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Character Sheet: Nekissa

Holokami March 28, 2016 User blog:Holokami
"So... Want to make a contract?"
― Nekissa


Personal Information

The Contract Maker, "Demon"




Half-Psychena, Half-Spirit



Age Appearance






Ethnic Origin


Sexual Orientation

Bisexual, Female-form and Male-form Psychena





Professional Information


The Awakened


Contract Maker

Wish Granter

Base of Operations


Extra Information

Does it sound like good deal?


Queen Filicia (“Boss”, Fellow Awakened - Alive)

Eadda Cayce (Former Work Friend - Alive)

Lumi Faraday (“Boss”, Friend, Fellow Awakened - Alive)

Minerva (Friend, Fellow Awakened - Alive)

Yarozu (Friend, Fellow Awakened - Alive)

Feahi (Friend, Fellow Awakened - Alive)

Izoori (Friend, Fellow Awakened - Alive)

Kani (Friend, Fellow Awakened - Alive)


Duping people into giving her stuff

Hair Color

White, Black on Ears

Hair Style

Long, in a ponytail

Eye Color



162.5cm (5'4”)

Powers and Abilities

Business Intuition

Game Intuition

Psychological Intuition


Seduction Intuition


Absolute Contract

Psychic Program












Challenge Level


Nekissa is one of the Awakened, and previously the Contract Crafter. Her powers grew after she made a deal with a "wish granting" cat spirit, and the spirit lost, forfeiting its power. Her powers are great, though completely reliant on a deal/contract being struct.


Nekissa is has long white hair, black cat ears, and a white cat tail with a black tip. She also has orange eyes. She always wears a suit with an orange tie, and wears black glasses- not because she needs to, but because they make her "look cool". Also, on her face a two black whicker-like marks on each cheek.

Nekissa always have a clipboard and paper with her, as well as an orange pen with erasable ink.


Nekissa is always friendly and cheerful. She always has a smile on her face, for business reasons more than anything. She'll get on with any work she needs to do swiftly, and without question. She's a very shrewd person, with impeccable insight and intuition. She'll happily grant anybody whatever they want, but only at the right price.

Nekissa also knows how to push, seduce and persuade you into making a contract with her.

She's the type you have to be very careful with your wording around. She always knows exactly what you mean, regardless of what you say or how you say it, but will play and twist your words and their meanings. Despite playing with wording, she will never sneakily add unrelated results- like somebodies death or gaining money, to a contract/program- as it would "stain my reputation to cheat like that."

Nekissa will never ask for specific payments, and allow the person wanting to make the contract to offer what they want, only saying anything if she doesn't think it's worth enough. Except on rare occasions where she wants only something specific.


Nekissa once ran amok with her reality warping powers in Psychena. She wreaked havoc, and caused a lot of pain and trouble. Nekissa played, stole from, and hurt people with deals, and Filicia was so greatly annoyed by her constant destructive tendencies otherwise, that she took to stop her personally. Filicia knew Nekissa loved making deals, so Filicia made one with her.

"I'll let you live, if you accept limitations to you power, and come and be my Crafter."

Staying alive was such a great deal to Nekissa, that she accepted. Filicia put conditions and limitations onto Nekissa's reality warping powers, and made her work for her. After many decades of begrudging work in Filicia's palace, working as one of her advisors with Eadda Cayce, Nekissa had spent a lot of time around Filicia, and grew to respect her.

Nekissa had become the Contract Crafter under Queen Filicia for hundreds of millions of years, advising Filicia, making deals and contracts with her people, dealing with all business-related work, handling requests outside of public courts, and many more tasks. However, there was one who was becoming jealous of Nekissa's position and closeness to Filicia. Scrios, in his early years, manipulated the feelings of this individual, in the hopes of weakening the defenses of Filicia.

Scrios told the individual that Nekissa could not resist a great enough prize of a bargain or contract, and told them to offer something great.

