Emilie Brekke



Personal Information

"Demon of Norway"




Human (Super Mutant)






26th May 1814


Oslo, Norway

Ethnic Origin

White Norwegian

Sexual Orientation

Hematolagnia, Erotophonophilia


Clinical Vampirism Feral Child



Professional Information

Nita Flores


Nita's "pet" and guard.

Base of Operations

Nita’s Mansion

Extra Information

Chaotic Self-Interest


Nita Flores (Master, Boss - Alive)



Hair Color

Platinum Blonde

Hair Style

Very Long

Eye Color



162.56m (5'4”)

Powers and Abilities

Assimilative Evolution

Contaminant Immunity

Disease Immunity

Enhanced Condition/Supernatural Condition

Psychic Immunity

Regeneration Combat




Emotional Vampirism

Energy Absorption

Energy Drain, Psionic Drain

Life-Force Absorption

Neuronal Vampirism

Psi Vampirism

Psychic Energy Absorption

Soul/Spirit Vampirism


Zero-mind Collector-type

Threat Capacity


Emilie Brekke is one of the residents in Fellenwort Hall, and is really the last person you'd want to meet. She has a twisted mentality and morality, and quite literally loves blood and killing. Nita keeps her as a “pet” and a guard.


Emilie has long platinum blonde hair. Her eyes are also red, and it is their natural colouring. She wears a black and red white "gothic lolita" dresses.


Emilie is considerably one of the last people you'd want to meet in a dark alleyway, or just at all. She has a very unstable personality, and paraphilias for blood and killing- She finds sexual arousal and general excitement in the sight, smell, taste and feel of blood, the sound of dripping blood and heartbeats, but also in act of spilling and drinking blood, and killing others. A loud enough heartbeat could set her off. Because of this, unless she's being handled well, she can be very uncontrollable, and once she goes on a rampage, it's nigh-impossible to get her to stop.

Emilie can’t talk, as she wasn’t given an education, and was mostly self-raised in the cold wilderness more of her life, and is quite "beastial" with how she acts. She communicates through gestures and noises, and she can’t read or write. Emilie never wears shoes, as she prefers to feel the ground. Emilie is very much a pet to Nita, as Nita find it hard to see Emilie as more than an animal, just a very powerful, and intelligent animal.

Emilie generally spends her time playing about the mansion with the other residents, or being dressed up by Nita. She also acts as the guard to the mansion, and a force of destruction Nita uses to get rid of things she doesn't like.

The times when Emilie get the urges and lust to kill and surround herself in blood are called her "episodes" among those in Nita' organisation. Emilie usually has an episode around once a month at best. Nita warns those who wish to see Emilie, or those who are sent out on missions with her, of certain rules:

  1. Do not run away if she gets "that look" in her eyes. Leave calmly and slowly, and the threat will subside.
  2. Do not get nervous. She will hear your heart beating loudly if you do, and you'll will likely trigger an episode.
  3. Do not talk about blood or killing around her, as it will likely trigger an episode.
  4. If she has an episode while you're in a controlled room with her, those who can't escape quickly enough will be locked in with her.


[WIP - Will be back very soon.]


Emilie is terrifyingly powerful psychic. A Super Psychic already, she's capable of gaining the powers and natural abilities of those who she consumes the biomass/psionic framework (mind) of.

Beyond this, she can also consume/absorb a number of energies and forces from others via physical contact- usually done via biting.

Through her tough life, Emilie has gained something of an instinct for fighting. Despite her intelligence lacking in many areas because of her upbringing, her insight and instinct in a fight are incredible.

At come point in her life, Emilie copied a psychic with the insanely rare power of immunity to psionics. This compounded her as a threat, meaning even the strongest of all psychics can't even affect her with their power.

Because of her incredible healing ability, Emilie has little to no fear of death or great injury during combat, meaning she attacks without any concern, using her regeneration to keep her going during tough fights.

Known Powers

Emilie can copy the powers of those she consumes the biomass/mind of. This means that over her long life, she has gained an untold number of powers. The ones that are known are:


Whether intentionally or not, Emilie has developed a technique of her own. In the same fashion as psychic elements, which are psions with specific information encoded in them to alter their properties to make them "emulate" elements, Emilie can encode information about death into psions. This is a very high-level technique, and it means that anything this "Death-Force" touches immediately dies with little to no resistence, unless the other person is too much more powerful than Emilie.

When these attacks "hit" a living target, they don't kill in biologically. Instead, the information of "death" carried by the psions is instantaneously injected into the information of living target that's hit, altering their status from "living" to "dead", thus causing them to immediately die.


  • It's unsure as to what Emilie's actual preference between men and women is.