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Catherine Scarlet





Adaptive Resurrection, Immortality, Nanite Constructs, Necromancy, Magic, Programming, Resurrection Empowerment, Science Manipulation, Transmutation


Evil Angel-Breaking Benjamin




Lady of Black Magic, Utopia Justifies the Means, Blue Collar Warlock,


Chaotic Neutral


“I didn’t know, now I have to deal with it.”  “It doesn’t matter the enemy shall fall.”


Lab worker and necromancer


Power, Overkill, and Knowledge


The lab accident, failure, and excuses


The first job I held that I liked was at a testing facility, my job was to get the subjects ready and have the experiments ready, mostly it was pills and volunteers, that was boring.  Though two in particular I had an interest in, the first one was to use zombies that had been equipped with some weapons and bombs as soldiers, it got me interested in magic, so I learned how to do magic and then I went more in depth with the dead, and then, because they didn’t pay me much money, I learned how to transmute.  I also took some office supplies, a self replicating nanobot that I later learned to program.  The second experiment was one involving a strain of toxoplasma gondii, but the ones to receive it, only one survived. Then he started infecting everyone there, I’m not sure if he knew what he was doing, however he did infect me, luckily the nanobot I stole and programmed for multiple purposes was able to destroy the parasite.  I did get away.

The full effect of him I don’t know but he needs stopped before he completely gains control of the parasite, the creation of it involved my magic and the powers it grants, it was only to see if they could get answers out of people instead of get soldiers but I changed it to attempt to get an army, instead I got an enemy.

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