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Character Sheet: Izoori

Holokami February 29, 2016 User blog:Holokami
"Help me..! Please..! I can't stop this... All this pain I'm causing..! My power..! Help me stop it all!"
― Izoori to anyone who could hear
"These three worlds are beautiful, aren't they! Life here is great! I hope nothing ever changes."
― Izoyu to Talvori



Angel of Death, Ice Queen, Snow Angel, Snow Queen, Spirit of Eternal Winter, Winter Crafter


Chaotic Confused


Half-Psychena Half-Bird Spirit, Awakened Psychic

Spirit Kingdom

Ex-Air and Water Kingdoms

Spirit Clan

Ex-Winter Birds




718 (As of 2016)


Izoori: 1298 AD

Izoyu (Psychena): -Unknown-

Talvori (Bird Spirit): 39,723 BC

Personal Data

Izoori: Astrala

Izoyu: Psychena

Talvori: Astrala





Base of Operations

Imprisoned Deep in Pluto



Hair Color


Hair Style


Eye Color

Light Blue


162.5cm (5’4”)


Arctic Creation

Cold Manipulation

Cold Weather Manipulation

Death Removal

Eternal Winter Inducement

Event Negation

Ice Age Manipulation

Ice Manipulation

Molecular Immobilization

Conception Removal

Power Anchoring


Time Reduction

Ultimate Freeze

Winter Manipulation

Psionic Rank




Izoori is an awakened psychic, and is considered to be the most dangerous of all the Awakened. She is a fusion of a powerful winter bird spirit and the winter crafter (psychena). Her powers all involve ice, stagnating, slowing/stopping time, and winter.


Izoori wears a white and blue shoulder-less and strapless dress, a blue collar with a snowflake on it, and white, laced, ballet-like shoes. Her most strike physical feature are her white wings.


Izoori is very expressionless; as she doesn't know yet what expressions to make. She doesn't know how to handle her own emotions very well. When she got angry at the tyrannical king, it ended up in her almost freezing the three worlds and getting imprisoned. Even now, she can't clear her mind of confusion and anger. Under all this turmoil is a kind person, full of youth and playfulness.

Izoori hates change. Even before Izoyu and Talvori fused, they both wished for things to remain as they were (note, Talvori was a brilliant white bird, and a very close friends and pet of Izoyu). She hates how as time flows, friends and family change, wars start, friends and family age and die, towns and cities change, people get ill, people grow distant, friends are replaced with new friends, landscaped fade; she hates change, and deeply wishes to keep everything as it is now, fearing the world as we and she knows it will change to something she doesn’t recognize further in the future.


Izoyu was the Winter Crafter, created by Queen Filicia at the very beginning of Psychena. Izoyu was tasked with creating and controlling the winter in Psychena, and much later was tasked in maintaining and stabilizing the winter on Earth. Izoyu often traveled from Psychena to Astrala, to meet with the winter, ice, snow and cold spirits. One of the more powerful of the clan "Winter Birds", Talvori, who could manipulate ice, breath icy breath, and blow harsh blizzards with her wings, became friends with Izoyu.

After many visits to Astrala, Talvori began to follow Izoyu around. Izoyu loved to explore Astrala, but couldn't go to many places, as they were blocked by very hot places, or were very hot places, which she couldn't stand. Talvori decided to keep her cool when exploring the hotter parts of Astrala. While exploring, Talvori kept herself perched on Izoyu's shoulder. They spent thousands of years together, exploring the greatness of Astrala, and great complexity of Psychena, mapping it all out.

The two often set off on adventures around Astrala and Psychena- helping those in need and defeating bad guys. They loved seeing the scenery and the people, and hoped it would never change. But it did change. In about 500 AD a powerful tyrannical king somehow took the throne from Filicia. Izoyu hated this change, as did Talvori, they both wished to see him gone, and Izoyu became one of the key conspirators that started the rebellion.

Izoyu and Talvori watched Psychena fall into darkness and misery over the next 500 years.

After the rebellion failed, Izoyu was captured on the battlefield, and was forced to watch as the king killed some of her friends before her. The king then "killed" Izoyu. But the king underestimated the power of the crafters, and Izoyu lived, and before the king could finish it with a second blow, Talvori swept in a carried Izoyu off to Astrala. Izoyu believed completely she was going to die, but Talvori was a spirit. Spirits have "strange psychic powers", as the Psychena put it.

