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Character Sheet: Feist Rhith

Feist Rhith

Personal Information

The Magician, The Grand Trickster, The Betrayer





Gender Form



25,625 (As of 2016)

Age Appearance



23,609 BC



Ethnic Origin


Sexual Orientation

Female-Male Form, Bisexual




School of the First Mind - School of Glamour

Professional Information


The Awakened



Base of Operations


Extra Information

Chaotic Neutral




Pranking people, tricking people, doing magic tricks

Hair Color


Hair Style


Eye Color



170.18cm (5’7”)

Powers and Abilities

Body Language Analysis

Detail Intuition

Full-Formed Psychic Energy Physiology

Game Intuition

Magicians Intuition

Mathematical Intuition


Non-Corporeal Form

Performance Art Intuition

Psychic Shield

Trapping Intuition


Absolute Illusion

Attention Manipulation


Probability Manipulation

Psychic Energy Manipulation













Challenge Level


Feist Rhith is one of the eldest Awakened, a master trickster, and a master magician. She was once Queen Filicia's entertainer, but went down a more devious path.


Feist Rhith, or simply Rhith, has long white hair, and teal-green eyes.

She always wears her three-piece suit and top hat. Her top hat is black, with a diamond checker pattern, with an orange ribbon around it, and two cards sat in the ribbon on the left of the hat.

Her suit consists of a very light pink shirt, a red silk scarf, a pale orange overcoat, a black single-breasted jacket, with orange plaid notch lapels- which have a golden yellow outline, and cuffed sleeves- orange plaid, and with a golden yellow outline. Her trousers are simply black, with blak shoes and orange socks.

She also wears white gloves, and carries around a black cane.


Rhith is very cunning. She can easily trap anybody into her pace, and end up controlling situations perfectly. Her very calm and polite demeanor distract those she speaks with. She's not afraid to play with anybody to their face, and when she pulls out the tricks, it's safe to say nobody is leaving until she has what she wants.

By abusing the very nature of her being- it's invisibility and intangibility, she's pulled off many bank heists and robberies, with no trace left behind.

Her genius intellect, analytical ability, and amazing intuition allow her to outplay everybody, and outplay and outwit almost anybody. She love nothing more than "stealing without stealing", and playing people into giving her their things- whether through gambling, psychology, or wordplay, or in some cases, straight-up thievery.

If she takes you by surprise, you've had it.

Other than her devious, supervillian-like thievery, she's a great entertainer, and loves nothing more than seeing people entertained by her when she means it seriously. Her skill with magic is second to none, and combined with her powers, she can put an a show to dazzle anybody. Her most notorious trick was making the sun disappear.


Born in Psychena around 25,000 years ago, she was born into a world of peace on all three worlds. Her parents loved her, and she literally had no troubles while growing up. She got into magic and tricks from a young age through the School of Glamour. She started learning how to control people's attention with telepathy, in order to make her tricks work even better, and get better reactions.

She began to put on shows in the School of Glamour, and at first, she wasn't that good at the whole presenting in front of a large audience thing. After a couple of shows, and with the help of her friends, she built up her confidence, and from then on her shows were amazing. She knew how to put on a show, and did so each week for years and years, each time it was different to the amazement of those who came- games, tricks, magic, and just foolery, it was dazzling, fun, and a great show for all

Her skills with tricks, magic, and dazzling shows caught the attention of Filicia and the Palace, and she was invited to entertain the Queen. She put on one of her shows at the Palace of the First Mind, with the Queen, her aides, and her Crafters watching on. The pressure was on, but she pauses, calmed herself, and put on a show like she always did. Even the powerful Crafters couldn't see through all or any of her tricks, and everybody had a great time.

The Queen, her aides, and Crafters all loved it so much, they allowed Rhith to come once or twice a month to host her shows there, as the personal entertainer of the Queen.

After many years of entertainment, Rhith wanted to put on a trick for her 1000th anniversary of being at the palace. Unfortunately, she was too ambitious for her own, great ability, and her greatest trick failed at the palace. She managed to play it off, the mistake was noted. After this, she kept trained her own abilities harder and harder, as well as her skills.

She began doing greater and greater tricks, but they were tricks she had some before, simply grander in scale. Although she loved what she did, some Crafters, and Eadda Cayce were getting a little bored of the apparent repeats over the next year, and they told her not to come back to the palace unless they asked.

