"So red... So sweet... Red... Red..! Sweet... Sweet...! I want to see it... So badly... Your blood... Show it to me..! Heheheheh-HAHAHAHAHA! Show me your blood!"
― Emilie to an unfortunate victim.
"This girls has... problems, so just watch out."
― Nita to some people wishing to see Emilie.

Emilie Brekke

EmilieBrekke Base

EmilieBrekke Graphic

Personal Information

"Demon of Norway"










26th May 1814


Oslo, Norway

Ethnic Origin

White Norwegian

Sexual Orientation

Hematolagnia, Erotophonophilia


Clinical Vampirism



Professional Information

Nita Flores


Follower of Nita


Base of Operations


Extra Information

Chaotic Blood


Nita Flores (Boss - Alive)

Kerensa (Friend - Alive)


Singing, dancing, "idol stuff", bathing in blood(?)

Hair Color


Hair Style


Eye Color



165.1m (5'5”)


58kg (127.87lbs)

Powers and Abilities

Contaminant Immunity

Disease Immunity

Enhanced Condition



Astral Vampirism

Blood Manipulation

Bloodlust Empowerment

Cardiology Manipulation

Emotional Vampirism

Energy Drain, Psionic Drain

Fear Inducement

Life-Force Absorption

Mind Control

Neuronal Vampirism

Psi Vampirism

Psychic Energy Absorption

Psychic Shield











Challenge Level


Emilie Brekke is one of the main forces in Nita Flores' organisation, and is really the last person you'd want to meet in her organisation; even Nita tries her best avoid contact as much as she can. She has a twisted mentality and morality, and quite literally loves blood and killing.


Emilie has long blonde hair. Her eyes are also red, and it is their natural colouring.

She wears a black and white "gothic lolita" dress, with a ribbon in her hair.

While outside, Emilie is required to wear special glasses which cause the colour red to turn white, a medical face mask which is very strongly scented mint, earphones which are playing music, and elbow gloves. All of which is to avoid her sensing blood.


Emilie is considerably one of the last people you'd want to meet in a dark alleyway, or just at all. She has a very unstable personality, and paraphilias for blood and killing- She finds sexual arousal in the sight, smell, taste and feel of blood, the sound of dripping blood and heartbeats, but also in act of spilling and drinking blood, and killing others. A loud enough heartbeat could set her off.

She is actually a sweet girl, who will follow orders, smile beautifully and help out with chores. She loves singing and dancing- and is really good at it, and would love to become an idol. Those in Nita's organisation love her singing as well. But when she gets those feelings, those urges and lust, nothing will stop her until she is satisfied.

Nita realizes, despite her own morality, that sticking Emilie in a theater with thousands of roaring and excited fans is a massacre waiting to happen, so stops her following her dream.

The times when Emilie get the urges and lust to kill and surround herself in blood are called her "episodes" among those in Nita' organisation. Emilie usually has an episode around once a month at best. Nita warns those who wish to see Emilie, or those who are sent out on missions with her, of certain rules:

  1. Do not run away if she gets "that look" in her eyes. Leave calmly and slowly, and the threat will subside.
  2. Do not get nervous. She will hear your heart beating loudly if you do, and you'll will likely trigger an episode.
  3. Do not talk about blood or killing around her, as it will likely trigger an episode.
  4. If she has an episode while you're in a controlled room with her, those who can't escape quickly enough will be locked in with her.


Emilie Brekke was born in Oslo in 1814, and to their deaths, her parents regretting ever giving birth to her...


Her father was a doctor who ran a surgery at his house. He was a brilliant doctor, and Emilie often watched him work though a hole she found in the floor above his surgery. She was always entranced by the sight of the blood, and the act of drawing it out, a thing which appears to have initially stemmed from her power Neuronal Vampirism. It turned from a intrigue to a straight up lust for the sight of blood. It became something which troubled her family greatly after they found her doing it- they even called in many exorcists over it. No solution was found, and by the time she was ten, she had actually killed many animals to feed on their neural energy, see their blood, and even drink their blood.

