Nita Flores

Personal Information

Queen of Secrets


Queen of Secrets Lady


Awakened (Human)




372 (As of 2016) 20/21 in appearance


3rd January 1644



Ethnic Origin

White English

Sexual Orientation



Complete Blindness Impaired Touch on Left Side



Professional Information




Base of Operations

Fellenwort Hall

Extra Information

True Neutral


Ana de Molina (Subordinate, closest friend - Alive)

Sakkame (Subordinate, Head Strategist - Alive)

Kerensa (Personal Aide, Head Maid - Alive)

Clara Bishop (Maid, Student, Favourite - Alive)

Emilie Brekke (Subordinate - Alive)

Harriet Neal (Subordinate - Alive)


Playing chess, reading, arranging flowers, bathing, strolling her gardens.

Hair Color


Hair Style


Eye Color

Grey-White (Blind)


171cm (5'7.3”)


60.5kg (133.38lbs)

Powers and Abilities

Business Intuition

Crime Inducement

Criminology Intuition


Fatal Touch

Game Intuition

Hunting Intuition

Interrogation Intuition

Killing Intuition

Law Intuition

Magicians Intuition

Mathematical Intuition

Mystery Solving


Photographic Deduction

Political Intuition

Poisoning Intuition

Predator and Prey Intuition

Psychological Intuition

Rot Touch

Scientific Prowess

Supernatural Condition

Supernatural Thievery

Tactical Genius

Trapping Intuition


Absolute Inversic Power

Threat Capacity

Black Pudding

"Let’s see how much the truth really hurts, shall we?"
― Nita

Nita Flores is a genius, mastermind, and awakened inversic. Between the events of her youth, and wanting to live her life comfortably, Nita came to become the “Queen of Secrets”, there isn’t much she doesn’t know about the ongoings of humanity, and she uses that powerful knowledge as assurance for her peace of mind. Nita is a true neutral, only doing what nets her the greatest gain in money, comfort, and security of it.


Nita has long black hair, tied into an over-the-shoulder ponytail with a black tie.

Nita wears a white nightgown-dress all the time, along with her dark grey throw, and black thighhighs.


Power? Territory? Politics? Psychopathic satisfaction? Revenge? Glory? They're beneath Nita. At her core, Nita wants a life of comfort, luxury, truth, and peace of mind. She wants nothing more than the assurance that the world around her is all it claims to be, and to live in comfort and luxury. After the events in her youth that lead her into her path, Nita will do everything in her power to bring into the light all secrets and deceitful behaviour around her, or in area of importance to her. Nita is general relaxed, and lives relaxing. She spends her days in her mansion, almost watching the world go by in comfort, gathering the secrets of the world.

Nita is a true neutral. She has no particularly strong feelings toward good or evil, lawful or chaotic. She does what’s best for her comfort, luxury, and peace of mind, and security of it, no matter what that is.

However, Nita has an irrational anger, a hatred of being lied to. If she finds out someone has lied to her, she flips into anger to the point of killing the one who lied to her without hesitation, and maybe one of two others along the way. This uncontrollable point in her life has set her back at times, and has even been exploited in an attempt to weaken her position. Nita is a cruel individual with unfathomable intellect, sardonic wit, and dark humour. She possess a very calm, calculating, civilised and refined demeanour, using very polite, regal, eloquent language. She moves with the grace of royalty, and is known for her beauty, which she will use as a method of control in of itself when she needs to. Nita is not afraid of objectifying her own body during meetings, using her figure to tease and toy with those she meets, manipulating them through their sexual desires, while at the same time playing games of logic and wit with them.

A genius known as the “Queen of Secrets”. Nita has spent approximately 350 years observing the incredibly deep connections and activities of the world and those who run it, gathering secrets. She's able to easily keep up with world events. She knows everything about everybody in all the governments of the world, and how they all interplay with each other, as if they were her closest friends. She knows everything about the cultures and mindsets of every country, as well as their political and military strategies, and economic situations, and how they all interplay with each other. She can accurately gauge how the public will react to the choices of their government, and how that will effect the government in the future, and even as far as how each member of the government will react, and what choices they will likely make based on that as individuals.

