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    Alright! That does it! To explain the characters in a friendly way, here's their character profile.

    A being of immense power. Mr.Mxyzptlk is a jester fomr the 5th dimension that can alter the laws of reality. 

    Mr.Mxyzptlk can snap his fingers and turn superman obese, or alter the whole universe to his liking. Just doesn't cause he might break it and have nothing to do the next day. Mr.Mxyzptlk has been known as a universal threat on tv tropes/comicvine. And multiversal in whereever coolcat works at. Reasons being World's funnest. Comicvine says it's not cannon. Tv tropes doesn't even know about it and Coolcat insists it is.

    Mr.Mxyzptlk has but two fact limits. One would be the ever flexible magic. Seriously, enough magic can take pretty much …

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