She seemed to be lacking common human morals, never truly grasping the reasons for why her father was cutting up those bodies. She heard her father say that he enjoyed his work multiple times, and believed he meant he like seeing blood and insides too. Her family became worried about her moving from animals to humans- maybe even them. They bolted her bedroom door and windows shut every night, each with three bolts.

After she killed the family dog, her father turned to beating her to get her to stop. The beatings happened at least once every other day, maybe even twice a day. As she turned twelve, her cravings became more ferocious as her powers developed outside of neural energy, and into psychic energy, life force and emotions/emotional energy. Her lust for blood developed into a greater physcological problem, as, to one of the psychiatrists she saw at the time, she said after being asked about it:

"Every time I see blood, or hear a heart beat... I feeling like what they say it feels like to fall in love."

Years went by, and her urges seemed to be in check, as she only ever fed on animals, and as sickening as this was, it was all she ever fed on. Unbeknownst to the family, she was suppressing her urge to feed on humans.


In the last half of April when Emilie was seventeen, there was one morning she wasn't getting up. Her mother went to check on her, and undid the bolts on her door, and when she looked inside, her heart sank. The windows were completely broken open, and Emilie was nowhere to be seen. That's when one of the town's folk knocked at their door. To their horror, they explained what had happened- Emilie had killed a man in his sleep, and his blood was all over floor, her clothes, and there was a cup which had been clearly used to drink blood from.

To add to the shock, the man explained while taking her parents to her, that it took five of the toughest men to restrain her.

"She's a demon! A crazed demon of the night!"

When they arrived, she was being restrained by chains in the middle of the street. The chains were being held by the five strongest men in the town. And she was sat on the ground, looking down, not saying a word, in blood stained clothes, and blood around her mouth. When her father called out at her in anger, the look she gave him sent chills down his spine- eyes like that of a wild beast on a rampage, ready to kill again, but also eyes that reminded him of his own wife's, when she looked at him in love before they first slept together. It was a highly disturbing look, and he had to look away.

After an hour, she eventually calmed down, and in tears, she apologized. She claimed to couldn't help it. Nobody but her mother believed her, and they all locked her in the town jail- made of iron and great stones.

Two weeks passed, and Emilie hadn't seen or tasted a single drop of blood, or used her vampiric powers once- she was only ever fed ordinary food, water and milk. But this was a very bad decision by the town, but one they couldn't help. 14 days after Emile was locked up, a priest from a large church was visiting to try and help with their problem. The priest was very kind and gentle with her, unusually so- he was only trying to help her, believing this farse about her being a vampire was made up.

16 days after she was locked up... The first of a series of events erased by the church from history occurred. Emilie, in a bout of crazed lust for everything her powers took and blood, broke out of prison, and killed every single living thing in the town just before dawn. But for some reason, didn't touch the priest. The priest wrote an account of what he observed that night.

"The screams of the townsfolk were terrifying- shouts like that from warriors in battle, and shrieks like that of the tortured souls of hell. The girl rampaged in a fit of madness, her eyes crazed with lust, and drooling like a beast. Her fangs sank into every living creature in town, and her hands tore open the flesh of those she preyed on- I'm certain not even a mouse was spared.

By dawn, the buildings and streets of the town were all covered in the blood of the townsfolk. The dawn was a shade of red that morning, before the rains fell, as if the lord himself wept at the madness.

The girl laid naked in a pool of blood she created, laughing. She rolled and splashed in it like a child in a puddle. She laid on her back, washing herself with it, licking it off her fingers, rubbing it over her body in great pleasure, and with one hand on her breast and the other between her legs, she made a lover of herself.

The endearing charm of her looks spoiled by an expression of remorseless serenity and grotesque satisfaction- she was in ecstasy. She then sat up, and drank the blood of her parents from a cup beside her.

I believe there is no mortal in this world capable of quelling a demon such as her. May we pray the lord delivers punishment on her swiftly."

The priest left, having seen something which he would never forget. After this event, and after she had calmed, she traveled to the next town, wearing nothing but a sheet. She cleaned herself in the first river of freezing water she found. She noticed than the injuries some of the men had dealt her had healed.

She continued travelling until she entered the next village, still wearing only a sheet. When she entered, she fainted from the cold, and was quickly taken to an inn, and warmed next to a fire. She had calmed, and she was a nicely spoken, gentle girl to the elderly couple taking care of her.

