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Character Sheet: Kialla

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"There is no running or hiding from this one."
― Minerva about Kialla


Personal Information






Spirit Kingdom

Ex-Space Spirits

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Ex-Space Dancer









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Peeping, snooping, spying

Hair Color


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Very Long, Straight

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165.1cm (5’5”)



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Astral Manipulation

Mental Shield Penetration



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Kialla is one of the three "Ultimate Psychics", alongside the Omniscient Minerva, and unfathomably powerful Nigh-Omnipotent Queen Filicia. On awakening, the limits to her form vanished, and she suddenly existed everywhere and anywhere.


Kialla has long black hair, which you can see various parts of the universe through, and dark grey eyes with lavender star shapes in.

She always wears the same white dress and cheerful smile.


Kialla is a gentle and perennially cheerful soul, who's known to simply turn up anywhere, and any number of places she pleases- be it your bank account, research facility, bed, safe, dreams, personal dimension, bath, classroom, secret bunker, thoughts, or past or future, simply anywhere, and mess about, or just watch.

Kialla is very mischievous and a prankster, and likes abusing her omnipresence for less than noble means. Since literally no barrier or obstacle can stop her being where she wants to be, she loves "getting" people, especially girls, when they're exposed/vulnerable- such as in changing rooms, hot springs, baths, or sleeping. You can never tell when she's just going to appear and cause some lighthearted trouble.

During meetings among the awakened, Kialla loves to draw on Minerva's face while she's sleeping.

She's also been known to steals things here and there, move things around, and just mess with people, because...

"What else can you do with being everywhere?"

As she once asked. Although, she does act as a messenger of sorts


Kialla was once one of the few spirits which lived at the edge of space- a spirit of space who watched over the skies for meteors and "other things", helped the atmosphere in some way or another, and kept an eye on activity on the Earth and Astrala. Since the edge of space is also where both the Earth's and Astrala's atmopsheres end and blur into the relative emptiness of space, it is much easier to cross over between the two at this point, as the difference between the two fades and blurs. Kialla was one of six spirits who watched over this "border" between Earth, Astrala, and Space.

"Space Spirits" are very unusual folk, who rarely came down to meet with others, and never get involved in onflicts- it's said even today that meeting one is very rare. They had astral powers and telepathy as standard, and could listen to the thoughts of many people on the surface of the Earth and Astrala, and sometimes picked up messages from space- this is how the spirits at the time knew Filicia was coming, because Kialla picked up her presence.

Kialla had her eyes out into space more than the other space spirits, and wanted to see what was out there.

Kialla made some good friends on her very infrequent trips down to the surface of Earth, and loved get involved in friendly fights to show off and prank. You see, space spirits, as beings who could see both Earth and Astrala simultaneously, and were the guardians protecting the border, had great power, well, they needed great power in order to stop anybody from crossing over they didn't like.

Kialla was gentle as she was mischievous, and whenever she came down, the made friends out of everybody there with her disarmingly cheerful personality. However, one time when she was just gazing outwards into the endless space before her, the second great spirit war began. Many of the people she made friends with across the entirety of Astrala were being injured. She fled down to the surface, and tried to help as many as she could, but she simply couldn't save them all.

"I can't be everywhere at once! This is too cruel!"

She thought as she teleported about Astrala in desperation. Kialla was suddenly facing the realization that she couldn't save all her friends from the war of the greater spirits. She cried out as one of her oldest friends passed away in her arms, and could hear the cries, anger and pain of her other friends in her mind. She, unlike the other five space spirits, got involved in the war.

After it had ended, she returned to her post at the edge of space a changed person. The friends she lost and pain she felt were very great, and you can either laugh or cry... so she laughed. She needed to keep her spirits up now that it was over, wondering when her lost friends would return. After many thousands of years, she finally accepted they weren't coming back, and she wanted to go and see them, somehow, someway, wherever they were.

She never went down to the surface again, training her mind and soul, trying to extend their presence so she could help more people. After many hundreds of years of constant training, she managed to get her mental and spiritual presence to reach from the edge of space, to cover an 8th of the surface of the Earth. She didn't stop there though, and kept training her powers.

Eventually, may spirits and psychena alike wondered what she was doing. She told them her reasons, and they understood. It wasn't threatening anybody. She began being able to visit people on the surface from up in space, and again, made friends.

Eventually, after many, many years, the third great spirit war began, and once again, her friends the world over were under threat. She was more able to help them this time, but found limits to her presence one again- she could be in many places, but not all of them. She then witnesses Yarozu awaken, and saw how it happened, and how much more powerful she became.

After the war ended, she trained herself once more, wanting to see more of the universe, wanting to be able to help everybody on Earth and Astrala, wanting to visit her friends in the afterlife, and wanting to know the thoughts of those who might hurt her friends. After approximately a few million years of training in total, Kialla awoke not too long after the third great spirit war.

At the moment of her awakening, her "physical" form vanished, and her mind and spirit lost their "boundaries", and her presence became infinite. There was now no place she wasn't and she could be everywhere and anywhere.

The Psychic War

The New World


Kialla is a spirit with powers over astral energies and forces. She has powerful telepathy that allows her to break through other's mental defenses, and control a person down to their subconsciousness.

Kialla's main power/ability is an incredibly powerful one, one so powerful, even Lumi and Filicia have trouble dealing with it. Kialla is omnipresent, meaning she exists everywhere and anywhere all at once- be it in physical space, dreams, thoughts, throughout time, other dimensions and universes, just everywhere. Lumi and Filicia, with some help from Minerva, have come to some hypothesis on the exact mechanics of this power.

Not only is Kialla's mind and soul/spirit present on an infinite scale after her awakening, but Kialla's very existence rides on the back of the presence of all psionic forces, and all related things, as well, and these things "enforce" her presence. Kialla is simply everywhere.


  • The name Kialla comes from the the word Kaikkialla, a finnish word meaning everywhere, anyplace, anywhere, and universally.


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