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Character Sheet: Minerva

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"Hmhmhm~ What a turn of events this is for you... Beings from on high, being pushed around by we few monkeys. Oh, it makes me want laugh so badly."
― Minerva to ???.


Personal Information

The All-Knowing One


Duchess, Head Curator, Lady


Super Psychic





20 in appearance.


Born during the times of Ancient Greece and Rome


Ancient Italy

Ethnic Origin


Sexual Orientation

Bisexual, but prefers women





Professional Information



Head Curator of the "Great Library"

Secret Adviser to Lumi

Base of Operations

Psychic School Islands

Extra Information

Chaotic Good


Amara-nojo (Head Priestess, Friend - Alive)

Heracles (Head Guard, Friend - Alive)

Lumi Faraday (Secret Adviser to Lumi - Alive)

Eadda Cayce (Extended Friend, Student - Alive)


Thrill seeking, adventuring, trying new and random things

Hair Color


Hair Style

Long, in a pony tail

Eye Color



157.4m (5'2”)


55kg (121.25lbs)

Powers and Abilities

Superhuman Brain Capacity

Enhanced Condition



Knowledge/Information Transferal


Psionic Disguise

Psychic Shield










S* Men | D Phy

Challenge Level


Minerva is one of the handful of Super Psychics around on Earth, and one of the Ultimate Psychics. In the "ancient" times she was born in, she at one point acted as an oracle, before realizing the gods she was worshipping weren't real, or not as they believed them to be. She is now awakened, and one of the mysterious "Four Dukes" who answer only to Lumi Faraday.


Minerva has white hair, which she wears in a pony tail, and deep blue eyes. She ties her pony tail with a blue and yellow ribbon. She wears and blue headdress, decorated with white lace, with small yellow patterns at either end, and purple crystals hanging off either end, at decreasing lengths from the front.

She wears a pink shoulderless, strapless dress, with a dark brown "fold" at the top, short sleeves, and white lace decorating the bottom of dress and ends of the sleeves. The dress reveals her cleavage, and the top of her breasts. Over this she wears a light brown underbust corset.

She also wears a small, light brown leather collar, with a thin leather strip running down from the front of the collar, to between her breasts, presumable to a push-up bra, or similar undergarment.

Further decorating the dress are two blue ribbons, which yellow ends, at the tip of the arms of the dress, and a sting which extends from hanging off one sleeve, around her back, and is hung on the other sleeve, and at each end of this string are two purple crystals, hanging about half a foot from the bottom of the sleeves.

For her legwear, she wears black pantyhose, and no shoes.


" Yes, I know everything, but am I yet to experience all I know. There are no more information barriers between me and the thrills and excitement of the world. It's this which keeps me going."
― Minerva

Minerva, despite her power, has a very curious personality. She's very outgoing, fun loving, and simply enjoys doing thing. She believes that since she knows everything, there's nothing stopping her from now doing everything. Although, this is also a way of keeping herself from getting bored.

Minerva is a thrill seeker, and does typical thrill seeker things, and will always try new things for the excitement. She loves the feeling of the adrenaline rush, and simple enjoys doing things.

In terms of a manipulative personality, Minerva is even more frightening than Eadda Cayce, and has even claimed to have manipulated Eadda herself. She doesn't want to give her knowledge to the world, as she believes it will strip Humanity of its excitement and sense of adventure. However, those that do know of Minerva do sometimes ask her for guidance, and she will give it, at a price.

Minerva has zero regard for personal space as well, and is likely to get up close, personal, and touchy-feely with those that interest or excite her. It's often noted her first trip to a hot spring in Japan was "not for the eyes of men and children".

Among those that know her, even in the modern age, it's often said that if you notice Minerva frequenting the same places as you, it's a sign of great fortune, or great misfortune, as she's waiting to a see something she finds very interesting or exciting happen in your life.

On the same note, it's said if Minvera actively spends time with you, it's an incredibly bad omen, and likely a death flag, as she tries to experience what little time you have left.


Minerva was born sometime in Ancient Rome. She lived a decent life, but things began getting strange when she found herself not aging nearly as quickly as those around her. And on top of this, she had powers such as Extrasensory Perception and Chrono Vision. After fifty years, she found herself stuck in the body of a twenty years old.

