Lumi Charlotte Faraday

Personal Information

The Professor, God-Psychic



Young Prodigy

Right-Hand of Peace of Mind

General of Peace of Mind


High General of the United Forces of Earth


Apostle of the First Mind

(Honorary) Princess of Psychena

Queen of the Earth



Professor (of Psionics)

Chancellor of the Faraday Isles

Chancellor of the First Psychic School


Awakened (Human)




116 (as of 2016)

18/19 in appearance


18th January 1961


London, England

Blood Type


Ethnic Origin

White British

Sexual Orientation



Periodic Boredom-Induced Depression


No Religion

Professional Information

Faraday Isles

Psychic School


The Shepherds


Chancellor of the Psychic School Islands, Teacher, Lecturer, All-round Scientist, Psionicist, Engineer, Strawberry Enthusiast, Model, Voice Actor, Astronaut, Idol, e.t.c., e.t.c..

Base of Operations

Psychic School Islands

Extra Information

Chaotic Strawberry


Élaine Faraday [Lefévre - Maiden Name] (Mother - Alive)

George Augustus Faraday (Father - Alive)

Michelle Marie Faraday (Sister - Deceased)

Eadda Cayce (Giver of Unwanted Affection, Closest and Best Friend, Ex-Mentor - Alive)

Rachael Faraday (Daughter - Alive)

Lionel Stanford (Friend - Alive)

Victoria Charters (Friend - Alive)

Marcella Beaumont (Friend - Alive)

Mai (Creation, Maid, Friend - Alive)

Soleima (Creation, Friend - Alive)

Peremeli (Creation, Friend - Alive)

Cordelia (Creation, Friend - Alive)

Kerensa (Creation, Friend - Alive)

Niji (Creation, Friend - Alive)

Queen Filicia (Working Relationship, Friend - Alive)


Watching anime, experimenting, researching, fighting, eating strawberries, annoying people with random behavior

Hair Color


Hair Style

Long, straight or twintails

Eye Color



157cm (5’2”)


58kg (127.87lb)

Powers and Abilities

Absolute Intelligence

Alien Mind/Infinite Mind


Child Prodigy

Meta Combat



Absolute Psionic Power

Threat Capacity

Class S-1++ (so far)

Lumi Charlotte Faraday is a psychic of absolute power, and one of the most powerful psychics alive- an Awakaned. She's the Chancellor and creator of the Faraday Isles; a large island chain and island nation she created to give psionics a place to thrive. She lives a pretty care free life, doing what she wants as she wants, and teaches at the Psychic School.


Lumi Faraday is a person only a little below average in height. She sports brilliant white hair, which she in twin tails. Her most striking feature however is her eyes. Everybody who has ever met her has always remembered or mentions her striking purple eyes. However, because Lumi's form isn't material, and is much akin to a psychena's formless beings, her appearance changes with her mood.

Having lived in England and France for equal parts of her life, she's developed a French accent on top of her English, and uses some French words in her speech.

Lumi has a great variety of purple dresses, skirts, tops, and such, Her appearance definitely doesn't match up with the responsibility and position she has, although when she has to personally attend important meetings, instead of getting away with having an illusion there, she's dress up very nicely.

Lumi, because of her shut-in personality, only ever wears nightgowns, because they're the easiest thing to live in.


Usually calm and cheerful, with a “my pace” attitude and very boastful, she can quickly become loud, bossy, hyperactive, chaotic, and especially random. She's always researching, experimenting, teaching, inventing, watching TV or playing games, and this makes her come across as a shut-in. Despite this shut-in-like nature, the world all knows her face- she's very famous and isn't afraid to be. When she starts getting bored, she becomes difficult to handle; actively seeking opposition to fight or conducting random, typically dangerous experimentation to amuse herself, generally at the expense of those closest to her. When her boredom grows too great, she secludes herself in her lab. Lumi always likes to look on the bright side of life, endure the worst and enjoy the rest; she feels that if you don't, then you're taking away from the one life you have.

She’s always been the studious type, ever since she could read, she had her gaze firmly planted in a book nearly all the time. Despite this, when all words fail, Lumi isn't afraid to fight, and in fact, Lumi loves to fight; she loves seeing the interesting styles people develop, or great levels of skill and power. Lumi never takes anything seriously however, especially not fights. She brings her random nature into combat with her, and generally smiles or laughs in any combat situation. A particularly good example of this is her confrontation with A'oma.

