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Awakened Psionics

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Awakened Psionics is the greatest state of psionic power within the Psychic School Verse. In order to explain Awakened Psionics and its power, a little detail on the structure of psionics is necessary:

States of Psionic Power

In Psionics, there are multiple “states” of psionic power. Although State 1, 2, 3 and 4 don’t represent the power/skill of the individual, like 5 and 6, if two state 1/2/3/4 psychics of equal power and skill fought, the higher state would win. States 1, 2, 3 and 4 can all reach States 5 and 6, but their powers will vary greatly. These states are:

  • State 1: Mono-Psychic - This is when a psychic posses a power/powers from a single branch of psionics.
  • State 2: Multi-Psychic - This is when a psychic posses a power/powers from multiple branches of psionics.
  • State 3: Hyper Psychic - This is when a psychic posses a power/powers from each branch of psionics.
  • State 4: Complete Psychic - This is when a psychic possesses all powers from each branch of psionics. Everything under "Applications" in Psionic Manipulation.
  • State 5: Ultimate Psychic / Writing-type Psychic - This is when a psychic possesses psychic power enough to causes distortions in, and control reality. They can override reality itself. This state of psionics is known as having an "open mind", and reaching it is known as "opening your mind". If you're not born a writing-type psychic, achieving this state can be as tough as awakening. Despite such power, writing-types can still be limited in the physical scope of their power.
  • State 6: Awakened Psychic/God-Psychic - The pinnacle of psychics powers. Being an awakened psychic grants you Absolute Psionic Power/Absolute Inversic Power. The sheer magnitude of this power completely overpowers everything beneath it to a wholly unfair degree of obscenity.
    • State 6.5: Refined Awakening - A master-level double-edged sword technique of awakened psychics. The psychic refines their powers and forces, temporarily heightening one aspect of them, shifting the authority of the desired capabilities up the hierarchy of power, at the sacrifice of the others. The capabilities of refined awakening greatly outmatch those of normal awakening, however, because of the sacrificed capabilities, they leave themselves lacking and vulnerable in other areas. When a psychic transforms into a refines awakened, their hair and eyes will change colour, and skin will slightly tiny, to match name of the refinement (which is where the refinements got their names). Known refined awakenings:
      • Amber Awakening - Refining of the physical manipulation capabilities of psionics.
      • Beryl Awakening - Refining of the information gathering and knowledge capabilities of psionics.
      • Emerald Awakening - Refining of the healing and restorative capabilities of psionics.
      • Kunzite Awakening - Refining of the mental manipulation capabilities of psionics.
      • Quartz Awakening (White) - Refining of the spiritual capabilities of psionics.
      • Ruby Awakening - Refining of the destructive and offensive capabilities of psionics.
      • Sapphire Awakening - Refining of the defensive capabilities of psionics.
      • [WIP]
  • State 7: Psychic Embodiment/Transcendent Psychic - Being the very embodiment of all things psychics. This "state" of psychic phenomena is Filicia. This exists at the pinnacle of the hierarchy of power, and it's authority is absolute, and cannot be surpassed.


In order to awaken, one must first be a writing-type psychic, and learn everything about it, as well as themselves. Once they have mastered their power, and pushed it to its fullest, they will hit the "awakening point". At this point, the deepest and most unfathomable reaches of the psychic's mind, body, and spirit will all be opened, and they will attain an absolute level of psionic/inversic power.

As you awaken, you're current form will begin to shatter, and fall away from you like a breaking pot and shattering glass. As you awaken, Filicia will visit you. She will speak with you momentarily before deciding if you are "worthy" enough of the power you're about to attain. If she thinks not, she'll stop your awakening.

Authority and the Hierarchy of Power

One thing to note when talking about awakened psychics is "authority". The “authority” of a psychic doesn’t refer to how much they can overpower another psychic through power alone, as that can occur too at the same level of authority. Authority refers to the level of command they possess over other psychics, psychic phenomenon, and reality itself. The refinements and Filicia are the only know example of this.

The Refinements aren't simply just a power-upgrade, they shift the authority of the psychic up the hierarchy. Imagine these scenarios:

Scenario 1 -

  • Two awakened are fighting, but it comes to a stalemate as both of their defences are unbreakable.
  • Psychic A undergoes ruby refinement.
  • Psychic A's destructive/offensive powers and attacks mostly, if not completely, ignore/bypass the defences of Psychic B.

Scenario 2 -

  • Two awakened are fighting, and it comes to a stalemate, as they're both doing equal amounts of damage to each other.
  • Psychic A undergoes sapphire refinement.
  • Psychic B's power and abilities mostly, or completely cease to damage, harm, or hinder Psychic A.

Awakened Power Levels

The awakened are the only psychics you'll find numbers attached to. Even though all awakened have absolute and infinite psionic power, that doesn't mean they can all draw out and control infinite power, at least not until really pushed. The power level of awakened is measured in "EFi", and before we go further, let's understand EFi.

To begin with, we must luck at the "Awakened Constant", or "Fi". Whenever a psychic awakens, they always release psionic potential equivalent to a hypernova's release of energy, 1×1046 J. This value is known as the awakened constant, Fi. However, awakened after awakening can utilise psionic potential in leaps and bounds of orders of magnitude above this, this is where EFi comes in.

Exa-Fi, or Exafi, or EFi, is the usually notation for awakened powerlevels, because their energies can reach this high. This is to say, their power levels are measured in < value > ×1018 Fi. In regards to the weakest of the awakened, Lumi, the greatest power level currently observed from her is 18,400,000 Efi, and this likely isn't her maximum. If one were to equate this psionic potential to energy, it would equate to 46 times the estimated total mass-energy of the observable universe, a truly massive number.

Awakened Psychics

The Awakened are extraordinarily powerful psychics, each of unparalleled might.

A'shada, Goddess-Empress of the Ae'ani


Lumi Faraday, Goddess-Professor

Nita Flores, Dark-Goddess

Minerva, Goddess-Oracle

Seina & Miah, Twin Goddess-Demons

The White Lady, Goddess-Psychopomp