One day, an unusual wish-granting (psycho-warping) spirit, in the form of a black cat, named Toikei, appeared before Nekissa and Felicia during their pupil court, and made a challenge- If Toikei could defeat Nekissa in a series of challenges, then Nekissa would have to resign, and give her position to Toikei. However, Toikei was very overconfident in her abilities at games, and said if she lost, she would give up her life and powers.

Nekissa and Toikei agreed on terms, and Nekissa wrote it into a contract, which they both signed.

Scrios and Toikei both underestimated the intelligence and ability of Nekissa, who defeated Toikei 21-0. Toikei was distraught. Toikei begged for another game, but Nekissa dismissed the pleas, stating the contract was complete. Nekissa's reality warping powers took into effect, and absorbed Toikei's power and form, but not her mind or souls, which were destroyed.

From then on, Nekissa continued as normal until, to the delight of Filicia, awakening. Filicia survived through the rule of Scrios, and the rebellion. She currently does what she wants, and goes where she wants to do.

Nekissa's First Loss

One day, Nekissa met Minerva at her first Awakened Council meeting. Minerva and Nekissa got talking, but unfortunately, Minerva found Nekissa very adorable, and just her type. Minerva baited Nekissa into a contract, saying she would gladly give up her powers if she lost.

When Nekissa asked what Minerva wanted if she won, to which Minerva replied with a smile:

"You, until midday... This time next year."

Nekissa, even though she was a little embarrassed, accepted, without knowing what Minerva's power was, and even allowed Minerva to pick the game. Minerva chose chess, and annihilated even the gaming genius of Nekissa. Nekissa's power kicked in, and made her do everything Minerva wanted.

What Minerva did with Nekissa over the following year are a mystery, but Nekissa's ability to seduce and persuade, and her psychological understanding/intuition had all improved after it.

Deals with the Devil

On Nekissa's travels, she often comes across people in need of help. Nekissa, being unable to help them upfront with her power- not like she would without limitations- makes contracts with them, usually resulting her her gain. She finds though, that people will happily offer/give up their lives, powers, souls and bodies for some things. She accepts these offers as readily as she would any other offer though.


Nekissa's power is great enough to effect any being without "absolute" power, such as Lumi Faraday, Nita Flores, Inti Qon, and Queen Filicia.

By fusing with a spirit, Nekissa also gained the power of Corporealization.

Before her actual powers, Nekissa's mental abilities are great:

Nekissa's powers, after Filicia placed limitations on them, function through "Psychic Programs", as she can't activate her powers without them. "Psychic Programs" are what they sound like- as you might program a computer, Nekissa can program her own mind, and run automated and passive actions. These programs consist of functions, checks, and conditions/punishments. She uses these to make "contracts" with people.

A simple example would be a game. Nekissa could make a contract saying the winner receives the losers house. Nekissa would write the contract, in full detail, and the psychic program at the same time. The program automatically begins when her mind has detected all involved parties have signed the contract, or truthfully agreed to it verbally, and it has to be at least two. The program would then wait for Nekissa's mind to observe the winner, "input it", then it would automate Nekissa's mentifery to immediately swap ownership of the house- creating keys, moving property inside the house, altering documents and stored information everywhere, e.t.c..

If a program doesn't have any results it needs to constantly enforce, it will delete itself.

Due to Filicia's limitations, Nekissa can't use her powers on herself, in regards to removing or bypassing the limitations. Even if she and another signed a contract which resulted in the limitations being removed, they wouldn't be.

The range which Nekissa's mind can actively and passively keep track of you, and effect you, is unlimited- people have attempted to run to the ends of Psychena and the Universe to escape Nekissa's contracts, but to no avail. Filicia once said in passing that Nekissa currently has enough power to effect all life in the three worlds simultaneously, and can run an infinite number of programs at once.

Despite the limitations to her power, she is still free to "interpret" the wording of the contract as she pleases, and use her "interpretation" in the program. Psychic programs can't be erased by any psychic power either. Lumi joked that "psychic programs closely imitate real magic, oui?"


  • There are tens to hundreds of thousands of contracts which Nekissa still has running in her mind- either waiting to be finished, or still enforcing the result.



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