Talvori, in order to save her friend, gave their lives to fuse with each other; their memories became one, their beliefs merged, and belief they shared grew stronger, their personalities became one, their minds and spirits/souls merged, their powers grew dramatically. The two powerful beings also awakened in the merging. They became a single being; Izoori, but everything that made them two differnt people was swirling around inside her mind and soul. She didn't recognise herself as either Izoyu or Talvori, and didn't know who she was.

After Izoori was born, she didn’t know what to do with her anger toward the Tyrannical King of Psychena- her anger for killing her (Izoyu's anger) and killing her friend (Talvori's anger), a complex anger from two points of view. She unleashed the full might of her awakened powers on him, and Psychena was in the firing path. This unleashed power is what caused the “Little Ice Age” on Earth. But after she defeated the king, her confused anger kept her power going, and she caused a great deal of pain, and indirectly, death, as her power began to freeze Psychena, Astrala and Earth.

Izoori couldn’t control her power, and her very existence was causing the worlds to freeze. It was a desperate rush, Fire Queen Kasa noted that by the time Izoori learnt to control her awakened powers, it would be too late, and Astrala, Earth and Psychena would all be frozen in an unbreakable ice age; such is the terrifying power of an out-of-control awakened psychic. This threat was great enough that the returned Queen Filicia aided the Ruling Spirits in imprisoning Izoori away from Earth- in Pluto. Out the way on a dwarf planet of ice, where she wouldn't be noticed. Izoori has been imprisoned now for 516 years (as of 2016).

She's a young and confused being, and her confusion and anger are greater than before. Her release would likely mean the death of Earth before sense is spoken into her, and the Ruling Spirits and Queen Filicia try to forget about her, before they feel regret about the rushed choice they made, and unleash a disaster by releasing her.

It's unsure if Izoori can ever be brought back to the three worlds. There's so much uncertainty about her powers and emotions, but Filicia believes that she's simply a sweet, confused girl, and the world will accept her when it's prepared. Feahi though, in the future, believes they're all just scared of her, and goes to free and train Izoori herself. This ends in the "Frozen World" disaster. After which, Feahi and Lumi train Izoori personally.


Izoori is a powerful being, and considered the most dangerous of the Awakened. Her uncontrolled power cause her very presence to be enough to plunge a planet into an ice age, and freeze over Astrala and Psychena. But her powers run deeper. Her desire to stop time changing things caused her to gain powers which stop change, and stagnate planets and civilization:

Powers relating to her old powers of ice and winter:



When she awakened, Izoori did gain a huge boost in power of her "base" powers. This boost resulted in very dangerous, very scary, and "world ending" powers:

  • Energy Immobilization - Izoori, like she can with atoms, can stop energy from transferring, but this power takes a lot of effort.
  • Eternal Winter Inducement - As an expansion of her old powers, Izoori can plunge a world into an in eternal winter. Locking the planet's movement around the sun in that season, and generate winter weather all the time.
  • Ice Age Manipulation - Izoori can create and manipulate ice ages, throwing any planet into a world of uninhabitable ice.
  • Molecular Immobilization - Izoori can immobilize atoms and molecules.
  • Ultimate Freeze - Izoori also gained the power to freeze anything; the atmosphere, atoms, energy, time itself. She can also drop the temperature to absolute zero.

With her awakened boosted powers, Izoori gained powers which allowed her to figuratively freeze the world- stagnate it and stop it from changing:

  • Death Removal - Izoori can remove death from the world, stopping currently living things from dying.
  • Event Negation - The full extent of this power isn't known, but in regard to "small" events, Izoori can negate them, and return things to the way they were before.
  • Conception Removal - Izoori can remove conception from the world, stopping new life from being created.
  • Power Anchoring - Izoori's power can't be altered by the powers of others. Izoori can likely project this power, to stop other's powers from being alterable.
  • Stagnation - Izoori can cause anything she wishes to become unchanging, never progressing or regressing.
  • Time Reduction - Izoori can also slow down time.


  • Izoori is considered the most dangerous of all the Awakened, and is the one responsible for the future "Frozen World" disaster. During this disaster she freezes the world literally and figuratively. It's plunged into an ice age, but the flow of time and events is unusual; nothing can progress or regress. Those that were asleep before the the event remain asleep, those that are awake remain awake, those that are alive can't age or die, wounds never heal, injuries can never be made, those who are ill never get better, so on and so forth.


Confused Snow Angel of Death:

Welcome to the Frozen World:

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