Lumi though, after the Psychic War, is no killer. Even if her enemy is Nita Flores or the Ae'ani, she can't bring herself to kill anymore, and hate dealing with "difficult things".

Lumi is the type of person who will stand up for what is right, and can be an incredible driving force for everyone around her. She’s strong and stubborn, enough to call world leaders, powerful individuals, and great scientific minds idiots to their faces.  But if the right path means breaking the law, Lumi will, and she isn't afraid to, but she’s equally willing to beg for forgiveness afterwards. In social settings, she often gives off the impression of "playing hard to get", or being a "tsundere", especially when being called cute, or when her looks are complemented. This isn't the case though, Lumi just honestly finds it embarrassing, and really does just hate being called cute. Don’t go flirting or trying to be “weird” with Lumi though, as you’ll find yourself being quickly rejected, or your face hitting the nearest wall at speed.

Lumi will defend her students and islands with all her might, and give swift punishment to psychics who dirty the name of psionics by committing crimes with psionics.

Speaking of hating something, one thing Lumi doesn’t hate is strawberries. Oh no, she loves them. And I mean, loves them. Lumi has a borderline obsession with strawberries- Strawberry milkshake, strawberry cheesecake, strawberries, strawberry juice. “Is it strawberry flavoured? No? Too bad, I never liked it anyway, sorry.” A word of warning though... don’t go stealing the strawberry off of her cakes; the last time somebody did, they were rushed to A&E.

Due to her absolute level of her psionic power and mental capability, the sheer volume of knowledge about everything she has, and her awareness of her surroundings can lead to an overwhelming level of boredom at times. She doesn’t get like this often, twice in a month at worst, but when it happens, it drives her into a deep, unbearable depression. In order to counter this, Lumi started to enter into deep meditations, which can last for up to two months at a time. Eadda worries though, because it makes Lumi absolutely vulnerable.

On a final note, she comes across as in control all the time, and you'll find she's usually at least a few steps ahead of you at all times. It's impossible to say how far ahead she's planned, and how extensive those plans are, not until you stand defeated before her, and the realization she out-planned you at every step and possible step hits you. Lumi rarely ever contacts anybody in person, usually using an ridiculously life-like illusion to meetings instead.

Background: Pre-Psychic Wars


Early Childhood

Lumi was born in 18th January 1963, at 1:38 AM, daughter of Elaine Faraday and George Augustus Faraday. Her parents were of a humble wealth, middle class at best, but with decent enough jobs to never leave them wanting. Unable to get to a hospital because of the heavy snow, Lumi was born at home. Thankfully, one of their neighbors was a midwife, so came over to help.

Struggling to come to decision on a name, Elaine's Finnish mother looked outside, and was inspired by the endless white before her, lit only be lanterns, and a few streetlights. Elaine's mother suggested the name "Lumi", meaning snow in Finnish. Elaine and George fell in love with the name, and stuck with it, adding "Charlotte" as a middle name after George's late mother.

It wasn't long after Lumi's birth that a unique feature became apparent: her striking, purple eyes. Nothing like a case of dark blue eyes being mistaken, or looking like purple, Lumi's eyes were unmistakably, vivid purple.

"Our tiny daughter, with jewels in her eyes." - Elaine Faraday

Lumi was like any other child in her earliest years, with the exception of her learning ability. At the age of only 2-3 months, Lumi was able to form words, and soon after at 4-6 months, she could form simple sentences by combining two or three words together. Amazed by her learning ability, George started teaching Lumi maths at the age of 9 months, and quickly picked it up.

Even though her speech was still developing, Lumi was solving algebraic problems from 11 months, and only two months later, George found himself teaching her the likes of differentiation and integration. George, a maths lecturer, and PhD holder, at a university, had never seen anything like it before.

Lumi's speech quickly caught up to her mathematical ability. Elaine found Lumi reading the likes of Shakespeare and Sherlock Holmes. When Elaine questioned her about what she was reading, Lumi was understanding it, and analyzing it, at a deep level. This would later be understood to be due to her telepathic and empathic abilities, giving her a greater depth of wisdom.