She stayed there for a few weeks, was fed, clothed and lived. It seemed like her cravings had passed, and she got them under control. Just as she started to settle, she began to miss the sight of blood once more, and the feel of taking neural/emotional/astral/psychic energy. As she was walking home one evening, she saw two men fighting outside a bar. She felt an odd compulsion to watch, and was sat with a smile on her face doing just that.

Then one of the men stumbled near her, and a single drop of blood fell from his now broken nose.

Emilie felt a great thump of a heartbeat in her chest, and caught the drop in her mouth as it fell. She had missed that taste, her excitement grew, but not wanting to cause a commotion, she left. Later that night, she found the same man, drunken senseless in a back alley. It was perfect. Emilie then killed him- fed on all his energies, drank his blood, and let the rest spill. The town went into a frenzy the next morning after finding the body.

The priest of this town had been told of what happened at the other town by the priest who witnessed it as he passed through. The priest felt a great fear- fearing this was going to be it, the end of the town he has spent 20 years in. The dead and drained body of a single man inspired so much fear and uncertainty in an entire town, Emilie's future reputation was well deserved.

Two days passed, and four more bodies were found, dead and drained. The priest was thankful an outburst of death hadn't occurred yet, but the anxiety that it could still lingered, as did the current situation. He was facing a real vampire, not some witch hunt, fairy tale nonsense. As the next week passed, twenty more had died, mainly those who tried to leave the town. Emilie was playing with the town- killing in it to inspire fear, and killing those who left to trap them.

It was all a big game, and with each kill, she grew temporarily stronger. One day though, she was caught and again, chained still. This time, this town was taking no chances. Her red eyes, her beast-like fangs- she was definitely a vampire. One man in the village drove a spear through her heart there and then, and she appeared to have been killed. A minute later though, she broke the spear in two, pulled it out of her, and regenerated.

"Is that... All you can do..?"

She asked, still in chains. The townsfolk were stunned, she was definitely a demon they thought. Still bound tightly in chains, they threw her into a prison in a basement, locked it up, and threw away the key. But it was just like the first village. She weakened at first, but as her bloodlust grew, so did her power, and she broke out a week later, and what happened in the last town repeated itself. Although the priest too was killed, so no records could be found.


This sequence happened in two villages and another town. Although, in one of those towns, she managed to kill most the population slowly before she was satisfied and moved on. In the final town she attacked was the largest yet. She didn't even need to be caught this time, the sheer excitement at all the people to kill was enough to set her off.

She went out of control, and by records, it was her most gruesome attack yet. There are sightings of her even cracking peoples skulls open like eggs, tearing the breasts off women and girls, tearing throats out with her mouth alone, and pulling babies out of pregnant women.

She had killed just over have the town before she was finally caught by a mysterious, and very powerful psychic in 1831. They tied her up in chains, put a muzzle over her mouth, and gloves over her hands. They took her to one of the securest prisons in the world, and also one of the most secret. She was restrained more securely than every before, thrown into the darkest, deepest cell the prison had, and locked up tightly- and all the keys were thrown away, literally. Except one- the master key.

They tried to cut Emilie's fangs off, but they were too hard.

Emilie had struggled to escape, dragging the chains, which were deeply fixed in the earth around her cell, out enough to leans over and get her head to reach the ground, and even lie down, but not enough to get near any of the walls of iron bars of the cell. Emilie's cell had three doors between it and the rest of the prison- the door in the iron bars, a heavy, tightly locked iron door leading into the room, and a similar door leading into the corridor, which lead to her room.

A few weeks after she was imprisoned, the guards were finally becoming relaxed around Emilie's imprisonment. One of the guards, whose wife and kids were killed by Emilie, managed to get the master key to Emilie's cell. One night, the guards were all making merry, that guard went into Emilie's cell, locking all the doors behind him. He wanted revenge, but not your usual revenge. Emilie looked up at him as the drunk guard stood before her.

"You killed my wife and kids, you know that?" He said, proclaiming that he bet she didn't even care. She had nothing to say in response though.

