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Life is Beautiful- Sixx A.M.


True Neutral


Planet Eater, The Empire


Life, Moons and Itself




I was made like any other planet over a long period of time it really didn’t take much for me to achieve sentience, some weird person decided to cause a shift in my core that caused some type of consciousness to arise.  The fact I'm a rogue planet just means I can't support life on just some normal evolution so instead of waiting for possibly billions of years for a cell, I went to find some preexisting life and begin the process that way but I can just shift myself a bit to suit life but I wished to see how life changed and since some couldn't leave their worlds I ate them and shifted a bit each one I devoured pieces of them floated around me, in response to this I began manipulating the debris so as to be a shield or weapon if needed, some of them even began to clump into moons each one seemed to be able to hold life so instead they began to gain life.  Though they were slow to begin they began to illuminate themselves, I think a few species began worshipping me.  Though my moons had life I was still barren some the species probably had magic but they also had technology I watched my moons as they had the species grow in power they seemed to be in good terms but all good things must come to an end.

The war was terrible it destroyed all but two of the moons I had made by destroying other worlds and I know almost every biome from each planet I eat from city to core I can imitate each  one my only remaining moons however are as different as night and day one is magic and the other science.



Alpha moon

This is Alpha the science moon it the first one made by the debris and had the most time to advance it developed into a city planet it is completely scientific and has mostly switched from biological organisms to robotic machines but it’s still life.  The ones that live there have investigated me but what they have I wouldn’t know.


Omega moon

The last moon made from debris the inhabitants are focused on magic so in effect they have moved to areas where the powers seem strongest they are probably going to explore and find me as their main source of mana though.  I won’t be drained but I will seem like a god to them even though I am just a planet.  Though what they do with the power will be interesting.