm, calculating, civilised and refined demeanour, using very polite, regal, eloquent language. She moves with the grace of royalty, and is known for her beauty, which she will use as a method of control in of itself when she needs to. Nita is not afraid of objectifying her own body during audiences, using her figure to tease and toy with those she meets, manipulating them through their sexual desires, while at the same time placing her beauty and form above that of them. This behaviour is common to varying degrees, the staff of the house say, but one of the more extreme examples was when a group of three men were meeting with her. The meeting was going as normal, with calm, calculating intellectual exchanges, games of wit, and bargaining. This was until the younger, more hotheaded of the group got fed up of nothing happening, stood up and shouted,

“We’ve played you game! Can you just give us the goddamn help we need already, bitch!”

The room fell silent and Nita went down over to the young man. Confidently and calmly, she verbally assaulted him, before she pushed him and to ground saying she'll "give him a chance to live, and get her help." She straddled him, and forced him to remove her pyjama top. He eventually did, revealing her bare chest. Continuing her verbal assault, she impatiently demanded that if he was so desperate, he should suckle on her teat right now for her help. The man refused twice before actually attempting to, and Nita killed him on the spot before he could, after he displayed the lowest of his character.

Combining this approach with her knowledge of the world’s workings and her fearsome intellect makes for an individual who cannot be overcome or charmed. She is the one above you, and she makes sure you know that. It's often claimed that to visit Nita a second time for help is akin to giving up your soul to the devil.

Nita, using her terrifying power and unfathomable genius, asserted herself at the "queen" of crime, corruption, etc. She is the top dog of top dogs, the greatest power within the shadows of society. If anything could be considered an all-controlling entity of humanity, or the "illuminati", or whatever you'd call it, it *is* Nita, and Nita alone. Because of this, incredibly powerful individuals come to her for advice and aid- from simple mob bosses to mafia bosses, from politicians to bankers, from generals to pirates, from presidents to royalty, from journalists to other media. The list goes on.

A criminal genius and mastermind, she's able to easily keep up with world events. She knows everything about everybody in all the governments of the world, and how they all interplay with each other, as if they were her closest friends. She knows everything about the cultures and mindsets of every country, as well as their political and military strategies, and economic situations, and how they all interplay with each other. She can accurately gauge how the public will react to the choices of their government, and how that will effect the government in the future, and even as far as how each member of the government will react, and what choices they will likely make based on that as individuals. This depth of knowledge, from the global political stage to the personal lives of the members of the parties, allows her to easily influence the world stage from the shadows by knowing exactly which strings to pull.

"If you know the enemy and know yourself, you need not fear the result of a hundred battles."
― Sun Tzu

She takes this genius with her to the underworld too, tactically dominating over all criminal gangs and organisations. And while she does give them the freedom to do what they want, when she needs them, they obey her like loyal dogs. Once she's set her mind on something, that something will happen, and everyone stopping her will die trying. By studying all aspects of individuals and nations, and adding to that her incredible knowledge of science and mathematics, she can gain an insight into people, nations, and the world as a whole that grants her a level of prediction that's precognitive, and she has been shown to work this mental prowess as far as a decade into the future so far.

Nita runs everything like clockwork. Whenever she’s plotting a scheme, she’ll hire multiple people or groups to do separate parts of the plot, without letting them know why or who the others are. She organises thing is such a way they don’t even need to know, as often she’ll get one party to kill the one before them. And like clockwork, it runs smoothly, and leaves no connections or trials behind for anybody to follow.

Nita truly puts on an air of "royalty". One does not meet with Nita at a table, one goes to see Nita within her audience room, and kneel before her. Once the time for the audience has come, Nita will play games with those who have come to speak with her, such as turning up late, lying around on the bed, which is in place of a throne, pretending to ignore them, reading a book while they speak. She makes certain them know they're not all that important to her, and the moment they start to show a reaction to her behaviour, you're done.

Nita's power leaves Lumi unable to tackle the problem of Nita directly, and is left only the option of "playing games" with her, in order to disrupt her operations. People often wonder why Nita doesn't just take over the world completely, since she's clearly in a position to be able to. Lumi thinks that Nita must be having more fun as things are now.