Feeling betrayed, she put on a few more shows at the School of Glamour, but couldn't stop feeling like she wasn't good enough anymore. She pushed herself harder than ever before, and eventually, after a decade, and over 3000 years of constant usage of her powers- pushing them to their limits and greatest capabilities every day after the first millennium, and around 3500 after she was born, she Awakened.

After the newly appointed Head of the School of Glamour told her to stop her shows altogether, she was devastated, and pleaded, but they wanted to put on shows of a different kind. Rhith sat for many days thinking of what to do. She felt like it was all the palaces fault for kicking her out, and looked to get revenge. Using her powers, she stole some jewelry from the Palace under a potent disguise.

Only Eadda and Filicia could decern who she really was, and neither felt it was important enough to intervene. She felt like she needed a new audience, so, unlike any Psychena before her, she went to Earth, after mastering how to corporealize. She found knew inspiration there, and along with it, Astrala. She spent many years floating between Astrala and Psychena, tricking and stealing anything she wanted.

Then the spirit of death attacked Astrala. In the chaos, Rhith managed to take a very precious gem from the Heart of Astrala, one she had been eyeing up for centuries, and fit it in her cane. She watched as the newly Awakened Inti Qon- the First Human Psychic overpowered the spirit of death.

Rhith returned to Astrala, using her powers to stay hidden, causing trouble and mischief. She turned to a male psychena called Scrios as a place to live, and began to work with him. She still wanted revenge of the Palace for making her lose what she loved, and Scrios promised he could make it happen...

"I've got a trick greater than any for them." He claimed.

Using her powers, she helped scout out areas, and help set up foe Scrios great trick. But the ever insightful Rhith had had the cloth pulled over her eyes for the first time. She was outplayed and outwitted by Scrios, who was simply using her. She helped Srios in many ways for the next few millennia, from convincing people Filicia wasn't fit to rule, to setting up the strange devices Scrios was inventing.

She caused lots of trouble, just to get a grasp of the response time of those who wanted to stop her, and a better insight as to the powers of the Crafters. Scrios had turned Rhith from just a trickster with a grudge into a villian, through playing on her emotions, and tricking her into trult thinking herself Filicia wasn't fit to rule. She never though any of this to begin with, but Scrios played with her mind, and caused her negative feelings to become exaggerated.

It's 503 AD. Everything was set up, and Scrios and Rhith planned for their "great trick". Scrios had convinced her this "trick" was something just to shake Psychena up a little, and make the Queen and her Crafters change their ways.

However, the Queen had entered into one of her rare slumbers. Rhith was thinking that if they acted now, what would be the point? It was too late for doubts though, and Scrios was already making his way to the palace. She mulled over everything in her mind one last time, and the only flaw in the plan of a uprising she could see, was that the Queen wasn't awake.

Scrios began the uprising.

Psychena fell into disorder, even some Crafters went against each other. That's when Rhith realized something felt off... The uprising wasn't built to win, just cause trouble and send a message, so why now?

"The Queen isn't awake, why now!?"

After a few hours of constant clashing, Scrios showed his true power, and started taking in "anti-psychic" forces from the universe around the. He trapped the Queen in her slumber, and nobody was there to stop him- because of the rebellion. The Crafters, the only ones currently strong enough to stop Scrios, who was growing in power by the minute, were all too weak from infighting to stand against him.

Scrios claimed Psychena in a day, and was now too strong for even Rhith to deal with with any guarantee of victory. Scrios threw Rhith out of Psychena, and onto Earth, then created a powerful anti-psychic shell around Psychena. Rhith didn't witness what happened next, but the stories of it she hear afterwards were enough.

Rhith knew she had made a mistake, she was played to such an extent over such a trivial matter.

"I'm an idiot and a child!" She claimed.

Wondering what to do with herself, unable to help Psyhena, she wandered the Earth and Astrala, and went back to her trickers. In order to cover-up her grief from aiding Scrios, she played people and spirits alike, taking things from them in games, gambling, and robbery, covering up her emotional torment with material gain.

Eventually, the Queen woke up early in order to stop Scrios and a rampaging Awakened Psychic, and saw thousands of Psychena fall to Earth. Belieiving they'd never forgive her, she stayed away from them and Psychena.


The Psychic War


The New World





  • Rhith meaning Illusion in welsh. It's also a pun of sorts, if you swap the letters of her names around:
    • Feist Rhith > Rheist Fith > Looks and sounds like Heist and Thief.


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