Minerva wasn't her original name, and is a name she takes on much later, after a spirit constantly refers to her as it during a slumber lasting over a thousand years.

She began becoming detached from society. She had a plan, and moved to Greece, and through some happenings, became the the Pythia- the Oracle of Delphi. She stayed as the oracle for many decades. She realized what was going on with the oracle very fast- the use of natural hallucinogenics to induce "visions of the future". They used not gas through chasms, but incense. Simply to keep with tradition, she used them herself and found she could grasp visions of the future more clearly with them.

After she came to the realization that the gods they worship don't exist, after witnessing a vision of the modern era, and the lack of their religion, she selected the next oracle, and vanished. Her personality had been forever altered by her experiences there- the growth in her power, and the mass use of hallucinogenics. She had come to lose her respect of personal space, and the questions she was asked skewed her perceptions of mankind.

She moved back to Rome for a decade or two, spending life as a normal citizan, before going to the Library of Alexandria to study. She loved information, and wished to see if there was anything known about her "abilities" or "gifts from some god" as she referred to them.

She spent over a decade looking, but could never find a thing, even after reading everything in the library at least twice. She decided to travel across Europe, and eventually watched the collapse of the Roman Empire. After which she decided to head back to Rome and once more live a normal life. She just couldn't stay still.

In around 550 AD, Minerva got bored of life in Rome, and needed some adventure, and decided to head East. She explored a world like nothing she had seen before, and gained a great wealth of knowledge, ending up in Japan. She spent some time there, keeping a low profile because of her very distinct look compared to the Japanese.

After 650 AD, she journeyed around the world once more, and ended up in America before the Europeans arrived. In 750 AD, she believed she had seen everything there was to see of the world, and headed back, not to Rome, but to another familiar place- Delphi. She went to the now disused oracle's underground room, and set up a bed there. She built vents so air could flow in, and then locked a massive door shut. She fell to sleep.

Unknown to Minerva, a mischievous spirit who watched her as an oracle in the past, would burn incense all throughout her slumber; which is what kept her asleep for so much longer than she expected. The incense was made from special plants from Astrala- it not only kept you asleep, but it helped enhanced your powers, let them grow more easily, and was a hallucinogenic too. The amount that Minerva breathed in would have killed any other Human, but her Super Mutation kept her alive.

In fact, her power grew so much, it was pushed to nigh-omniscience while asleep without her ever realizing it. Minerva did wake up in around 1300 AD, and spent 50 years awake in her tiny room, training her mind, even under the influence of the powerful drugs. She tried to read her books, but they had all rotted. She eventually awakened, the effort of which tired her out, and she fell back to sleep on her bed once more, not even realising she had become omniscient.

During her entire time in the chamber, the spirit always referred to her as "Minerva" when speaking to her in her sleep. As it believed she was actually Minerva. After she woke up, she truly believes this is her name, even knowing she had another name, she only responds to Minerva.

A long time passed, and the year was 1865. An archaeological excavation team was at Delphi, wishing to unlock its secrets. They came across a thick door which couldn't be moved by manpower, and it showed the signs of people having tried to get through it before. The underground section of the temple was too small to use explosives in as well, as it would likely cause great damage to the entire structure.

The archaeologist, Nathan, had to think- behind this door could be information of great importance. He was only twenty five, but an aspiring great figure in history and archaeology. He built a mechanism that would pull the giant door out. After two days of effort the team got the door out. They went down and there was another door, thankfully wooden, and looked like it would fall to bits with a tap.

The team noticed something, a smell in the air- incense still burning. Nathan rushed in, and there he saw a sight like nothing he could have every imagined; there was a girl, no, a woman with ethereal white hair laying on a bed in the middle of the room, seemingly alive and health, with four sticks on incense burning around the room.

They quickly realized something was wrong with the incense, and left the room fast. It seems the spirit put them up not only to make Minerva more powerful, but to try and keep her safe during her slumber.

Using a cloth over his mouth, Nathan ran in and put out the incense, and made his team watch in shifts for when it all to left the room. The spirit didn't want to reveal itself, and so never put the incense back up. After it had cleared from the room, Nathan entered and took a close look at the sleeping Minerva. He was amazed at her beauty, and became entranced. She looked so peaceful, he couldn't bring himself to move her.

