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    [WIP! - Any & all ideas welcome!]

    These tiers represent the capability of a power or character, for tiers which define scope see here: Scope Tiers

    The following is a set of tiers defining an overview of capability put together by a handful of users. This tier is what you might call the tier of "hax", as raw, destructive, power isn't taken into account.

    It's worth noting characters/power in the same tier might not be similar in scope. It's equally worth noting that characters in higher tiers on this tier list generally have a significant, is not complete advantage over those in the tiers below them, regardless of scope.

    This set of tiers and the scope tiers are in no way official tiers by the Superpower Wiki, and was instead a project by a handf…

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    [WIP, Please Wait Warmly!]]

    Fellenwort Hall is the country house of Nita Flores.

    On Nita’s arrival back into England with Ana de Molina, she set about making her own home in the country, as a hide away.

    The Grand Library is one of the major rooms of Fellenwort Hall. It contains an estimated 63,700 books on all subjects from poetry to politics, art to geography, physics to mathematics, biology to law, music to computer science, and even biographies and autobiographies. ????? is in charge of managing the library, alongside the Library Maid.

    The Grand Library also has newspaper articles kept in preservation, and even scrolls.

    Fellenwort Hall is home to eight. Each are very powerful either in their psychic power, of have very good connections.

    • Nita F…

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    Hello there one and all! This is Omnia here, the one and only! Do you like fighting? Do you like proving you’re the best, the very best? Well, wait no longer! It’s time for the greatest showdown in history!

    I invite all verses to the Omniverse Open Tournament! Team of up to three of the strongest in the verse clashing it out in unmitigated action! So prepare yourselves for the slug fest of a lifetime!

    The teams:

    • Each person will control their own team.
    • Each team will consist of up to three of the strongest beings in your verse.

    The matches:

    • The tournament is a single-elimination tournament.
    • Teams will be faced off against each other instead of individuals in each round.
    • During each match, only a single character of your team is selec…

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    Personal Information

    'The Witch'








    372 (As of 2016) 19-22 (In appearance)


    5th January 1644



    Ethnic Origin


    Sexual Orientation






    Professional Information

    Nita Flores


    “Foretune Teller”

    Base of Operations

    Nita’s Manor The streets

    Extra Information

    Neutral Evil


    Nita Flores (Boss, Friend - Alive)


    Playing RPGs, JRPGs, MMORPGs, and TCGs, reading fantasy novels.

    Hair Color


    Hair Style

    Long, straight

    Eye Color



    162.5cm (5’4”)

    Powers and Abilities

    Detail Intuition

    Peak Human Condition


    Strong Soul


    Flawless Prescience

    Lifespan Manipulation

    Psychic Falsifica…

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    Souls and Nuclei

    June 24, 2017 by Holokami

    In the Lumiverse, something is “alive” if it possess a soul. The nuclei of cells all have a ‘hidden’ function, one from the moment the first nucleus appears- attracting and controlling spiritual force.

    The nucleus of all cells have always possessed the "hidden" function of attracting and controlling spiritual force, but in relatively small quantities. Spiritual force could build up enough, when a sufficient amount of cells existed together, to form a ‘soul’. The soul is just a spiritual variation of the psionic mind, for all intents and purposes, but its function, power, and interaction with the body is different than that of the psionic mind, and a little more significant. Souls are nowhere near as noticeable as the psionic mind due to how weak…

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