George and Elaine were so shocked at her ability, they felt she would never fit into a normal school. George has seen all kinds of genius students in the past, but what was happening with Lumi...

"Is an unheard of level of intelligence."


Years with Eadda

Life in France

Background: Psychic Wars

Background Post-Psychic Wars

Rediscovering Psionics

Creation of the Faraday Isles

Onset of Madness


"Psionics is wonderful! There's a beauty to it which I hope you'll find in your own powers! Psionics represents freedom, the freedom to act, think and feel when and where we want, how and why we want! Psionics is a wonder, a fantastical power of limitless possibilities and endless fun! I hope you'll enjoy your time at this school, and find the beauty of your powers."
― Lumi to the students at a new first year students assembly
"See those kids over there, in that school!? They're my brats! My pupils! My family! If you ever think of trying to hurt them again, I will scatter your essence across the multiverse! I'm the most powerful Human psychic alive, so remember that and do your research next time, dumbass!"
― Lumi, standing over the nearly unconscious body of a very powerful enemy from Psychena
"How idiotic can idiots be? How do idiots like you make it through a day with such idiocy? I must be an idiot for not knowing how astoundingly idiotic idiots like you can be. What do you idiots even want with her? I doubt you idiots could think your way through one times tables, so what idiot are you idiots working for? Can you idiots even manage speech? You idiots are the most idiotic idiots I've ever had the displeasure of idiotically spending any time near. You're all the purest form of idiocy, so prepare to get crushed like the idiots you are."
― Lumi taunting the Psychics that kidnapped Barbara McCarthy while she was visiting her grandparents

Key Relationships

Michelle Faraday

Michelle Faraday is Lumi's younger sister. They always fought over how they should handle the existence of their powers when young, but were always the best of sisters to each other. They played together, and helped solve crimes in their spare time. After Michelle suffered a huge attack from "Michelle Syndrome", she was taken from Lumi and her family. Lumi then dictated all actions in her life toward finding Michelle, which lead to larger things.

Rachael Faraday

Rachael Faraday is Lumi's daughter. Lumi used her powers alone to impregnate herself. With Lumi's mental state at unstable as it is, raising her was difficult, and Eadda and Marcella aided Lumi as much as they could.

Rachael took after her mother a lot in her boastful, outgoing nature. She entered into many junior psychic combat tournaments, and took the sport by storm. However, after an incident where she almost killed a competitor, she had to leave the sport. She became much more timid, and subjected herself to mental and spiritual training under Lumi's guidance.

Rachael acts like Lumi's older sister at times, instead of her daughter.

Eadda Cayce

Lumi's oldest friend. Eadda and Lumi have a complex relationship that's been through thick and thin, hard times and good, through war and peace. Eadda and Lumi have known each other since Lumi was a child. Eadda has seen Lumi grow and mature, and watched her become an incredible leader during the psychic wars. Eadda grew to be Lumi's closest friend and adviser throughout the wars, although they suffered a huge argument and falling out at the start of the war against Marc Beaumont.

By the end of the war against Marc Beaumont, Eadda had fallen completely for Lumi.

Eadda also watch the power Lumi awakened to in order to save the Earth from the Ae'ani slowly break down her mental state, and drive her close to madness. Eadda had to start caring for Lumi in ways she never had to before. A new vulnerability came forth from Lumi, and she became more and more random. Eadda grew closer to Lumi than every before in the years following Lumi remaking the world. In the peaceful times, Lumi started to suffer nightmares of the psychic wars, of all things things she was put through, and often slept with Eadda to comfort her.

When Lumi started to worry she would never be mentally or emotionally strong enough to cope like she did in the psychic wars, Eadda was there to support her and comfort her. Eadda is always there to support Lumi, and help her and the Faraday Isles through the randomness of Lumi's boredom. Eadda finds a lot of entertainment out of Lumi's current childish and cute antics, but is just as entertained by Lumi's unsurpassable intellect in daily conversation, and weekly game nights.

To this day, Lumi can go from being highly embarrassed by Eadda seeing her dancing in cosplay, to being perfectly comfortable snuggling up to her in bed. Eadda is whatever Lumi needs to her be; a friend, a sister, an adviser, a comfort at night, a master, a challenger, or more.