He told his team not to mention anything of this to anybody, as doubt was still in the air as to the girl's origin. Minerva eventually woke up after the incense was out of her system. After she had came around, the first words out of her mouth startled everyone, and made the situation more confusing. She spoke perfectly fluent Latin, and then Ancient Greek, clearly trying to see what language they spoke. Nobody knew what she was saying though.

Thankfully, Nathan was prepared in a way, and in his team were three Greek scholars and archaeologists. They managed to communicate with Minerva, and told her that Nathan was speaking English. Minerva started to immediately speak fluent English, and shocked everyone there. She felt strange, she knew who they all were, and everything about them. In order to clarify the confusion in her mind, she asked them who they all where.

They said exactly what she already knew- in fact, she felt like she had heard them answer her question before. It was a weird sensation. She decided to answer all the questions Nathan and his team had, but... at a small price. This time, it was simply monetary.

She spent time with Nathan, and went on adventures with him, until he died in an accident five years later. She then moved back to her home, Rome, one last time. It's about now she starts her secretive consultation service and her "Great Library" order in the 1870s. She builds up a system, similar to that of the Oracle of Delphi, gains followers and books. She builds her library about now as well.

Minerva developed a thrill seeking lifestyle, travelling and adventuring, trying new things, all spawned on by Nathan's adventures.

She continues her thrill seeking, adventurous lifestyle, with her secretive consultancy. One day, Lumi Faraday comes to see her, Minerva replied "yes" to a question before it was even asked, a sign of excitement. Then, Minerva came to the Faraday Isles. Minerva knew very well the threats that are to come, and has positioned Lumi between them and her.

Minerva continues the same way to this day. Her name is known well in whispers and rumors, as is her consultation service. Hiding somewhere in the world is her humungous library- holding a copy of every scroll, tablet, book, magazine, newspaper, report and journey ever written, giant servers holding a "copy" of the internet, satellite images, information on every Human and animal in the world- past and present, and artifacts from around the world. Her followers are woven into society around the world- great thinkers, scientists, mathematicians, librarians, politicians- they could all be part of the "Great Library" order. Though, her "Priests" and "Priestesses" never leave the library or Minerva's "temple".

Minerva's priests and priestesses don't actually follow her religiously, it's simply a title to generate an air of mystery. Joining Minerva's order requires knowing someone in it, it's typically an invitation only thing though. There's nothing shady with the order, but Minerva likes the thrill of the mystery, and joining her order gives you access to all the information you could ever want.

Minerva, after speaking with Filicia, agreed to join the Awakened Council, understanding her import in the universe. As one of the "Ultimate Psychics", especially being omniscient, it was likely her every word would carry weight across the universe.


Minerva is an incredibly powerful psychic, and a super human. She once had powers which allowed her to play the oracle at delphi, but awakened, and gained all the knowledge there is to know. As a super human, she has an enhanced physical ability, as she's never trained her body:

She has a memory which never forget, and which can never be tampered with. She also posses a very powerful psychic shield, and beyond that, the power of "Psychic Falsification", a psychic power which lets her alter the information received by psychics through various powers, and disguise/alter the presence of others and herself from various psychic powers.

Minerva also posses a variety of psychic powers:

Minerva's main power/ability though is a frightening one; omniscience- the ability to know everything there is to be known, and can be known. Minerva, quite simply, knows everything.

Consultation Process

The Consultancy Process with Minerva can be a rather long and intricate one, simply getting to Minerva to ask your question is tough enough, and has become known as "Chasing Minerva". First of all, knowing about Minerva is a rare thing, and knowing what what she looks like, is impossible- as those who've gotten their answer, have her face, name, and faces and names of her priests and priestesses wiped from their mind.