"If you know the enemy and know yourself, you need not fear the result of a hundred battles."
― Sun Tzu

She takes this genius with her to the underworld, and once she's set her mind on something, that something will happen, and everyone stopping her will die trying. By studying all aspects of individuals and nations, and adding to that her incredible knowledge of science and mathematics, she can gain an insight into people, nations, and the world as a whole that grants her a level of prediction that's precognitive, and she has been shown to work this mental prowess as far as a decade into the future so far.

Nita also does good as much as bad. Donating to charities, funding research, fund raisers, saving people and more. While she doesn't appreciate the lime light or attention, the other factors, such as trust and connections, wealth and comfort, attract her to doing them. Nita runs everything like clockwork. Whenever she’s plotting a scheme, she’ll hire multiple people or groups to do separate parts of the plot, without letting them know why or who the others are. She organises thing is such a way they don’t even need to know, as often she’ll get one party to kill the one before them. And like clockwork, it runs smoothly, and leaves no connections or trials behind for anybody to follow. Nita herself will just go out and commit crimes, because she knows she can absolutely avoid being caught. Nita's power leaves Lumi unable to tackle the problem of Nita directly, and is left only the option of "playing games" with her, in order to disrupt her operations. People often wonder why Nita doesn't just take over the world completely, since she's in a position to be able to. Lumi thinks that Nita must be having more fun as things are now.

Her blindness and impaired touch (on her left side) can cause obstacles, especially while visiting places she hasn't been to before. Even though Nita has come to learn to use echolocation, she can't ever know the appearance of those around her, and must rely on others to remember them for her; although she does remember their sounds and scents. She is unable to perceive visual details of situations, and again, relies on others to spot and remember them. She has trained her other senses to compensate as much as they can, but it can hold her back at times. Just not enough to quash her authority and presence.

Because of her blindness, she is understandably very meticulous about the organisation of her mansion, and the positions of everything in it. This has formed a very subtle case of OCD in her. An example of this vulnerability came by in a rather humble situation. Her local corner retail store, which she enjoys shopping at by herself, changed its floor plan around after a few years. When Nita went to grab a food product from a shelf, it was something entirely different, and she did, in fact, begin to panic a little.

Outside of her blindness, the constant battle her body is doing, regenerating itself against the constantly damaging forces of inversics, leaves her physically weak compared to other super mutants. It also often leaves her ill for a day or two in a state of health less than desirable. Her disinterest in the happenings of the world, and shaky health means she rarely ever leaves her mansion, as unlikely as it might be in the periods she'd be away for, she'd rather not collapse in weakness, or cough up blood in the sight of those she's meeting. Because of her health, she's always followed by another, wherever she goes.


"You haven't thought this through enough. Life is not a game with an optimal path, nor a series of equations to be solved. Life is an orchestra to be conducted, a set of paints to be crafted into an artwork."
― Nita to Alber Eichmann


In Nita's youth, and her teen years, she was a highly faithful and devout Christian living in England. But things started to change as she travelled with her family through Europe to their new home. Both her religion and family status meant she herself was very well educated for her era. The era being the 17th century.

Her parents made some bad life choices, and had their toes dipped in dodgy places, and it was coming back to bite them. A large scandal centred around them happened. Their wealth and status were all fading, so they needed to get away and fast. As she travels with them across europe, she finds her family's status and wealth are failing them. The lords of her home county ceased their assets, and their title became irrelevant in the scandal. All they had left was what was on them. Nita found out about the dark dealing her parents made, and her faith and trust in them began to waver.

The only thing she then has left is her religion. Even as she and her family find themselves in the slums, hiding desperately from dangerous people, her faith hold out, stronger as ever, as the prospects of their future look dim.

After somehow managing two years in poverty, of her family being robbed, starving, threatened, used, and stripped of everything, she started to feel god wasn't answering her prayers like he used to. Thoughts that all her prayers were simply being answers by her family's wealth and power in the past begin to creep in her mind. Then her mother was kidnapped for... less than pleasant reasons. Thoughts Nita had never felt before raced through her. Dark thoughts. Sinful desires.

She immediately raced to the nearest church, to clear her head of them. To grasp at her virtuousness and sanctuary from those thoughts.