Nita Flores

Nita is Lumi's "archenemy". She's the Joker to Lumi's Batman, the Moriarty to her Sherlock. She's the centre of all crime, organised or otherwise, in the world. No other gang or criminal organisation messes with her, and neither do politicians. It's believed her strings have strings, and her ties run into every government of Earth. Despite her wanting to rid the world of psychic powers and psychics in general, she suffers from the same curse as Lumi. Boredom.

They are each others greatest threats, their greatest weaknesses, and their greatest drugs. Unknown to nearly everyone close to them, they play an eternal game of chess with the world, with Humanity, and even beyond. A game of chess where the pieces return the moment they're lost, and where neither of them wants to achieve check mate. They want to rid the world of the other, but they can't afford to for their own sake, so they delay each other in a dance of hindrances.

The way Nita goes about things, Lumi describes: "Her plans are ripples on a lake, caused only by the chaos of the universe. The madness of humanity disguises the unconnected links of her chains." She further describes: "It's like playing chess, but your opponent changes each turn, but each time plays with the same invisible pieces. But just to move one of your pieces, you have to solve a crossword without clues within limited time." Nita doesn't use any technology. She either meets people in person, sends one of her associates, or sends a handwritten letter. When she has a plan, she'll explain exactly what need to be done, and exactly at what time. It usually comes with a threat or reward to align their motivation.

Nita once took many random people, and without telling them anything of the overall plan, or even about the others taking part, got them to perfectly execute a delicate plan and bombed a few significant places simultaneously. It was a plot that was impossible to detect.

When Lumi goes into her meditative state, a state which leaves her vulnerable to the world, Eadda often explains that Nita is never to far away, once even directly watching over her. She fears the loss of Lumi as much as she seeks it, so keeps an eye on her when she's at her most vulnerable. Eadda once noted that Nita personally stopped an attack by the EvoGenesis Foundation, that sought to take advantage of this weakness.


Lumi is unquestionably the seven greatest psionic powers under that of Filicia, and that's saying something. She grew through combat and conflict, and gained mastery of the ultimate level of psionics after awakening.

Absolute Psionic Power - The ultimate level of psychic power. There's not much else to say. She trained and fought hard, and reached the pinnacle through extreme hardship.



When talking techniques, the most important technique of Lumi's to know about is the "Psychonova". The psychonova is a technique that one can only pull off when awakening to absolute psionic power. Aiming her entire being, and all her power, onto a single focus, the psychonova unleashes an unfathomable level psionic power, which leads to to the complete erasure of its target(s). The psychonova can target anything, and when it's erased, it's erased from all memories and knowledge.

For example. If Lumi erased you with the psychonova, not only would your mind, body, and spirit be erased completely. But all memories of you would be forgotten, and could never be returned or discovered by others, and any tangible marks you left on/in creation would vanish, things such as your name on sheets of paper, or that thing you scratched onto a tree. Your very existence would vanish, along with all proof of it. However, the exact level and scale of the erasure can be controlled. The psychonova isn't limited to people or objects as targets. It can be used to specifically erase memories or knowledge, information and experience.

There is no defence against the psychonova, as it's power is infinite, meaning it will always be more powerful than the target(s). The psychonova will get you, no matter where in all of space, time, or the planes of existence you all, even if you're omnipresent, or possess spatial-temporal lock, or that ilk of power.

Four Small Fists

When Lumi begins to get serious, she'll start using her "Four Small Fists" psychic combat fighting style, a style of psychic combat which she developed herself. When she does start using it, she'll tie her hair back into a pony tail. This fighting style is a "psionic martial art", as Lumi puts it. It involves getting close to your opponents and staying close, never letting them get out of melee range, counter and dodge all their attacks, find and/or create openings, and finish them off fast. This style is a fusion of huge power and intericate technique. As before, she'll be reading everything about you and looking into the future.

When she's close, she'll begin to attack- each punch, chop, kick, grab and touch empowered with telekinesis, and delivering simultaneous blows of psychic energy, telekinetic force, a mix of physical energies, emotional energies and astral energy, hitting her opponent mentally, physically, emotionally, and spiritually all at the same time (this four level strike is why it's called four small fists. The melee attacks of this style are like focus points though which she unleashes huge energy attacks directly at the opponent, in either a cutting or blunt style. The same energies can be used as instantaneous defense from attacks, and to break through the defenses of her opponents. Teleportation, potents illusions and energy attacks are also used with this style.

