"Oh come on sis! Just try your powers for once!"
― Michelle to Lumi as children

Michelle Marie Faraday

Personal Information











2nd April 1963


London, England

Ethnic Origin

White British

Sexual Orientation



An unusual state of existence



Professional Information

Lumi Faraday



Base of Operations

Faraday Isles

Extra Information

Lawful Good


Élaine Faraday [Lefévre - Maiden Name] (Mother - Alive)

George Augustus Faraday (Father - Alive)

Lumi Faraday (Sister - Alive)

Eadda Cayce (Friend - Alive)



Hair Color


Hair Style

Shoulder length, A little bit wavy

Eye Color



160cm (5'3”)



Powers and Abilities


Impossible State Survival


Perceptive Amnesia

Reality Separation/Spatial-Temporal Lock













Challenge Level


Michelle Faraday is Lumi Faraday’s younger sister. She's a powerful psychic who, after succumbing to "Michelle Syndrome", was used as a tool with which the Psychic War was inevitably started. After the war, she remade the world into a peaceful, unbroken one. Until Lumi Awakened at the end of the Psychic War, Michelle was the most powerful psychic on Earth.

Michelle is probably the most important character of the three worlds, in regard to the sheer impact and number of events directly and indirectly caused by her.


Michelle has shoulder-length slightly wavy hair, with purple eyes.

Her clothes often change.


Michelle is always cheerful, always polite, always helpful, and generally a really pleasant person to be around- in stark contrast to the "I'll do what I want" attitude of her random older sister. When Michelle wants something, or wants to do something, she always pushes forward, never stopping until she has what she wants, and usually drags others with her, into mischief and being told off for the most part.

In her youth, Michelle's smile never waned, she always wanted to be someone who could help others- from carrying shopping for the elderly, to helping her classmates with homework, she did everything she could. This attitude found its way to her powers. She believed Psionics was a force for good, and trained them to help others, and wanted to be a hero.

She also always wanted to show Lumi the beauty of Psionics, the freedom it brings, the hope it can inspire, and the amazing things it can do. She was so desperate to do this, that he pushed and pushed her power to ridiculous levels. Even after Lumi started getting into Psionics with Michelle, Michelle was always the more knowledgeable and powerful of the two.

Michelle though, always loved a good cuddle from her older sister. As she pushed further and further into the unknown with her powers, as she felt her headaches coming more and more, the comfort she found in Lumi holding her was incalculable.

Although her personality changed after being struck by "Michelle Syndrome", she did eventually recover after two years- the only person in history who has ever done so. By then, it was too late, and the Psychic War was underway, and Marc had his clones of Michelle- the most powerful psychic on Earth at the time.



Lumi and her younger sister, by two years, Michelle, were both born with a a decent level of psychic power for being just born; basic telekinesis and telepathy. Their intelligence at young ages meant they mastered the English and French languages both at the age of three, and could even handle algebra age the same age. They often used their telepathy without realizing it, and combining this with her intelligence, it made it difficult for them to even be around other children their age.

Lumi realized when she was four she had special powers, and when Michelle was four, Lumi informed her as well. Because they now realized they were different, it let them hide it, and play along with other kids more easily, leading to them making friends. This is where the difference in opinion of psionics Lumi and Michelle had. Lumi believed they should keep their powers on the low, blend in and live a normal life. Michelle believed they should exercise their powers, let them grow, and help the world with them. They frequently butted heads over this, but still stayed close. Around when Lumi was 8 and Michelle was 6, they made contact with their close-friend-to-be, the immortal psychic entity, Eadda Cayce.

As the years passed, Michelle was pushing her power harder and harder, determined to make Lumi believe in the beauty and fun of psionics. Lumi was, very slowly, being convinced, but still didn't want any part of it. Unbeknownst to the two girls, the leader of a psychic "research" sect of the military had his eyes on them.

Fall of Michelle

It was when Lumi was 15 and Michelle was 13 when it happened. Lumi was seeing a benefit to having really strong psionics, more than before at least, but remained unconvinced. Michelle pushed her power's growth too far through unchecked training, still trying to show her sister what psionics can do. But unknown to anybody, Michelle was suffering from a condition known as "Uncontrolled Psionic Power Growth and Correction Syndrome", or "Michelle Syndrome", as Lumi called it much later in life.