Nita has lived through a life made rough by psionics, more so than Lumi. But unlike Lumi, she never found the "beauty" of psionics, and grew to hate it deeply. This was only compounded by her own inversic powers, which lead to the death of her brother through inversic poisoning, and the death of her mother when she tried to defend her father from Nita’s emotional attack after he tried to kill Nita. Minerva once commented that Nita "wasn't wrong" in her beliefs. Psionics has brought as much pain as it has joy, as much grief as it has pleasure, and in the same way Lumi is trying to advance psionics into a better place, Nita wishes to get rid of it, to make the world a better place.

Nita has never gotten close to anybody- she's never known love or compassion, not really. She never played with other kids, or been hugged by a lover. The distance her powers put between her and everybody else, and the life she suffered at the hands of humanity because of her powers, have made her apathetic toward others. This all lead to her cruelty.

However, as grand a genius as she is, and as cruel a criminal she may be, she has one striking weakness. Her blindness and impaired touch (on her left) can cause problems, and often requires her to be followed by someone at all times, especially while visiting places she hasn't been to before. She can't ever know the appearance of those around her, and must rely on others to remember them for her. And obviously, she is unable to perceive visual details of situations, and again, relies on others to spot and remember them. She has trained her other senses to compensate as much as they can, but it can hold her back at times. Just not enough to quash her authority and presence.

Because of her blindness, she is understandably very meticulous about the organisation of her manor, and the positions of everything in it. An example of this vulnerability came by in a rather humble situation. Her local corner retail store, which she enjoys shopping at by herself, changed its floor plan around after a few years. When Nita went to grab a food product from a shelf, it was something entirely different, and she did, in fact, begin to panic a little.


"You haven't thought this through enough. Life is not a game with an optimal path, nor a series of equations to be solved. Life is an orchestra to be conducted, a set of paints to be crafted into an artwork."
― Nita to Alber Eichmann
"So, how much money will it take you to kill the gentleman next to you, hm? 1,000? 100,000? 1,000,000? 1,000,000,000? All the money within the USA? (She pauses to let him think.) Come now, one pull of the trigger and you'll be the richest man in the world. (She pauses again.) What, not enough? Of course not, you fool. Can you feel that strange sensation holding you back? Well... (Nita snaps her fingers, and a maid drags a girl into the Audience Room, Nita points her finger at the girl, the daughter of the man she's speaking with) ...what about now?"
― Nita to ???.




Path of Inversics


The Psychic Wars


Creation of a New World


Freeing the Demon


Meeting with the Mobs


Against the Enlightened

Nita once traveled into Astrala to visit the "Council of the Enlightened"- a group of seven spirits who trained for centuries to achieve a higher lever of consciousness and power. They are a separate body from the Ruling Spirits, but sometimes advise the Ruling Spirits.

Nita, wishing the know the outcomes of a future event she had planned from one of the best precognitives around, went to this council to seek their advise- as this council had shown a certain distance between themselves and caring about the Humans. When she asked, they felt something was off about her, and refused to answer.

Nita grew tired of their "high and mighty" attitude, and in a merciless act, pulled down one of the council, descending/receding their consciousness back to that of an average spirit. It was brutal, in just moments, she had undone centuries of work, then killed him on the spot. Nita asked again, and this time, their lips were a little looser.


Nita is an awakened inversic of absolute power, matching the power of Absolute Psionic Power


Limited Wish Granting

Through Nita's power, wealth, and influence, she's able to grant a people their desires with considerable ease. It's nothing magical, and it can't happening instantly (in most cases), but Nita is capable of granting even some extremely wishes, so long as they don't interfere with her.


  • She has a very meaningful and symbolic name (brace for likely shaky and needless detail):
    • Virosa - Virosa, Nita's Epithet, comes from the Amanita Virosa, one of the "Destroying Angel" muchrooms. Refering to how Virosa is deadly poison to the psychic world.
    • Nita - Nita comes from Amanita. Nita is also a Native American name, meaning Bear. This is meant to reference the invasion of North America.
    • Flores - Flores means Plant, and is there mostly to sound planty, and fit with the mushroom thing. Flores is a Spanish name, and is there to reference the Spanish conquest of the Aztecs.
    • Her name is meant to be a reference to the European invasion of America. Lumi is from Europe, Nita is from America. All in all, it's a convoluted reference to conquest and the conflict between Lumi and Nita.


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