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Character sheet 5


Knight’s Bane(weapon and armor form), Lahvududaan(original name)(Army Devour Doom)




Indestructible- Disturbed


Sword: Binding, Dragon Soul, Extra-Dimensional Energy Generation, Weapon Physiology, Poison Generation, Life-Force Absorption, One Hit Kill, Post-Mortem Power Absorption, Sealed Form, Tendril Generation, Ultimate Intangibility

Gun: Binding, Weapon Physiology, Dragon Soul, Extra-Dimensional Energy Generation, Infinite supply, Life-Force Absorption, One Hit Kill, Post-Mortem Power Absorption, Sealed Form, Tendril Generation, Ultimate Intangibility

Armor: Armor Physiology, Binding, Dragon Soul, Extra-dimensional Energy Generation, Flight, Horn Protrusion, Metal Mimicry, Life-Force Absorption, Sealed Form, Tendril Generation, Tail Manifestation, Ultimate Intangibility

True form: Dragon Soul, Elemental Breath, Extra-Dimensional Energy Generation, Flight, Hydra Physiology, Poison Manipulation , Life-Force Absorption, True Form, Ultimate Intangibility


Dragon Hoard, Evolving Weapon, Adaptive Armor


Chaotic Neutral


“Bound here I’m just waiting to be released.”


Weapon, armor, treasure guard


Killing, Blood, War


Peace, mercy, Wizards


I was a regular hydra, but then you don’t want to hear about that.  When I was about one hundred years old some wizard found me, asleep, and proceeded to forcibly bind me to a sword that eventually became a gun, when they got invented.  I was bound into the sword and armor but they are stuck in one but the gun was an adaptation to war.  The items were of the highest quality the best black steel blade, turned reptilian when I was fused into it, the armor was the brightest of steel, it developed draconic characteristics.

My wielders have used me for evil and good, so I was a tool, whether or not they knew  that I had a cost was their life-force, every attack that killed something drained them of it though they never lost grip on me since I attached myself with tendrils.  Most can only handle one form at a time either armor or weapon, those who tried two forms wound up dead devoured by me all of them, enough idiots tried it I gained astral strikes and apparently I may now strike them as I do regular opponents.  It appears with each opponent my power can grow as long as I have some blood of the creature on me. If anyone tries to release my true power they wind up dead by only one head as none of my wielders have freed me yet.  It would take two at least and that wouldn't last long but if a god did it I could be free, but until then I am
but a weapon.
Scale blade
Scale armor
Scale gun

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