This fighting style is a really hard one to counter. She'll be faster than you- prettty much a guarantee, hitting you on four levels with huge, precisely controlled power, perfectly countering/defending/dodging your attacks, and when things get a little more serious, adding psychic lighting, fire or ice to the style, to really give you a hard time. This fighting style is a culmination of a collection of powers, and requires incredible levels of focus and awareness, and simultaneous control of the your own body and mind, and a plethera of different energies, and as you can imagine, this fighting style isn't one that you can just learn either- you've got to either be born with the right powers, or train to ridiculous levels.

Lumi can amp up the speed and power of this technique as required against opponents. To Lumi, this fighting style is fun to use, and it was all inspired from one statement:

"You see, psychics are all going to be using illusions, ranged attacks, and being real sneaky sneaks, maybe a few will try and punch you. So! I devise a plan! Indeed indeed! If you can get right up to your opponents, straight past their defense's comfort zone, and start smacking them around, it'd be a real shock right!"
― Lumi about psychic combat

Of course, if you can push Lumi past using this style, then congratulations, but you're in for a whole other world of hurt, as she unleashes the full capabilities of her absolute power.

Other Techniques

Of course, Lumi's powers don't end with her Four Small Fists style, and although she often gets into melee combat for the thrill of it, her capabilities are muh deeper and power much greater.

  • Living Illumis - When Lumi meets people, it's typically as an illusion, however, she takes this one step further. Because Lumi can be out of it for up to two months a time with her meditation, she positioned multiple living illusions, iterations of herself, in and around the universe and three realms- each looking and acting differently to her, in order to protect everything during this time. They have their own lives and are self sustaining, but each maintain Lumi's own core beliefs, morals, and thought processes, and never deviate from them. There are believed to be at least 30 Illumis, but only Filicia, Eadda and Minerva can be totally certain. If Lumi is ever too close though, these "Illumis" collapse to sleep. The known Illumis:
    • Sarah Newton -Illumi ααα- - The Illumi working together with Lumi to run the Faraday Isles. Publicly, Sarah is the Vice-Chancellor of the Faraday Isles, the one who will take over running the country in case Lumi cannot for any reason.
    • Mia de Elhuyar -Illumi ααβ- - The Illumi working as a genius, an incredible inventor, and a highly influential psionicist on the Faraday Isles, an individual who people listen to, and who's name and work carries a lot of weight in psionics.
    • Grace Lovelace -Illumi ααγ- - The Illumi working as a prominent senior lecturer at a university level within the First Psychic School.
    • Olivia Faynman -Illumi ααδ- - The Illumi working with American officials and Psionicists to run the "Second Psychic School" near Tokyo in Japan.
    • Yuki Murakami -Illumi ααε- - The Illumi working with Japanese officials and Psionicists to run up the "Third Psychic School" near Tokyo in Japan.
    • Esh'jara -Illumi βαα- - A travelling spirit in Astrala, one who silently keeps an eye on all the goings on.
    • Inira -Illumi γαα- - One of the Crafters in Psychena, one who works closely with Filicia. Which Filicia knows in reality, that it's Lumi, for the sake of Lumi's plan and security, she keeps up the act along side her.
    • Mary Halley -Illumi δαα- - The Illumi within Alku, the android's digital world. She works there as a maid in the Alku council, keeping a silent watch over proceedings.
    • E'rala -Illumi εαα- - Considered the bravest Illumi, she's the Illumi Lumi has positioned on the Ae'ani home world, who has managed to "infiltrate" the Ae'ani empire's political heart.
  • Mass Resurrection, Mass Soul Creation - When she remade the Earth, she needed the remake the populations. To do this, she resurrected literally billions of Humans from the depths of the spirit world, and created more on top of that- people that were never born or conceived because of the wars.
  • Mindscape Transportation/Creation - Lumi casually transforms her thoughts into reality, and vice-versa, she does it frequently, and as easily as she can think. The greatest case of this was when the Ae'ani came with a fleet of 100,000 warships to try and overpower her and destroy they Earth (not realizing the absolute nature of her power). In order to scare the life out of them, Lumi quite literally turned the Ae'ani home galaxy into her thoughts, turning her into god in their own turf. The Ae'ani surrendered, and Lumi returned their galaxy to normal.
    • Extreme Quantity Manipulation - Because of this, Lumi can think into creation a likely infinite number of anything- even you. She actually did this against an opponent once, when she made them fight an army of perfect replicas of themselves.
  • Time Travel - Lumi's psychic powers are great enough that she can even travel through time with considerable ease. She's done this many times, simply to watch her younger sister again, to see her smile and hear her laughter. To reminisce about the simpler times.
  • Universal Manipulation - When she remade the Earth, she needed everything to back into its correct position so astronomers didn't find anything off about the stars. To do this, she literally moved everything in the universe back to the way it way at the time she was reverting the Earth to.
  • Sheer Awesomeness

