Unknown through millenniums of traveling through my creation.


Whatever I feel like.


Centuries-Fall Out Boy



Absolute Immortality, Army Manipulation, Author Authority, Banishment, Interstellar Travel, Magic, Matter Creation, Meta Power Manipulation, Meta Summoning, Mind Hive, Omnifarious, Omnificence, Omnikinesis, Omnilock, Omnipotence, One-Man Army, Reactive Adaptation, Science Manipulation, Soul Absorption, Soul-Bound Entity, Soul Manipulation, Summoning, Ultimate Regeneration, Universal Manipulation, Universal Lordship, Universe Creation


Loner, Hades


Depends on what happens


Adaptational Villainy, The Assimilator, The Paragon


To start I was an apprentice to a god who was deciding who would rule a new universe of their design, I had gained the best scores and had about their ideal plan, though it was a lie and they probably knew but none of the others were trying, I really wanted a universe and they only give the power once every two hundred thousand years or just ten years our time.  I had of course taken every precaution for my success so the chance of my failure was slim.

My success noted by my mentors I gained the power to create a universe how I wished, so I did, it was one I had laid with no plan it was it’s own author but in it I can control all and make more, which tends to noted as black holes.   However if any of what I made has close to my level of power I either stick them elsewhere or force to become a part of me.  My army however is a piece of me but I have them as slaves, each one takes it’s time but eventually it forgets who or what it was but I keep it’s power.  Though sometimes I just take a bunch of one species as a sacrifice and add them to my own army.  Overall my universe my rules, so I create anything and everything, plus whatever is in the other ones I made.