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Character Sheet: Eadda Cayce

Holokami January 21, 2016 User blog:Holokami

Eadda Cayce

Personal Information

The Lady, Lady Luck





Gender Form




Age Appearance






Ethnic Origin


Sexual Orientation

Female Form, Lesbian, Scrictly Lumi Only




School of the First Mind - School of Design

Professional Information

Lumi Faraday

The Shepherds


Lumi’s “Aide” and Advisor

Head Shepherds Informant

Shepherds Special Operative

Base of Operations

Next to Lumi/Faraday Laboratory, Psychic School Islands

Extra Information

Neutral Lumi


Lumi Charlotte Faraday (Devoted to, Recipient of Affection, Subject of Infatuation, Closest and Best Friend, Ex-Student - Alive)

Mai (Android Maid, Friend - Alive)

Barbara McCarthy (Co-Shepherd Informant, Protege - Alive)


Sleeping, reading books, playing games (and winning them unfairly), tormenting/teasing Lumi, verbally ripping other's to pieces.

Hair Color

Dark Brown

Hair Style

Very Long, in a pony tail

Eye Color



172.82cm (5’8”)

Powers and Abilities

Full-Formed Psychic Energy Physiology



Absolute Mental Defense

Extrasensory Perception

Omnichronal Perception

Psychic Energy Manipulation


Limited Time Manipulation











Challenge Level


Eadda Cayce is a Psychena who Lumi crossed paths with during her childhood. She is a powerful user of Omnichronal Perception with a cruel tongue at times, and is the Head Shepherd Informant. She stays one the Faraday Isles, and is either relaxing, taking strolls, unfairly winning games, reading books, tormenting Lumi, or manipulating others.


Eadda's epithet, "The Lady" is one she deserves well. It comes from not only her mannerisms and way with words, but the beautiful kimonos, and a gentle smile she wears. Together with flirtatious trait, it all does well to "disguise" her cunning mind, scheming nature, and vicious tongue.

When next to Lumi, she has a greater height, a greater bust, a more composed and serene expression, and can easily come across as being the senior and superior of the two.

Eadda has very long, very dark brown hair, which is unusual for a Psychena, though it's believed she changed it to brown to fit in more easily on Earth.

More unusual than her hair for a Psychena is her eyes- Eadda has an unusual eye colour for her race; a brilliant yellow, which come believe relates to her powerful sight through time

Eadda can also alter her appearace, to a degree.


Eadda is always calm, collected, and very much in control. Her schemes are endless, and her activities are a mystery. She plays the really long game, and even without the full use, or any use of her powers, she can plan to a bewildering degree. She has a very well-spoken speech pattern, and tends to call everyone "my dear". Despite the vague way Eadda speaks at times, every word she says feels purposeful, and has weight to it, even if it is just banter.

Eadda can use words like weapons, and when she feels like it, or is tired or annoyed, she won't hold back when verbally tearing into someone- it's said that Eadda's verbal assaults can do more harm than any psychic attack.

Eadda is known to only have affection for Lumi, some believe it borders on an obsession, as immediately slams any and all attempts by others to get with her, with cruel verbal brutality.

Eadda poses as a shut-in. This works so well that people believes things she's reported to have done, couldn't possibly have been her, as people truthfully beleive she'd never leave the house to do them. She definitely sleeps a lot though, and only leaves Lumi's house when it suits her. While indoors, she'll spend most her time either reading, gaming and scheming. She has a phone to contact people with, mainly the shepherds, just so she doesn't have to leave either. She enjoys playing games, and will never lose unless she needs to; even if her opponent is playing with entirely unfair methods, Eadda can see through them and win.

Eadda is definitely one of the most mysterious characters on the Psychic School Islands. People have tried to track her down or corner her, but to no avail. Eadda is the kind of person who you'll only meet if she comes to you. Her ability over time escpecially makes her troublesome to catch.

Eadda isn't afraid to flirt, tease, get seductive, or toy with you, and isn't afraid of getting right into someone's personal space. Eadda is very confident and manipulative, not afraid to play with people face to face. If she doesn't like you, or is unimpressed, she'll be very condescending toward you until you prove yourself. Eadda keeps her background to herself, and does it very well. Even after lengthy conversations, people come away not knowing really anything about her.

Eadda appears to get enjoyment out of watching Lumi's random antics, no matter how dangerous they get- recording them into books. Marcella and Mai worry about this, as it seems Eadda is the only person who can "control" Lumi.

Despite being able to become non-corporeal at will, Eadda hates the idea of ever feeling that isolation for a single moment ever again so much she stays corporeal all the time. She’ll only bare this isolation is necessary for survival.