Beyond what she has displayed, it's hard to grasp exactly what she's capable of.


Because of the absolute boredom her power can push her into, Lumi devised a way to enter into a deep meditative state. It's a far, far more advanced version of the unconscious mobility she used to fight the Nightmares, and the normal spiritual meditation she does from time to time. She developed it after the first time she went into madness because of her boredom.

This extreme form of meditation takes her away from, and makes her ignorant of everything. It can last anything from four hours to two months. Which is why she built such a solid infrastructure and series of systems around her for the Faraday Isles, as well as placing her Illumis around the world.

Incidents of Randomness

Lumi is well known among those closest to her for her random behavior at times. These incidents of randomness vary in scale and danger, but Eadda has kept a titled record of each one. Some of the more prominent examples are:

  • "Strawberries for Everyone" - Lumi once changed the entire school meal menu at the Psychic School to nothing but strawberry-based dishes for a week. Lumi claimed by doing this, the budget allowed her to import way more strawberries than usual. Only Lumi and a handful of others enjoyed it, everybody else was sick of strawberries by the end of the week.
  • "Dolphin Idol" - Lumi once transferred into her own school, the Psychic School, as a student, just so she could enjoy the life of a school idol. The plan almost backfired when some students came close to finding out after Mai hinted at this fact a month later. Lumi gathered all these students at the main beach of the islands, and "revealed" herself to be a dolphin with psychic powers, transformed into a dolphin, and few away into the moon light after a last, emotional squeek. Everybody was left both baffled and upset.
  • "Secret Ambassador" - Lumi once pretended to be the "secret interplanetary ambassador of the antarctic". Donning a secret service get-up, and wielding an inflatable penguin as a sword, she attacked random people around the island.
  • "One-day IMAX" - When a film Lumi really wanted to watch came out, she turned the day into a bank holiday, built an IMAX cinema in the first, large enough space she found. She locked the doors, and invited nobody to watch it with her. Nobody was too concerned, as they got a holiday out of it. The IMAX was gone the next day.
  • "Desk Fury" - When one of Lumi's post-graduate students tried to flirt with her, she got so annoyed she chased him, and his friends who were their at the time, around the islands for the entire day, with her desk.
  • "The Day Everybody Forgot" - During an assembly for the induction of a new year of first years, Lumi ended her speech by immediately putting everybody into cutesy animal mascot costumes, and told them to show their seniors who's boss. By the end of the day, it had gotten so out of hand that damage was all over the island, and everyone was left injured and emotionally scared. On reflection after she calmed down, she thought it was actually a terrible idea, and erased everyone's memories of it, erased all records of it (other than Eadda's), and fixed everybody and the island up. It came to be known as "The Day Everybody Forgot".


  • She created the Psychic School Islands with her own power, as to not incur any construction costs.
  • Lumi is a complicated character in regards to her relation to the rest of the world. She doesn't keep anything hidden from people, yet there's a lot of mystery surrounding Lumi; her power, her dreams, her reasons, the world knows nothing of her despite how open she is.
  • Lumi means "Snow" in Finnish. Her father is English and her mother is French, but her mother's mother, grandmother, is Finnish, and this is where the idea for the name came from, as it was snowing when Lumi was born.
  • And I want to give a big thank you to Imouto-tan and NicWynter!



Lumi's ordinary "base" appearance.

Some of Lumi's often subtle appearance shifts based on her moods.

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