It triggered, and sprang back in 10 years of hard training and grow in an instant, causing Michelle to suffer a massive shock- something akin to an asthmatic attack, heart palpitations, a stroke, damage to her brain and nervous system, and worse all in one, and she fell unconscious. Michelle was left forever damaged. Her psionic powers managed to limit the damage, but her memory, emotions and ability to walk were destroyed, and powers weakened.

This is when Marc Beaumont, the leader of the psionic "research" military sect made his appearance. He promised and convinced the distraught Faraday family he could save Michelle, and they agreed. But they were deceived. They wouldn't see her at all over the next year, not until a report of a "strange attack" on a Russian village spread across the news. Lumi knew in her heart after seeing a photo that it was Michelle, and so did her parents.

Their hearts sank and Lumi wanted answers. She knew she wouldn't stand a chance against her sister, figuring out that any encounter with her would end in a battle. She decided to approach Eadda and ask for her help. Eadda agreed to train and teach Lumi.

One year later, Lumi had finished her training, taking longer than she thought it would do. Her powers grew to a little greater than Michelle's, and she'd gained empathic abilities and flash precognition as well. She had to watch the various attacks her sister was doing around the world all that time. Lumi went after Michelle, and the fight began just outside of a city.

Lumi wanted her sister back. This is all she wanted- no power ot fame. She wanted to hug, play, laugh with, and argue with her little sister again.

After a long stand-off, Lumi and Michelle clashed in an all-out duel. A nearby news crew, reporting another story, got over to the action, and began televising it, and the world watched. Michelle stayed emotionally disconnected the entire fight, while Lumi was emotionally driven. Lumi and Michelle trading blow after blow, colossal hit, after colossal hit. The world was captivated and terrified at the sight of the power.

Lumi wouldn't give up, despite being evenly matched. The pain of seeing her sister's uncaring face was unbearable to her. Lumi and Michelle went at each other with all kinds of attacks; energy, illusions, physical, telekinetic, emotional- all in one battle, they showed off a great array of psionics. The part of the city closest too them was being destroyed by their battle.

The fight lasted for hourse. The world watched the clash of the two girls in awe, and in fear. The thoughts started spreading around the world.

"What kind of power is that?"

"Are there more of them?"

Nine hours after the fight began, both were exhausted. Their bodies were beat, bruised, and cut, and their minds weakened. Lumi fell to her knees in exhaution, and closed her eyes. She began to see Michelle's face- her smile, her anger, the times they had together. Lumi wanted Michelle back, she began to cry. Lumi mustered all her remaining will and power, and she got back up, and charged at Michelle in one final attack fueled by emotion.

She broke through Michelle's mental defences, and got into her mind, only to find nothing of her sister left, nothing but a single thought floating around her mind- "Help me, Lumi". Lumi cried once more, as she came to understand there was nothing of her sister left... She needed to end her sister's suffering, and ended her life by completely destroying her mind, immediately ending her life.

Marc revealed to a grieving Lumi that he had been cloning Michelle, and who knows, that may have been a clone. Lumi suddenly hoped again- a desperate hope, she knew it wasn't possible, but... she couldn't give up.

"Maybe that's why..."

Marc told Lumi he was the greatest psychic alive. He explained that it was his birthright to rule the Earth, Humanity, and all other life, and that he would claim his birthright, by any means necessary. Lumi struggled up, and tried to chase after Marc, who was leaving. But she fell, and Marc vanished. Marc's actions were unclear to Lumi at this point, but Marc is aiming to make the world tear itself apart, before he moves in and takes it for himself- and her is using Lumi as a tool to do just that.

Start of the Psychic War

The world that was watching became frightened of Lumi, it created a ripple around the world. The likes of the “Four Dukes”- powerful psychics with great influence around the world, and other powerful psychics who had lived in secret realised something big was about to happen. It was calm for a while, but suspicions and paranoia grew. People started to accuse people they didn’t like, who were in higher positions- like politicians, of being psychics and using their powers unfairly. Others found out that some athletes were telekinetics, and used their powers to cheat.

