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  • Holokami

    The Nightmare Cult

    November 7, 2016 by Holokami

    The Nightmare Cult was the cause of the second war of the Psychic Wars. The were a dark and mysterious cult who devoted themselves to serving "the Nightmare", who was believed have been a rogue Crafter that awoke due to the efforts of the cult.

    The Nightmare Cult is believed to have been founded as early as ancient Rome, as "the Nightmare's" whispers began to take the minds of a few. Remaining highly secretive, and utilizing telepathic and empathic abilities, as well as even telekinesis, they channeled the negative forces of the world to "the Nightmare".

    "The Nightmare" promised it's followers eternal happiness, and the power to change the world. It's earliest followers believed that by channeling negative forces to "the Nightmare", they were…

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  • Holokami


    October 10, 2016 by Holokami

    Inversics is one of the three power branches in the Lumiverse, and can arguably be considered the opposing force, the counter-balance, to psionics. However, it goes beyond direct opposition. As the name implies, inversics is the inverse of psionics- it’s reflection if you will.

    In order to better understand the principles for inversics we need to look at the simplest way you can summarise it as a whole. For example, Lumi Faraday stated that you may summarise the entirety of psionics, as vast and complex as it is, in these words:

    • Connection
    • Information
    • Manipulation.

    Any psionic power can be basically defined by one or more of these words. Knowing this, through her observations, and the observations of others, of Nita Flores’ inversic powers, Lum…

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  • Holokami

    Autumn Selection Trials

    October 3, 2016 by Holokami

    On the 1st October every year, the Autumn Selection Trials begin. The Selection Trials are the only way to become an Elite Seven candidate. They are a rigorous set of tests, exams, trials, and challenges, among other things, to determine the best of the best. The Autumn Selection Trials are split into 7 stages.

    Generally 80-110 students are invited to take part in the selections, as the current Elite Seven, the Teachers, Lumi Faraday, Eadda Cayce, Marcella Beaumont, and some of Lumi's other associates, have deemed them ready.

    The first task of the Selection Trials is a great series of written exams. These used to be second, but after finding that many of those that passed the practical stage didn’t know the basics of psionic theory, Lumi swa…

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  • Holokami

    Earth-1337 Home

    September 20, 2016 by Holokami

    DISCLAIMER!! -- All images found here DO NOT belong to me! I didn't make any of them! All images used in the pages below are just used as a "best guess"; the closest representation of the character I can find in order to provide a visual aid!

    This is the home page for Earth-1337.

    • Omnia, the Witch Which Hoards All
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  • Holokami

    Character Sheet: Omnia

    September 20, 2016 by Holokami


    Personal Information

    Witch Which Hordes All











    Ethnic Origin


    Sexual Orientation






    Professional Information




    Base of Operations


    Extra Information

    11 Dimensional Rainbows~





    Hair Color


    Hair Style

    Very Long, Straight

    Eye Color



    167.64cm (5’6”)

    Powers and Abilities

    Complete Arsenal


    Complete Arsenal

    Power Level


    Threat Level


    Friendship Level


    Omnia is the most powerful of Earth-1337, and that's saying something. Possessing every single power and ability ever, she wields complete mig…

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