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Character Sheet: Feahi

Holokami February 28, 2016 User blog:Holokami
"You're mega strong kid! Keep that up and you might take my throne off me!"
― Feahi to Nozomi



Queen of the Desert Lands




Feline Spirit, Awakened Psychic

Spirit Kingdom

Fire Spirits

Spirit Clan

Savanna Lions




50,385 (As of 2016)


48,369 BC

Personal Data



Fire Spirits


Queen of the Desert Lands

Base of Operations

The Great Savanna, Astrala


Nozomi Ono ("Rival", Friend - Alive)

Hair Color


Hair Style


Eye Color



168.92cm (5’6.5”)


Absolute Slicing

Absolute Speed, Absolute Athleticism

Dry Season Manipulation

Explosion Manipulation

Heat Manipulation


Magma Manipulation


Pyric Spectrum Manipulation

Solar Manipulation

Ultimate Burning

Psionic Rank



Sleeping in the sun

Feahi is an awakened psychic, and the most powerful of the Savanna Lions in the Desert Lands of Astrala. Her powers are all related to burning, day, heat and light.


Feahi has a very unique clothing appearance. She wears white and red armor on her legs, but only up to her knees, and not covering her feet. She wears white and red “bikini” armor with some jewels on it, and white and red loincloth. On her head she wears a red headband, around her neck, a red-orange crystal.

She has tattoos on both her forearms, and on the left of her face, and left of her waist, down to her hip. She wears bandages on her forearms, her right upper arm, and under the armor on her legs, and up to her thigh on her right leg. On her left leg, she had a red band on her thigh, a red band on her left upper arm, and a red band near the end of her tail. Over this she wears a worn white clock.

She was born with blonde hair and brown eyes, but after she awakened, it turned into white hair and orange eyes. As a feline spirit, she has cat ears and a cat tail.


Feahi is a very headstrong individual with a hit first, ask questions later attitude. She’s utterly fearless, and will charge at anybody without any hesitation. She's lived on the battlefield all her life, and has developed top-notch and highly efficient instincts. Even in civilization she'll act like a cat when relaxing/sleeping- curling up wherever is comfortable.

She's a joyous figure, who loves a laugh, and can always be seen smiling outside of combat, and even then, she might smile during combat. She has a burning will inside her that will never back down, and she's acknowledged, even by Lumi, to be the toughest character of the Awakened.

She'll protect her friends and comrades to the death, and when a fight starts, she's serious to the end. She find the most efficient way to deal with anybody is to stomp them hard and fast, and that's what she does. Her fighting style, called "Blazing Dance" by Kasa, is deadly, powerful and faster than anybody can keep up with, and is said to fit Feahi perfectly.

Feahi has a bad habit of playing with opponents she dislikes, lightly batting them about and gently clawing at them, calling them insulting nicknames- mocking them to the point they snap and charge her, leaving themselves wide open for her assault, which will end with her victory.

Feahi is a heavyweight drinker as well, and when she is drunk, she becomes gullible, leading to all manner of situations, usually ending in not-remotely-serious fights and bar brawls.


Feahi was born under the searing savanna sun. Her entire life has been a fight for survival within the savannas, wastelands and deserts of Astrala. She’s lived a rough life, fighting off one enemy after another, each time they felt bigger and more powerful than the last. There were times she'd spend days without food while traversing the deserts and wastelands. Although, after a small spirit settlement was made at the edge of the savanna, Feahi often went/goes there for a drink and food.

Over thousands of years, she rose in power to become the queen of the desert lands. Feahi is one of those that awakened though natural potential, training and using her power all the time- she became a master of her craft. After she awakened, her blonde hair and brown eyes turned white and orange, respectively. The elders of her clan were amazed by this, and knew exactly what it was from tales passed down. Feahi had gained massive power and greater potential.

Even after she awakened, she lives the same life, but more actively seeks criminals and the darkness of the world to end it.

One year, during one of Nozomi's trips to Astrala, she met Feahi. Feahi was in something of a bad mood that day, as "mysterious trespassers" had attacked her clan. Not knowing about Nozomi's relation to Lumi, she immediately attacked. Nozomi held her own against an enraged Feahi for decent amount of time, long enough for Feahi to realize that she wasn't a culprit. Feahi sincerely apologized, and was genuinely impressed with Nozomi's defense. Nozomi offered to help her search, but to no results.

When Nozomi reported the incident to the Shepherds, Lumi herself came to speak with Nozomi about it. Lumi told Nozomi that who she fought was Feahi, Queen of the Desert Lands, and an Awakened Psychic. Nozomi realized she was lucky to survive the encounter, and guessed Feahi must have been holding back.


Feahi is the most powerful Savanna Lion spirit, and is an Awakened Psychic. As a Feline/Lion Spirit, she has:

Her unique and awakened powers are very dangerous. She can not only manipulate dry seasons and create dry seasons, and thus droughts, but also control fire of every kind, plasma, electromagnetism, gravity, burn absolute anything, cause explosions on any scale, slice anything, and has speed and athleticism beyond that of anybody else. Her abilities are hugely powerful, greatly destructive, and frightening to face:


  • Feline Spirits fall into many clans across all kingdoms, but the “Savanna Lions” are considered the most powerful, in terms of brute power.


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