Generally, there are four steps in getting your answer:

  • Step 1 - Journeying to Minerva: This is the first step, known as "Chasing Minerva", and is considerably the hardest. Knowing about Minerva is a challenge in of itself, but when you do know about her, you need to find her. There are many who have been looking for her for a while, and unlike trying to find her, they believe they're endlessly chasing her- hence the name. Minerva's priests and priestesses will leave clues around the world to try and help forward the journeys of those who seek her.
  • Step 2 - Preparing to Meet Minerva: Once a year, on the 1st July- the day halfway through the year, Minerva will hold her consultancy, and allow those who have made it to her place, up until 1:00AM that morning, meet with her priests and priestesses. There are a few sub-steps to do during this step:
    • Sub-Step 1 - Formal Wear Check: It is noted in clues that you must bring you own formal wear, in the form of a toga if male, or a stola if female (Note: Making the mistake of bringing a toga if female will make things very awkward if you get to meet with Minerva). The rule is, those who bring formal wear and an offering are guaranteed a meeting with Minerva, and those who don't may be asked to leave if priests and priestesses think their question isn't interesting or important enough. (Generally, 10-35% will actually bring them, and one in seven women/girls bring a toga instead of a stola.)
    • Sub-Step 2 - Interviews: After the formal wear check has been conducted, each person will be taken into a private room with one of the priests or priestesses, and interviewed. You'll first be asked what your question is, and why you want to know it, and a little bit about yourself. Otherwise, it's a half an hour to an hour chat to alleviate tension. It's also a way to gauge the payment, and make preparations for it. Those who didn't bring formal wear will be asked to leave if wanted at this stage.
      • Under special circumstances, if the priest/priestess believes the person is there to ask a pathetic question, doesn't really want to ask anything for various reasons, doesn't want to be there but has been forced to be, or has evil intentions, they will be asked to leave, even if they brought formal wear. (Generally, around half of those who didn't being formal wear are asked to leave, and one in nine of those who did bring formal wear are asked to leave.)
      • The following steps will also be explained at this point.
    • Sub-Step 3 - Offering Check: In the clues, it's noted that you must bring an offering which you think is worth the answer to your question. While in the interview room, the priests/priestess will check your offerings. Offerings are usually money, flowers, personal items or items specially bought for the offering.
      • If you haven't brought one, you may be immediately escorted out if they weren't too impressed during the interview, or warned Minerva will likely turn you away.
      • If you brought an offering which the priest/priestess doesn't believe is worth the answer to your question, based on what they know of you, you'll either be escorted out, or be warned Minerva may demand additional payment later.
      • "Archaic" offerings, such a blood and flesh of yourself or others, are a humungous mistake. You'll still be allowed to pass, but you won't be warned of how Minerva will treat you.
    • Sub-Step 4 - Cleaning Up: Those who made it through the interviews and offering check are congratulated, as they are guaranteed to meet with Minerva. There is one last step, and that is to clean up. The successful people are shown to very clean shower rooms and baths, and asked to clean themselves up really well. After they have, they're lead further into the complex to change into their formal wear (after it has been cleaned as well), and into a waiting room. The waiting room is purely white, and immaculately clean.
      • Here, each person is given four 1kg solid gold bullions and their offerings in a bag.
  • Step 3 - Meeting with Minerva: When your name is called in the large waiting room by a priest or priestess, you'll be guided to Minerva's room, the entrance to which is at the back of the waiting room. First, the first set of doors will open to reveal a second set of doors. After you've stepped through, the first set will close, and the second will open. After you've stepped through the second set, they will close behind you, and you'll be in Minerva's room. There is still a chance that you might not get to ask your question:
    • Don't Look at Her Yet: You're not allowed to look at Minerva until you've gone through with your offering, if you do, the price will be much higher, or you might be immediately removed.
    • Offering to Minerva: When in Minerva's room, which is an intimately small white room with a large white bed in the middle, Minerva, who will be on the bed, lying or sitting up, will ask you to give up the bullions you just received. Riches or answers? The choice is up to you now.
      • If you don't give them up, you're immediately escorted out, made to change back into your normal clothes, sent out the building, and your memory is wiped- you get to keep the gold though.
      • If you do give them up, you must then also put your own offering in the offering box, give a small bow to the offering box, turn to Minerva, while bowing, then rise when she says you can, before asking your question. Rising early will likely up the cost, or get you removed. She might never tell you to rise, it's a possibility.
