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Hiveofone/character sheet 1


Charles Witcher







Adaptive Resurrection, DNA Absorption, Hive Genetic, Hive Mind, Immortal, Knowledge Absorption, Parasite Creation, Parasite Manipulation, Resurrection Empowerment, Subordination manipulation, Tentacle Extension




Manipulative Bastard, Plague Master, The CorruptorThe Horde


Orderly Evil, Villain in name only


“Time changes all.”  “They opened Pandora’s Box I just did what was within my power.”


Small business owner, Landlord


Power, control, knowledge and the parasite.


Invaders, rebellions, and Dying


I am the result of an experiment involving a modified strain of toxoplasma gondii, a protozoa that can manipulate the central nervous system.  I had to learn how to be better use what I had gained, so using the power I gained I was able to gain knowledge about how this strain could be used.  One of a few ways was to simply inject them with a less powerful strain and force them tell me what I wished and they became my own personal minions.  These other lesser forms of the strain were under my control.  My deaths however are prevented by the very things I use to gain the power, each time it takes some type of mutation and reworks me so I can live longer or at least through what has killed me before.

Thus we, myself and the protozoa, can upgrade/evolve others and control them via the parasites.  I was noticed one day and seen as the villain by many, but some of them volunteered under the stance of they couldn’t bring themselves to end it all, the others are the ones who tried bringing me harm or the scientists who gave me this power.  My area of residence however varies as I can claim my minion’s houses as extensions.  Most of them have to follow a basic system to fulfill their basic needs, but they do follow orders, like the scientists are conducting research and some are just doing odd jobs so I can fund the research.

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