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Awakened Psionics

Holokami February 26, 2016 User blog:Holokami

Awakened Psionics is the greatest state of psionic power within the Psychic School Verse. In order to explain Awakened Psionics and its power, a little detail on the structure of psionics is necessary:

States of Psionic Power

In Psionics, there are multiple “states” of psionic power. Although State 1, 2, 3 and 4 don’t represent the power/skill of the individual, like 5 and 6, if two state 1/2/3/4 psychics of equal power and skill fought, the higher state would win. States 1, 2, 3 and 4 can all reach States 5 and 6, but their powers will vary greatly. These states are:

  • State 1: Mono-Psionics - This is when a psychic posses a power/powers from a single branch of psionics.
  • State 2: Multi-Psionics - This is when a psychic posses a power/powers from multiple branches of psionics.
  • State 3: Omni-Psionics - This is when a psychic posses a power/powers from each branch of psionics.
  • State 4: Complete Psionics - This is when a psychic possesses all powers from each branch of psionics. Everything under "Applications" in Psionic Manipulation.
  • State 5: Hyper Psionics - Also called Writing-type Psychic Phenomenon, this is when a psychic possesses psychic power enough to causes distortions in, and control reality. They can override reality itself. This state of psionics is known as having an "open mind", and reaching it is known as "opening your mind". If you're not born a writing-type psychic, achieving this state can be as tough as awakening.
  • State 6: Awakened Psionics/God-Psychic - This is when a psychic has "awakened" their mind; drawing power from the deepest depths of the mind, and has opened their mind to the greatest extent. Awakening your mind is one of the toughest things a psychic can do, and can take thousands or millions of years to achieve, or very unique circumstances. Awakened Psionics can take many forms and expressions; from conceptual powers, to Absolute Psionic Power, and can also leads to powers unlike anything seen in psionics, but still function psionically.
    • Perfect, ethereal, white hair and unusually coloured eyes are signs of someone being an Awakened Psionic.
    • Awakened Psychics are known as "the Awakened, or the God-Psychics".
  • State 6.5: Absolute Psychics - The official title given to wielders of Absolute Psionic Power and/or Absolute Inversic Power. The only absolute psychics alive are Lumi Faraday and Nita Flores. Queen Filicia would count as a God-Psychic, but as she is the embodiment of all things psychic, although she technically possesses no more power than Lumi and Nita, her authority over those powers is greater.
  • State 7: Psychic Embodiment - Being the very embodiment of all things psychics. This "state" of psychic phenomena is Queen Filicia.
  • State 8: Perfect Psionics - Lumi mused once at what would happen if Queen Filicia, Minerva, and Kialla fused. The conclusion she came to was such a frightening and awe inspiring notion, that she simply named it "Perfect Psionics" and said: "That being would basically be the biblical God." and laughed it off.

Conditions for Awakening

In order to awaken you mind, there are a number of conditions which first must be met. [WIP]

Awakened Psychics

The Awakened are extraordinarily powerful psychics, each of unparalleled might.

A'shada, Goddess-Empress of the Ae'ani

Lumi Faraday, Goddess-Professor of Humanity

Nita Flores, Dark-Goddess of Humanity

Minerva, Goddess-Oracle of the Psychena

The White Lady, Goddess-Spirit of Astrala

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