Peaceful protests started marching against governments to write laws around psychics. But in one of these mobs, three psychics, working for Marc, attacked the people.

It was beginning. An unstoppable chain of events was about to unfold.

The protesters fled, but some stayed to fight, revealing themselves to be psychics. The confusion was great, but eventually, Marc’s psychics were outnumbered and caught. An emergency laws was issued in the US, that any psychic caught attacking others with their powers, or found using their powers “unfairly”, would be arrested.

Psychic didn’t like his treatment, as even using powers in selfdefense was grounds for arrest. It was nine months after Lumi’s battle with Michelle, and she was desperately trying to calm the situation. She never got a moment to rest after her battle with Michelle, and was immediately thrust into the eyes of the media. Psychics blamed her for starting it, and normal people were too angry or afraid of her to listen. Lumi was helpless to stop the unfoldind events, as world descended into war.

By the twelfth month after Lumi’s battle, anti-psychic mobs had formed, there was fighting on the streets the world over; humans against psychics, psychics against humans, humans against humans, psychics against psychics. Everyone out to save themselves- it was madness. In the fifteenth month, the military got involved, but again, Marc had insiders in the military, who he had shoot psychics, adding fuel to the fire. Marc had insiders on both sides, and had his psychics begin attacking the military in the sixteenth month, immediately escalating the situation.

Marc was going to use his political insiders to sway the thoughts of the government's into retaliating, but it was unnecessary, as they did exactly what he wanted them to do by themselves. He was amazed himself at how fast the situation escalated, and Lumi and others were helpless to stop it. Even the influence of the Four Dukes wasn’t enough to quell the rage.

Psychics began organising themselves into groups, to fight against all who saw them a threat, and wanted them gone- military, politicians, and civilians alike. And those they were opposing banded against them. It was the official start of the Psychic War, as psychic and normal people alike fought for their survival. It was war with motives that ran deep, so deep it would be impossible to cease the actions of either side.

Lumi watched on, as her simple wish of saving her sister had come to break teh world at its seams.

The Psychic War

The Psychic War is the greatest war ever fought on Earth, and had two stages- “The War of Psychics and Humans”, and “Marc’s Conquest”.

Lumi gave up on trying to save the situation, and left public light, wanted to hide away. She began to hate psionics, and didn't know what to do. But, whether she wanted it or not, people began to come to her for answers. They either thought she was the only one strong enough to end it, or should get involved and take responsibility- as people blamed her for starting it all. Lumi believed herself that she was the cause of it all, and felt unbearable guilt.

People who met her said all things to her, men, women, parents, and children alike.

“I hate you!”

"You're awesome!"

“Why did you fight like that!?”

“You’re the only one strong enough, help us, please!”

“I hope you die!”

"You need to lead us!"

“You’ve ruined our world!”

Lumi felt an unbelievable pressure, and spent many sleepless nights in a state of depression. Eadda came to visit Lumi during one of these nights- only to see her in tears, and everything in her room around her torn apart and broken. Eadda saw so clearly in that moment the confusion, the guilt, the hatred, and the sorrow. She simply sat next to Lumi on the ground, holding her close.

The next day, after Lumi had calmed down, she asked Lumi what path she would take. Lumi just looked away, trying to avoid all responsibility, and any involvement with psionics. But Eadda held Lumi close once more, and said something to her from the bottom of her heart, something which would stay with her from the rest of her life.

“There is a great mist around the Earth, around the three worlds... We’re all flailing aimlessly, trying to find where we stand in this war of birthrights and love. Come to us please, as a lighthouse with outstretched hands, to illuminate our way... Come to use as the river strong, to push us all along and guide us... Come to us as the crashing waves, to slam against all who stand in our way to peace… Can you be strong for us all, Lumi? For me?”

Lumi thought carefully about these words. She found out later that day a train of people, her parents included, had been killed in the crossfire between psychics and normal humans. Anger filled Lumi’s heart, and her mind was set. Although Lumi's heart was filled with confusion and darkness, she was determined she would stop this war, one way or another. Lumi then set out to cease the fighting between psychics humans, and was a force to be reckoned with.

Throughout the war, Lumi had grown to be a tough leader of the "Peace Squad", and fought countless battles with little rest. Her feats and power were well known around the world.