      • If you made the mistake of bringing blood or flesh as an offering (not including frozen meat from a store; this means cutting flesh off, or draining blood from, somebody else or yourself, because it has happened, seven times), Minerva will become nasty. Minerva is a lady of knowledge, intellect, wisdom and wit, doing something so violent is a sign of great disrespect to Minerva, and a sign to Minerva you're willing to forego your Humanity to get your answer.
        • Being beaten, being injured to any degree, being spoken to and treated like dirt- they're all things that will happen from this point on if you make this mistake. If you resist or look at Minerva when in this situation, you'll either be asked to leave, or Minerva might just keep you locked up in a cell for a while, and you'll likely be as a punching bag by her priests/priestesses when they're training. Don't worry though, you won't be killed.
    • Ask Your Question: Finally, the time has come, you may now ask your question. It's true that Minerva knows already what you're going to ask, but unless you can ask it yourself, she won't give an answer. Things can still get tricky from this point though; once you've asked your question, there may still be further conditions for the answer. It's generally up to the whim of Minerva, as you might get your answer immediately with no further conditions, or have to fulfill a ridiculous condition, or be asked to come back again another year, but there are some givens (these conditions are not explained to the people who seek Minerva):
      • Question of Fortune: If you ask about future gains in riches and/or prosperity; such as if your business will become successful, how to make your business successful, or the winning numbers on the lottery, a further monetary payment must be agreed to be paid at a later date. If you don't agree, you'll be removed. If you do agree, you'll receive your answer. If you agree and don't pay, your memory will be wiped or worse.
      • Question of Ownership: Some are cheeky enough to ask Minerva to buy something for them, Minerva has no issue with this, but the condition to actually receive it if she does will simply be the cost she spent on it, plus 15%. As with the Future of Fortune, future payment must be agreed upon first. If you do agree, you'll receive your item.
      • Question of Romance: If you ask about a future relating to relationships; such as your first kiss, next boyfriend/girlfriend, number of children, will they marry you, how you can get someone to fall for you, e.t.c., Minerva will ask for an action of love/affection- anything from a hug, to asking you to kiss wherever she chooses, to making you strip before her and kiss wherever she chooses. If you don't do this, you're removed, and she'll tell you "If you can't show me affection, you will receive no affection from the future." If you do, you'll receive your answer.
      • Question of Power: If you ask about how strong you'll become in the future, or how you can become stronger, Minerva will ask you to face one of her priests/priestesses in battle. If you win, or at least impress, you'll receive your answer.
      • Question of Ruling: If you ask about rising in positions in life; such as becoming a manager/supervisor, to ruling the cosmos, Minerva will give you a challenge: If you can make her submit to you, you'll recieve your answer. Making her submit can be done in a number of ways, but you must not attack her, or you will be removed. Pressuring her with intense power, making her break down with laughter, swaying her with words, e.t.c., though seducing her is a more typical attempt. Because Minerva knows what you're going to do, removing the surprise factor, and her personality, it's said nobody has ever received an answer to these types of questions.
      • Question of Knowledge: If you simply wish to know something; anything; the answer to a a puzzle, a piece of factual information, how something works, e.t.c., Minerva will be more than happy to tell you, and simply ask for a hug, and wish you well in your future endeavors. You'll then receive your answer.
      • Women with Togas: After the 2nd Century BC in Ancient Rome, the toga was warn exclusively by men, and women were expected to wear the stola. It was from then on disgraceful for women to wear a toga, and was seen as a sign of adultery and prostitution. Since Minerva values knowledge above everything; if you make this mistake, are simply being lazy, or trying to be clever, and wear a toga before Minerva, it can lead to two things:
        • Minerva, on top of the condition of the answer you seek, can command you to sleep with her, and give your body to her for the night. If you refuse, you'll be removed. If you accept, well, let's leave that to the imagination. Who knows, it might not be that bad, it depends on Minerva's whims.
        • If you know you're making this mistake, and somehow figure out or know this will happen, because you want to sleep with Minerva, you'll be removed. You might also be removed immediately anyway if it's a genuine mistake.
    • Receive Your Answer: After any additional conditions have been promised or fulfilled, Minerva will finally give you your answer, as clearly as she wishes, as too much detail can change the future.
  • Step 4 - Leaving Minerva: Now you've been and asked your question, paid the payments, fulfilled the conditions, and gotten your answer, it's time to leave. You will now change back into the clothes you came in, and have you memory of the names and faces of Minerva and her priests/priestesses wiped from your memory. Minerva's words will stay with you, and you will remember their importance.


  • Some people been chasing Minerva for years with no avail.



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