Eadda, or her actual name Miraika, was born many hundreds of thousands of years ago; even to the other Psychena, she’s a mystery, some claim she was one of the first non-crafter Psychena to be born, others claim she's the first crafter. Because of her powers, she directly aided Queen Filicia as an advisor. Even as powerful as Filicia is, Miraika had an unusually powerful sight through time, one which spanned though all possible, infinite timelines- a power Filiicia stated was "on the very edge of psionics". Miraika guided the Queen's other advisors and rrafters through uncertain times at the beginning of the Psychena’s existence.

But Miraika had a blind spot; the Tyrannical King, Scrios, who possesses powers similar to that of the yet-to-be-born Nita Flores- ones of an anti-psychic nature which blocked Miraika from seeing him. Because of this, Scrios was able to plot right under Filicia’s and Miraika’s noses. Miraika's inability to see Scrios would come back to bite her after Scrios' reign, as other Psychena began claiming she was working for him.

During a rare time when Filicia was sleeping, Scrios attacked. He exploited her defenseless slumber, and struck her with his anti-psychic might, greatly injuring and weakening her. He was swift to imprison her away, and from there, took her throne. As Miraika was Filicia’s closest, Scrios came for her next. But Miraika had an ace up her sleeve, and used it to escape.

She fled from Scrios in a panic.

"What monster has come upon us..!?" Miraika thought.

She stayed in hiding for many years, trying to plot Scrios' downfall.

When Miraika heard word of a rebellion, she went to meet them. The first she met with was Izoyu, the Winter Crafter. Izoyu and Miraika became two of the cornerstones of the rebellion against Scrios. Over the next 500 years, the Psychena watched the insane and tyrannical Scrios bring Psychena into darkness as ruin.

In Psychena, there are two “forms” of Psychena, “male form” and “female form”, they share body shapes and types with male and female Humans, and some believe the Psychena somehow wove these forms into organic life; but beyond appearance, there isn’t much which differentiates them beyond societal influence. Relationships in Psychena can easily be same-form relationships, in fact, it's a near 50-50 split bewteen same-form and different-form relationships.

Deep in Psychena culture, there was a cult created to spite Queen Filiica many, many thousands of years ago. Filicia stamped it out, but some of its practices continue on to this day. One of which Scrios himself practiced was whoever possessed more Psychena of the opposite form, are more powerful, and among those who practice this part of Psychena culture, more influential and threats to another’s power.

On top of this almost buried piece of dark culture, Scrios was egotistical and mad, and saw his form as the “perfect male form”. Because of this, 250 years after he took the throne, he started a great purge of all “lesser male forms” who didn’t match his standards; it was also a way to cut down on his “competition” and “threats to his power”. It was an order which only the truly insane could make, but it happened to the horror of the Psychena.

The “male form” Psychena population plummeted over the next fifty years to only a handful who were powerful and skillful enough to escape. It went from ~50% male form and ~50% female form to <1% male form and >99% female form. A great number of female Psychena were captured by Scrios, or forced into becoming his concubines. The hatred the remaining Psychena felt toward Scrios was unbearable.

It took around 500 years, but the rebellion was finally in full force, and charged at Scrios. It looked at first as though the rebellion was winning, but Scrios was only playing around with them. His used his powers, and "banished" all the rebelling Psychena to Earth, where they would reaming in eternal isolation. Izoyu, the leader of the rebellion, was captured by Scrios, but before Scrios could kill her, her friend and pet spirit- Talvori, rescued her. Izoyu and Talvori fused to become a mighty Awakened Psychic, Izoori, who proceeded to heavily damage Scrios and the three worlds. The trouble forced Filicia to awaken, and brake free from her prison.

Filicia then killed Scrios, and imprisoned the uncontrolled Izoori in Pluto. Filicia mourned for the loss of the Psychena killed by Scrios' madness, but never recreated them. Miraika and the “Banished Psychena” woke up into a world of isolation. They found that this physical world was like hell. Since they weren’t corporeal, they couldn’t interact with the world, light and sound never made it to them, so all they ever saw were flickers of memories and thoughts from passing lifeforms.

Due to a potent anti-psychic shell Scrios put around Psychena- one which even Filicia couldn't shift with ease, the "Banished" Psychena had to remain on Earth. Miraika was isolated on the Earth for the next 661 years, until a strange little girl with violet eyes managed to speak with her, and not much later an even littler girl, it was Lumi and Michelle. Miraika wanted to hide her name from the world, and took up a new name “Eadda Cayce”. After meeting Lumi, she, her and Michelle became close friends. Eadda watched over the two children until they parted ways a few years later.

Eadda became Lumi's mentor during her struggle to take Michelle back, after a man named Marc stole her when promising to treat her. She taught her how to control her power, and how to make her power feel like breathing when using it- a second nature of thinking and feeling combined. Using her power to stop time as a way to allow Lumi to train for great periods. Lumi was unsuccessful in finding Michelle, being tricked into believing a desperate hope that Marc still had her prisoner.

