Claire Witcher





Through the Ghost- Shinedown


Ability Tier Activation, Attachment, Bionic Physiology, Class System, Data Manipulation, Digital Constructs, Digital Evolution, Digital Form, Electricity Absorption, Electricity Manipulation, Electrical Transportation, Hacking Intuition, Object Immortality, Programming, Respawning, Video Game Materialization


Brain Uploading, Digitized Hacker, Gamer Chick, It Runs in The Family


Chaotic Neutral


“My body was destroyed but I remain.” “What I’ve done happened throughout the family.”


Hacker, Computer programmer


Armies, Computers, and Video Games


The few times I’ve dealt with deleting some viruses, the time to reconstruct my robot body, and areas without wifi.


As I’ve studied my biological family it seems that each of them now including myself have all died at least once, some more than that, and many led armies, our mother was an undead lich leading a mix of undead and demons, while our father was a cyborg who led an army of robots.  Both vanished about the time my brother gained his parasite, after two days I began my experiment on if I could download myself onto a computer, it worked but my physical body died, however I was now stuck in a computer that I could manipulate.  My computer however was a mainframe one so it was able to store my mind but my senses were gone.  What I gained however was the ability to ‘feel’ code so I could now use that for my own advancement, however it gets boring just going through cyberspace, so I started using video games to amuse me I was able to use the class features and if I used mods I could increase the power of the classes, or unlock more classes, which I can use but I was still trapped in a machine and I wanted out, so I started hacking items I went small like a library or school system, and eventually got to a factory that made cars once in the system however I started screwing around in the system the factory itself I forced out of business.

The factory now with a connection to my mainframe was now able to make a copy of my body but it was clunky and slow, but it worked I was able to move my decaying body into the ground, then for some reason the piec

e I was using got destroyed, probably short circuited, but my consciousness was transferred back to my mainframe, but at least I could get back to designing a better robot that I could use to interact with others, but I can still find them through the internet.