name daneil clemsen occupation: billionaire vigilante

powers and abilities

Accelerated Metabolism Enhanced Speed Regenerative Healing Factor

theme song: the fighter by in this moment

complications obsessived with thinking temper acceptance

inspirations: the flash, captain America, thor,

story born to an alcoholic father, Dan was constantly beat. his mother buryed herself in her work, which left him at his grandmas most of the time he was very angry. when dan discovered his thyroid had gone into a state of hyperactivity he thought it would stop shocked when discovering it had not been ever normal. his anger was non other then the element of change. when dans grandma died of cancer her dying wish was his freedom, shock to find that the cancer was genetic, dan felt like a clicking clock was on countdown like the new-year ball drop. when the cancer hit dan he was shocked to find that the cancer did not turn on him, instead by feeling the emotions of change he was able to reset the cancer by giving into it a little dan was able to create a suit that was ofhis own flesh and blood, calling himself the hypermetabolic he stood for change and freedom, his curse had become his greatest weapon

quotes: the only fate is what you choose Catchphrase: "like Obama I don't make sense I make change"




powers: Immortality slow mo mainipulation

theme song: envy by chevelle

complications: obsesstion with order lack of emotion rivelry

inspirations: reverse flash, the winter solder, loki, story: born to social Darwinist evan was taught to survive or die, evan was a natural with his underactive thyroid evan was often cold and plastic. he was always in his cousin dans shadow his jealousy was all he felt he did wut he was told to do when his parents died in the military he held don to the people who taught him jealous of dans love and not understanding it. he died the day he was born slowing the cancer to a holt that he inherited "I cant change but I can bring dan to my level"

quotes: I loved grandma more then you she loved you and you buried her to move on, Dan I wont forget grandma like you did

the only choice is fate

catch phrase: ill rip out your heart slow mo then you will understand the burn of change