The world fell into a great war- the Psychic War. Eadda once again aided Lumi, helping her train and guiding her. When Lumi fought to the point she was dying, Eadda begged her to stop and reconsider another plan, but Lumi wouldn't listen. They fell out for the first time, and wouldn't speak to each other until the last year of the war. When Lumi almost died after a month-long fight with one of Marc's strongest commanders, Lumi had to rethink her strategy.

She went to Eadda, begged forgiveness, and asked her to train her. Eadda, using her temporal powers, helped Lumi train herself for over 50,000 years, in the space of 6 months. She helped Lumi awaken to absolute power, and free her sister. Though Lumi and Michelle never met at the end of it all, Michelle remade the world.

Eadda followed Lumi during her travels in the "new world", as she was formally compiling all information of psionics, and furthered the research, until she presented it before the scientific community, and made them believe its existence through hard proof. It was during these years travelling that the anti-psychic shell around psychena finally dissipated. Lumi then built her Faraday Isles, and that is where Eadda now lives. 

Eadda now spends her time as she wishes, to the annoyance of Lumi. She will sometimes join Lumi at Faraday Isle Council meetings. She mainly works as the Head Shepherd Informant; giving them information of the future relating to the work of the Shepherds. Eadda is helped by a few other informants, but none are as good as Eadda's hand-picked protege, Barbara McCarthy.

Eadda also spends her time scheming and playing the people around her. To what end is unsure, Eadda can plan so far ahead, her endgame is impossible to guess- even what you think might be her end game is just another step as she works Lumi's and her own plans into action. Now that things are settled in Psychena, a lot of people treat the now named Eadda with a dash of suspicion, as in hindsight, why couldn’t she have seen Scrios? Eadda never explains however, as she can't explain what power would be requried to remove one's presence completely from all timelines when viewing them.

Currently, the male form population of Psychena isn’t increasing at all, as the current male form Psychena are uninterested in relationships or children, effectively now leaving the Psychena as an entirely female people- to the apparent delight of many men on Earth, some who call Psychena a "dream world".


"I do wonder which piece you shall move. The king? The pawn? The knight? Hmhmhmhmhmm~ Do show me a good game from here my dear."
― Eadda to an opponent in chess.
"Come now my dear. Why are you even trying to accomplish this? Truly, 'tis a waste of time."
― Eadda to Anthony Cole when he was attempting to hack Mai.
"Can you kindly keep that disgusting, teethed hole in your face shut? The very action of sound leaving it causes horrific pain to my ears, and I would much prefer to leave today with my ability hear in tact. So if you would kindly heave that nauseating sack of meat you call body from my presence, I would be most delighted."
― Eadda to an flirting suitor.


Eadda's powers and abilities make her a very dangerous individual. An individual who can know more about the situation than anybody else, know exactly what to do and say, know where's you'll be and what you'll say, and someone who can't be cornered or tracked. As a Psychena, Eadda has a set of core racial powers:

Eadda, when in Psychena, also learnt to control her own appearance:

As Eadda is one of the banished Psychena, she has learnt to not only corporealize, to generate a biological body as she pleases, and then revert again:

Eadda has trained her mind, mental defence, and mental ability to great lengths, and through her through her nature and nurture, has:

Eadda is also very good at hypnotizing people, it's her favorite specialty:

Eadda's most dangerous powers are a force to be reckoned with. Eadda can percieve through space and time, and all possible times, allowing her to know everything that's coming, and know exactly what actions to take to get the desired future is knowledge Eadda holds dear.

Through this ability to see all timelines, Eadda has studdied and grasped the flow of time itself, and learnt to manipulate it- this skill alone makes her a cut above every other psychic except Lumi; stopping time, starting time, speeding it up, or slowing it down- she can do it.

PICT Sheet

Physical Psychic
Power L Power E
Information S
Control F
Technique C Technique S
Speed S*+ Speed A
Athleticism A
Accuracy A Accuracy A
Durability S* Durability A
Defense S* Defense A
Intelligence A
Regeneration S* Regeneration A
Stamina S* Stamina A
Challenge Level 172


Eadda's main fighting style is one called Jika-mahken, a customized version of Kuka-mahken- the most common fighting style on Psychena. Kuka-mahken is a fighting style which combines fine control of psychic energy and psychic waves, with the instantaneous movement Psyhena are capable of. By combining their natural teleporting ability with equally swift and precise (physical) strikes of psychic energy and psychic waves, they can temporarily, or permanently, paralyze their opponents, knock them out, or straight up kill them.

Eadda took this fighting style one step further via her time stopping ability, allowing her to endlessly strike opponents until she felt enough damage had been dealt to them to paralyze them, knock them out, or kill them, before starting time again. It's an incredible spectacle to see, and a frightening thing to fight against.

Using Jika-mahken, Eadda an knock out entire armies in an instant.


  • Due to the similarity in their surnames, some believe Eadda Cayce had something to do with Edgar Cayce. However, this claim has never been confirmed or denied.


Examples of Disguises

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