personality Hopefull yet intellagante

Powers: solar affinity solar attacks flight

skills: leadership Expert in genetics good with animals does meditation

Born as a Mutant Jordan had a rough life. but not as rough as the other mutants Jordan was one of those jenny mcarththy Mutants riche mom who used him inher political carraer growing up with a friend ansel Jordan and ansel got along with spirtul goals and hopes until Ansels mutation set in ansel grew the power to suck the life force out of other people Jordan became to wake up to the night mare that wasnta nightmare at all but reality!!!. Ansel and Jordan Where spiritual but Not as a holy person as a santanic vampire. Jordan The only thing Jordan could do was turn ansel in to the police Ansel thret ended by Jordan put him in a choke hold to suck him dryJordan was aborbed by ansels body could not handle Jordan and his body exploded into Jordan Jordan thenrealized the price mutantation had if the mutation was benifistioal or not Jordan dawned a alternet identity the Sunsavor he could lead scince to help metahumans in a positive way


Pensonallity fearful yet he embraces it

Power acid breath and super speed skills art

with a pregnet teen as a mom daynin had to raise himself and his mom and did by using his mutanton to help people dayin worked to get where he is today but is always afraid of wut he could lose... his loved ones


Power born with scldermia rock hard felsh personality loyal

skills knowing Jordan and art

Thomas was alon e in this world until he met Jordan he does not care wut happens to him as long as his bro lives on


Powers none Personallity ready to fight

skills muay thai expert

dim dams was hired to kill the heros but had a change of heart