Three years after the war began, the world was sufficiently broken, and humanity was sufficiently weakened. Lumi felt that the end of the war war near- both sides had thrown everything they had at each other, and come to understand each other. It was true, some humans and psychics were striving for peace, and Lumi and Eadda both thought humans and psychics could finally embrace each other.

But Marc had other plans.

He stepped in to take over. His forces of psychics, clones, androids, robots and cyborgs. The exhausted world had no time to rest before Marc plunged it all back deeper into war. The first month was a massacre, as Marc slaughtered en masse. Instead of love, Marc was exorcising his "birthright", and started his conquest. Lumi, and everyone left, banded together against Marc. The world was broken, humanity exhausted. After the first phase of the War, and Marc’s initial attack, only just over 1.5 billion humans remained.

Lumi was suddenly thrust from the position of stopping a war, to saving the world.

The war continued over the next year, and was more relentless than ever, Humans were dying left, right and center. Everyone was coming to Lumi for help, but Lumi knew she was helpless, but did everything to save everybody and everything she could. She got no time to rest, as she got caught in battles and fights endlessly. Lumi had become ruthless and merciless, and killed traitors and opposition without care. Her health and power had deteriorated, and she needed near constant medical attention, as even a "small" battle would bring her to cough up blood.

After the fourth year of the Psychic War, there was little remaining of civilisation, nature was ruined, and that atmosphere is shambles, through the use of powerful and experimental psionic technology. The remaining 600,000,000 humans built special breathign tech to survive, and Marc’s conquest of the Earth showed no signs of stopping or relenting. Marc had transferred his consciousness into a new body and mind- one which was stronger than any psychic ever seen, an “awakened psychic”. 

None could stand before him now.

Lumi had given up all hope. But all this time, there was still one thing driving her forward... Michelle. After all of this, she still believed Marc had Michelle alive.

Eadda confronted Lumi about the way she was handling things, and asked her to train with her to win the war quicker. Lumi said she'd be giving the Earth to Marc and kiling off countless people doing it. The two fought, and fell out. They wouldn't speak to each other until the sixth year.

During the fifth year of the war, Lumi fought Marc’s generals one by one. The first of those battle though, took her to the brink of death. The man was built like a stell mountain, and hit like a planet. Lumi's body and mind barely made it out of the month-long fight, after she managed to master her four small fists fighting style enough to deliver a killing blow. But a giant gash was taken out of the Earth in the process, and ended the Earth ability to support life completely. The atmosphere disappeared, and the magnetic field vanished. Everyone went beneath the surface to protect themselves. Marc said he would rebuild the Earth if they all submitted.

Lumi's forced herself to wake up after a three month coma.

She defeated Marc's other two generals with relative ease, but lost her right arm, left eye, both legs, and a lung in the process. Her health was in such a bad condition, she could barely stand- even with bionic legs. He body was covered in scars, and her insides were beyond repair. She was also unable to use her four small fists fighting style to its fullest- only having one limb to channel the power through.

It was a true tale of conquest and love- Marc wanted the Earth, and Lumi wanted Michelle, but neither would give the other what they wanted.

The fifth year of the psychic war came to an end, and now only 14,790,000 Humans live. All other life has died, and the Earth is truly a barren planet. Marc was winning, and Lumi was finding it harder and harder to keep up. Marc had killed all other who could have possibly opposed him, and Lumi was now the last obstacle. The sixth year began. Marc went on the offensive to a much greater extent than before. It seemed, even if he could remake the planet, he couldn’t rid it of anyone currently there, and needed them all dead.

Lumi couldn't stop Marc at all, but was killing herself trying. Eadda confronted Lumi, and pleaded with Lumi to train with her.

Lumi accepted, and willingly let Marc kill the rest of Humanity, in the toughest decision of her life.

Lumi vanished from the public eye, just before the sixth year began. Marc believed she had ran away, and used it as propaganda against the remaining Humans. Without the protection of Lumi, Marc eradicated the remaining Humans with a little effort. But Marc wasn’t stupid, he knew Lumi was still alive- somewhere on the Earth. 

After intense training, Lumi appeard before Marc, more powerful than every before. But Lumi was still mortal, unlike Marc, and with her injuring anf health, this would be an uphill battle.