"You damned demon! You're going to give me what my wife can't any more!" The guard jumped Emilie, grabbing her tightly- She couldn't defend herself, and the guard began to tear her clothes off her, as he began raping her. Emilie couldn't do anything to save herself. The guard left after getting what he wanted, and said he'd be back again.

And he was, two days later.

And once again the following week.

But Emilie found one chain link with flaw- a tiny, rough bump in the mold, but big enough to cut. In desperation, Emilie used it to saw through the leather, and she cut off her muzzle. The guard came back once again, he left the keys within arms reach of the cell's iron bars after locking it all up. Emilie made sure her head was hidden from him until her got close. When he did. She lunged up, bit deeply into his throat, and tore it out. The damage was immediately fatal.

After this, there was now no key to enter the room, as it outside of the cell, behind the doors it locks. Emilie began devouring the guard's corpse to keep herself alive. She almost made use of a power she recently discovered on her last rampage- one to control the cardiology of living things and blood. She used it on the rats which started coming into the cell to feast on the corpse with her.

She ate the rats as well.

The way to her cell was bricked up, and removed from records.

(She was released during the Psychic War, but died after going on a rampage.)


184 years after she was locked up, in February of 2015, Nita Flores got wind of a powerful "vampire" from history. Through the vague accounts, she believed she would be a powerful ally, believing she possessed powers which could shutdown psychics.

Emilie Brekke, "The Demon of Norway", was her name, a girl who massacred three villages and two towns in Norway around 184 yars ago. Nita believed the accounts of her massacres were exaggerated to make her seem more like a demon, than a psionic vampire. Believing she was just going to add another powerful member to her team, Nita went to Emilie's prison, and took two people from her organisation with her as meals to build up her strength again.

When Nita arrived at the fifteenth basement deep of an old prison, it was pitch black, she she turned on a light. The sight she saw was horrific. The cell was falling apart, and there was rust all over the thick iron bars. Water was dripping through the roof into the cell, it had been building up for some time, and it was a centimeter deep all over. It lead to the cell becoming damp, and mold and moss growing all around. There was hole in the wall facing the cell, which rats and mice used to get in. In fact, one was coming in just at that moment.

Then the smell hit. 

Nita looked closer, and there was the signs of blood in the water, and dried blood on the walls. As she followed the rat across the room into the cell, the sight made even Nita nauseous- it wasn't just water on the floor. The decayed and decaying remains of hundreds of rats, savagely torn apart, were all over the cell floor. Nita had to look away and hold her nose for a moment, as did the other two she brought. 

When Nita finally turned around, she took another look in the cell, and there was Emilie Brekke. She was on her knees, naked, in the rotting corpses of rats, the remnants of torn clothes and a muzzle and gloves now rotted off could be seen around her. The putrid mass covering the cell floor encased the lower halves of her legs, and next to her legs, were the bones of a human. There were maggots crawling around in the rats, and some over Emilie. Emilie's arms were being held up by chains, connected to the ceiling of the roof- it seems that the room had sank, over the years, pulling up the chains with it once more.

Although the foundations of the chains went deep into the earth around the cell, Emilie had pulled them out enough to be able to lean down, and feast on the rats coming into the room. As Nita took a closer look at Emilie, she noticed her hair was a complete mess and filthy beyond words, and dried up blood and flesh coasted her face around her mouth.

Nita wished she hadn't come, the whole experience of that cell was like that from a nightmare, one which would definitely affect her sleep for some time to come. Nita finally spoke out, not knowing what to say, she just said the first thing that came to her mind. "Feast your eyes on her boys, the "Demon of Norway". How low you've fallen." Emilie, after a bit of time, looked up, and acknowledged they were there, with an almost dead look in her eyes.

All the alarms in the prison were sounding, and the guards were rushing down to that cell. Nita told Emilie she would set her free, only if she agreed to follow her without question, and join her. She must obey her orders, but would live a relatively free life. Emilie slowly nodded her head, not having the power of speech back yet.

Nita busted the chains bars and chains. Emilie's arms flopped down, and she was unable to stand. Being stuck in that position for 184 years would get you stuck like that. Nita pushed one of the guys she brought with her over to Emilie.