Cracks started to appear in her character through the tough life leading up to this moment. She spent hours praying for guidance, but received nothing from her lord. Then the priest lit a torch, granting her the sign she wanted. In an act of desperation, and to give her mother rest from the hell she was suffering at the hands of her captors, Nita found and torched the entire brothel, killing everyone inside, burning it to the ground. It was an act of confused emotions. Saving her mother by releasing her soul, and revenge on her captors, believing it was the brothel itself that took her. Virtue and sin muddled together.

A few days passed after the fire incident, she still felt it wouldn't be appropriate to go to church just yet, as the reality of what she did sank in. She went looking for guidance of any kind. Against her better judgement, she went to a fortune teller in the streets. Ana de Molina.

Nita asked simply "what's going to happen to me now?", and Ana took a gaze into Nita's future. And as Ana typically did to steal life-force, placed her hand on Nita's head, pretending it’s what she needed to do. What happened next shook them both.

As Ana looked into Nita's future, expecting nothing more than the normal stories of people in poverty, Ana saw something... A future beyond anything she could have expected. Ana freaked and lost control, Nita's mind interfered and pulled the "image" of her future from Ana into her own mind. In whatever capacity her mind could perceive it, the image they both saw was a woman, with raven black hair, dancing in a destroyed city, which was burning aflame. Her eyes, though blind, burning with inhuman passion. She exuded power and dominance, of the like the world had never seen before.

Nita ran. She ran fast. She ran back to her place in the streets, by her drunkard father’s side. She was shown by the "gypsy witch's" tricks a vision of her becoming a devil. She didn’t believe it at all, but Nita becomes seduced with the "devil" in her mind; seduced by her future self, dancing in ruins, basking in her own power, the power over the world. With power like that, anything would be possible...

And then she learnt something from a gent who was at the brothel that night, who came looking for the family of that woman. She learnt that it was a priest who had captured her mother. He dragged her to a brothel and paid off those working there to say nothing, as the church’s power was significant. After he had his ways with her, he left her mother to the desires of others in the brothel, and got away before Nita burnt the place down. To Nita, priests were meant to be the most virtuous and kind. Devout believers of god unwavering in the face of sin. Nita’s world view began to warp.

Nita felt an uncomfortable fire burning in her. Was it anger? Was it rage? Was is hatred? Was it revenge? The desire to kill? Nita fled to church one last time. In a tearful confusion, she pleaded to god to grant her sanctuary from her sinful desires. She blamed Ana for this sin flaring up in her; for the seductions of the vision she received. She was truly confused. The real world’s darkness was tearing her perception of the world apart. After battling with her sins and virtues, her desires and religion. Her heart was set, knowing what she needed to do.

“If the devil's temptations scorch even the most virtuous of souls, then let us burn together in hell fire...”

Nita dropped the cross she had since childhood into a fire. Letting in burn in hell fire, as she was sure she would after what she was about to do, asking for mercy from god, and set about taking revenge. She would take the sword up against the faith she held with such conviction her entire life, and curse the words of god.



Nita is an awakened inversic of absolute power, matching the power of Absolute Psionic Power



Nita, using senses enhanced by the super mutation, can use echolocation to astounding accuracy to "see" the world around her. It's not good enough to pick out fine details, but enough so she can navigate without a guide dog or cane.


Nita's main technique through her Inversics, Nita is able to invert anything to as deep as a conceptual level.



  • The fantastic image was draw by Woodtoaster for this character, and I cannot thank them enough!
  • Although "Nita Flores" isn't her real name, she picked it and kept it, as it was a very meaningful and symbolic name (brace for likely shaky and needless detail):
    • Virosa - Virosa, Nita's Epithet, comes from the Amanita Virosa, one of the "Destroying Angel" muchrooms. Refering to how Virosa is deadly poison to the psychic world.
    • Nita - Nita comes from Amanita. Nita is also a Native American name, meaning Bear. This is meant to reference the invasion of North America.
    • Flores - Flores means Plant, and is there mostly to sound planty, and fit with the mushroom thing. Flores is a Spanish name, and is there to reference the Spanish conquest of the Aztecs.
    • Her name is meant to be a reference to the European invasion of America. Lumi is from Europe, Nita is from America. All in all, it's a convoluted reference to conquest and the conflict between Lumi and Nita.


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