The final clash had begun- Lumi Vs Marc.

It was an epic clash on the broken remains of Earth, ambitions and emotions collided like opposing waves, neither gave the other any ground. Marc was amazed at Lumi’s power, but Lumi was still weaker than him, and he knew it.

She couldn’t win.

Marc asked Lumi why she was so willing to fight to the end of Humanity, just to save her sister. Lumi didn’t have any real answer, other than saying that she loved her sister, and wanted her back. It seemed that both Marc and Lumi were as selfish as each other- but Lumi did put all her effort into stopping Marc and the war along the way.

Marc told Lumi that Michelle was dead. She really was clinging onto a desperate hope Marc implanted in her, and she did a fabulous job of playing her part in the creation of the new world. After a desperate outburst, claiming Marc was lying, Marc through Michelle’s lifeless corpse in front of Lumi. This one was still a clone- but a perfect one, even Michelle’s memories were replicated and other psionic signatures. The real Michelle was still alive, trapped by Marc, as Marc needed Michelle’s power for his ambition.

Hope quickly faded from Lumi, the one thing that drove her now vanished. She just gave up, even with Eadda shouting at her, she didn’t hear her. Michelle felt Lumi’s pain peircing her heart like a steak, and called out, it was pointless though, her psychic power couldn’t escape her prison. She called, and called, and called, and a sliver of her voice escaped to Lumi.

Lumi believed she was hearing things, but after Michelle's voice kept reaching her through Marc's gloating, that’s when she realized it was Michelle’s voice. Lumi’s hope resurged, and she stood up. She felt calm, feeling a comfort of certainty- she knew Michelle was alive, and knew where she was. Michelle spoke to Lumi, like a sister, just about everyday things. Lumi smiled for the first time in seven years. Eadda saw the smile and Lumi's face, and felt relief, despite knowing what would happen.

The relief she felt lifted a huge weight, and removed all her doubts. Hope and willpower erupted through her  mind and body, her powers escalated to the full capacity she was capable of, then beyond. Lumi awakened on the spot, and it was a grand awakening. Lumi’s power was massive, unfathomably massive, so massive it shook the three worlds- Earth, Psychena, and Astrala, just in the process.

Marc trembled before the sheer magnitude of Lumi’s power, a power which shook the universe and three worlds. Lumi let her absolute power flow through her unrestrained, and in one strike, destroyed Marc- or so she believed. She then went to free Michelle- or she would have, but awakening to that much power was too much, and she collapsed. Eadda then took in on herself to reunite the girls.

Creation of a New World

It was 18th December, 1987, Lumi was still unconscious after weeks, and the war was over. But Eadda and Michelle all knew the world couldn't recover by itself- Humanity was dead, and the Earth too. Michelle was really weak herself, still suffering all kind of damage from her massive attack and “Michelle Syndrome”, but she had managed to recover her memories and emotions after awakening herself. She almost knew this day would come, and was saving all the power she could while in prison.

The Earth was beginning to break apart from the release of Lumi's power, and it wouldn't be long before Michelle herself died from keeping herself alive all this time, just to see Lumi's face once more. 

Michelle took it on herself to do one final act- Michelle used what power she has left, and rebuilt the world into the "New World".  She remove the war, Marc, and Lumi and Michelle's battle, and psionics from history. She remade the world into the history we know, a place where psionics develops and is discovered later. After this act, Michelle's mind, spirit and body to scatter and faded.

At the end of it all, neither Marc or Lumi got what they were fighting for.

Lumi, after she recovered, learnt about what happened, and let out all her frustration through tears. After she came to terms with it, she looked up to the sky...

"I'm a terrible older sister. I let my little sister drag me along, and have her save me- all I did was break the world, and lose her, twice... Ha... But you know... Psionics... Might not be all that bad... What Michelle showed me as kids... What Michelle did to save the world.... And this power I have, I've seen and felt things- beautiful things. I want to carry on Michelle's wish now, for the world to see the beauty of psionics! What do you say, Eadda, want to show the world what psionics can really be?"

Eadda listened carefully to the renewed faith in psionics of Lumi, and gladly accepted her offer.