"These two are gifts, take all your need." She said to Emilie. Emilie's heart started to race, and she bit hard into the neck of the man before her. She drained so much from him so quickly, he died within fifteen seconds. The energy allowed her to struggle to stand, but that wasn't the real problem. Emilie's bloodlust had triggered. Emilie jumped at the other man Nita brought, and feasted on him as well.

It didn't stop there. Emilie had quickly recovered, though she was still barely able to stand, and barely able to move her arms- the feeling of that much blood aroused her, and her bloodlust empowered her and kept her standing. Emilie then proceeded to kill everybody in the prison. Nita followed her, and came to realise the historical account weren't exaggerated, as she witnessed Emilie bath in the fresh blood she spilt, rubbing all over herself in ecstasy. And as one account Nita read had reported,

"She made a lover of herself in the blood."

After Nita managed to get Emilie out of the prison, and forcibly stop her from killing that entire part of the country, she took her to the base. Full well knowing now there was something horrible wrong with Emilie's mind. Nita discovered that Emilie had Hematolagnia and Erotophonophilia- She found sexual arousal in the sight, smell, taste and feel of blood, the sound of dripping and flowing blood, and also in act of spilling blood and killing others. A loud enough heartbeat could set her off. She literally loved to kill.

After Nita brought her back, she told Alexis, Sakkame, and Kerensa, to their horror, what happened at the prison, and all of them worried about being able to control her. Nita though, had a plan, and through that plan, has managed to control Emilie's episodes, except for a single incident. Emilie was now a part of Nita's organisation. Nita, for the first time in her life, felt uneasy around a psychic.

The first time Emilia met Kerensa went without incident. Emilie wasn't told Kerensa was an android, or even that androids existend. It caused Emilie to feel unusually uncomfortable for the first few hours she spent with her, spread across a few days. "How can this Human feel so warm and soft without a heartbeat?" is one of the thoughts that went through her head.

Eventually, after Emilie almost ripped Kerensa to pieces during an episode to see her blood, she found out the truth. Kerensa explained everything to her, although, the technical parts went over her head. From then on, after Kerensa fixed herself, Emilie acted normal around Kerensa. Nita felt somewhat relieved- not simply because Emilie had a friend, but because Emilie had the strength to tear one of the Hi-XA androids, the strongest androids in the world, to shreds with her bare hands, a power she would like to make use of.

Emilie has not been on a rampage, since this incident, and Nita keeps the reason why a secret. Nita knows that Emilie is a killing machine, and a time bomb waiting to happen. It's said in rumors in Nita's organisation that Emilie bathes in blood stolen from hospitals, or "other places", some say she sneaks out into hospitals and steal the blood there, and others say Emilie sneaks out and kills, little by little, to satisfy herself.

Regardless of these rumors, there is one certainty- out of fear, nobody in Nita's organisation, other than Nita and Kerensa, willingly spend time around her, and members stop other members, that don't know about her, from spending time around her. Even in an organisation that accepts all kinds of criminals, Emilie is "too much crazy in one person", as one member put it.

Nita though, after freeing and helping Emilie so much, became something of a mother, a figure Emilie looked up to, and sought help and advice from. Emilie had been give a new home, friends and family by Nita, and also everything she needed to live a good life.


Even though she isn't a super human, Emilie's possesses an enhanced condition, which is only strengthed by her bloodlust and draining powers. She is also immortal, and possesses immunity to all contaminants and diseases.

Emilie's powers are all about vampirism and absorbing energies. She also possesses some mind controlling power, and forced herself to learn how to manipulate blood and hearts. Emilie is empowered by her bloodlust to highly enhanced, but not supernatural levels. As she kills, and drains/absorbs power, she grows even more powerful. It's a snowball effect that won't end until she feels satisfied.

PICT Sheet

Physical Psychic
Power C Power C
Information F
Control F
Technique E Technique B
Speed D Speed D
Athleticism D
Accuracy D Accuracy D
Durability D Durability D
Defense D Defense D
Intelligence D
Regeneration A Regeneration A
Stamina D Stamina D
Challenge Level 87


  • Being an android, Kerensa is the only one who can spend great lengths of time around Emilie without the fear of her killing them.
  • It's unsure as to what Emilie's actual preference between men and women is.