Daniel Smith


Human Form

Smith fortress

Fortress form




Divine Weaponry, Enhanced Crafting, Fortress Physiology, Golem Creation, Magic, Magic Immunity, Self-Sustenance, Semi-immortality, Shapeshifting, Soul-Bound Entity, Soul Forging, Soul Materialization, Stone Mimicry, Structure Physiology, Weapon Improvisation, Weapon Proficiency, Weaponry Refinement, Master Builder




The Living Fortress


The Blacksmith, Living structure monster, Soul Fragment


Neutral Good


“I’m as I was built to last a millennium, I’m going to last longer.”  “Granite walls and obsidian spikes plus what I make I won’t be stopped.”


That I was well built, My skills in crafting, and the enchantments placed on me,


How I came to be alive, My first purpose, and the plague that has infested the nearby cities.


I was built two thousand years ago mostly wood then, humans were even worse craftsmen/women then than now, but over the years as I was inhabited by more and different races they spent time to repair and enhance my standing.  Over time I started becoming stone but each time they switched walls they got stronger but they stop

ped at granite, after that they started adding spikes, started with wood and ended with obsidian.  My forge and walls are all light by some seals etched into the walls and the bottom of the forge, and my appearance is allowed by seals placed in the main hall,  even if human, elven or some other species happened to pass through I would greet them as a host in their form of course.  That is about how my forms came to be but my life is another story.

One thousand years had passed and I was in my current condition but unlike most travelers they hadn’t came here for the simple stay-a-night-and-leave they were attempting to revive a dead dragon that was left in my dungeons, it’s soul was stuck in the runes that were being used to light the forge and my halls, they even had some heads it was disgusting and gruesome, but apparently they had broken the circle because instead of having a revived dragon, they got a living fortress, I of course had to end them for committing those blasphemous crimes, my time of having spells cast in me, allowed me to form some spells, and with that I bound them to my walls until I got to some authorities, in a different form, and was able to hand them over, but they had been a bit burnt.  I began my crafting after that and golem building so I could have some defense when stationary, as with my design I advanced in skill over time until I was one of the best smiths, but now the cities I’m near seem infected with the undead and some of them don’t appear normal at least.