Lumi went about with Eadda, exploring this new world, organizing everything this new world knew about psionics, researching it, gathering it all up into papers and reports, and experiments. She set about to convince the world that psionics was a legitimate science, andw as real. However, Lumi got restless because of the lack of fighting, and her behavoir started to become random. She'd get bored quickly, and seek entertainment. After so long being bored, she'd steep into a depression because of her absolute power.

Eventually, she convinced the world of psionics, after many meetings and conferences with leading scientists, and after a battle, constructed the Faraday Isles. She slowly learnt to master her absolute psionic power as well, and through this, learnt to enjoy psionics like never before in this new, peaceful world. and began to teach the world how great psionics can be. All the while, still searching for a way to find her sister once more.

Threes years before Lumi convinced the world of psionics and crafted the Faraday Isles, in the year 2000, everything was settling down, and Lumi felt like she needed that "something else" to keep her going. She could never pin down what she could do though... That's when Eadda suggested a crazy idea, but one Lumi agreed she felt she needed- a child.

However, Lumi couldn't be bothered going through the whole "find a guy, and make a kid with him" thing, to quote Lumi: "That takes way too long, and is way too much bother." So Lumi just used her psionic might, and created a child, not a clone of herself though, she mixed it up a little. Rachael Faraday is her name. Lumi made herself pregnant, and gave birth to Rachael the usual time later.

Through her efforts, Eadda's fondess of Lumi turned to infatuation, as she also gathered the aid of the formidable Marcella Beaumont, unified the powerful "Four Dukes" under her, and developed an entirely new race- androids. She began to stay in her home on the Faraday Isles more and more often, finding no real reason to leave it personally, crafting powerful illusions with her power to meet with people. Taking care of her pets and daughter, and running the Farada Isles, and watching the students, and continuing her experiments are all that matter to her. She also developed her XPS5 concoction to deal with her depression.

Her ambition with the Psychic School is to raise generation of youths, psychic and normal alike, with an understanding, acceptance and love of psionics. A goal that is close to her heart, and one which the like of the "Big Three"- Eadda Cayce, Marcella Beaumont, and Mai, are willing to defend with their lives.

Minerva, in a very vague way, gave Lumi a shred of hope in one of their meetings that she was, in fact, alive, somewhere out there.

The Ghost Girl Rumors

Michelle herself is alive, in a way, and wanders the Faraday Isles. There are rumors of a "blonde ghost" which mostly High School students spread, but some older and younger believe as well. At random times, very few and far between, Michelle can appear in reality, but nigh-undetectable so. Minerva believes you have to be looking directly at her with the will and intention of witnessing her to stand a chance of perceiving her in anyway.

These stories come from sightings of Michelle, but because of who spreads and follows them, Lumi and even Eadda don't even know about it, as it's swamped in all the other rumors of ghosts and strange happenings that Lumi and Eadda don't look at. What also doesn't help is that the people who see her, forget about her the moment they look away, or when Michelle simply moves, and that psionic powers and abilities can't detect her in any way, or even interact with her.

Michelle silently, and unnoticeably, watches Lumi- her new life, her new joy, her new powers. Lumi's found the beauty of psionics, and that alone is enough for Michelle. Michelle often wishes to be able to live with her sister again, live life again, out from her isolation. During the times Lumi uses her XPS5 concoction, Michelle sits by her, and watches over her.

Michelle has and will forever be there by Lumi's side, egging her on to greater heights, watching over her in troubled times, and smiling with her in the good times.


In her youth, and throughout the entire Psychic War until Lumi Awakened, Michelle was the most powerful Psychic on Earth. Her powers after she Awakened herself were never known. Currently, by what Minerva has seen, Michelle's very existence is one of indescribably complexity. Because Michelle had survived "Michelle Syndrome", it doesn't mean she was free.

Michelle's mind was still greatly "distanced" from her body and soul, even after Awakening. Because of this, when she used her powers she remake the world, it tipped the delicate balance, and her mind was completely separated, from not only her body and soul, but from reality itself.

Minerva only knows about Michelle through knowledge alone, and even the Omnipresent Kialla can't detect Michelle's presence.

What Michelle's powers are as of now are unknown, or if she can use the powers she does have on the reality she's isolated from.


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