Awakened Psionics is the greatest state of psionic power within the Psychic School Verse. In order to explain Awakened Psionics and its power, a little detail on the structure of psionics is necessary:

States of Psionic Power

In Psionics, there are multiple “states” of psionic power. Although State 1, 2, 3 and 4 don’t represent the power/skill of the individual, like 5 and 6, if two state 1/2/3/4 psychics of equal power and skill fought, the higher state would win. States 1, 2, 3 and 4 can all reach States 5 and 6, but their powers will vary greatly. These states are:

  • State 1: Mono-Psychic - This is when a psychic posses a power/powers from a single branch of psionics.
  • State 2: Multi-Psychic - This is when a psychic posses a power/powers from multiple branches of psionics.
  • State 3: Hyper Psychic - This is when a psychic posses a power/powers from each branch of psionics.
  • State 4: Complete Psychic - This is when a psychic possesses all powers from each branch of psionics. Everything under "Applications" in Psionic Manipulation.
  • State 5: Writing-type Psychic - This is when a psychic possesses psychic power enough to causes distortions in, and control reality. They can override reality itself. This state of psionics is known as having an "open mind", and reaching it is known as "opening your mind". If you're not born a writing-type psychic, achieving this state can be as tough as awakening. Despite such power, writing-types can still be limited in the physical scope of their power.
  • State 6: Awakened Psychic/God-Psychic - The pinnacle of psychics powers. Being an awakened psychic removes all your limitations, and sets you on the path toward Absolute Psionic Power/Absolute Inversic Power and Mentifery.
  • State 7: Absolute Psychic - Psychics who have fully realised their power, and have found absolute power and mentifery.
  • State 8: Filicia - This "state" of psychic phenomena is Filicia. This exists at the pinnacle of the hierarchy of power, and it's authority is absolute, and cannot be surpassed.


In order to awaken, one must first be a writing-type psychic, and learn everything about it, as well as themselves. Once they have mastered their power, and pushed it to its fullest, they will hit the "awakening point". At this point, the deepest and most unfathomable reaches of the psychic's mind, body, and spirit will all be opened, and they will loose their limits, setting them of the path toward absolute psionic power.

Awakened Psychics

The Awakened are extraordinarily powerful psychics:

A'shada, Goddess-Empress of the Ae'ani


Lumi Faraday, Goddess-Professor

Nita Flores, Dark-Goddess

Minerva, Goddess-Oracle

Seina & Miah, Twin Goddess-Demons

The White Lady, Goddess-Psychopomp