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  • Grothmow

    Charictor sheet 2

    February 11, 2015 by Grothmow


    name daneil clemsen occupation: billionaire vigilante

    powers and abilities

    Accelerated Metabolism Enhanced Speed Regenerative Healing Factor

    theme song: the fighter by in this moment

    complications obsessived with thinking temper acceptance

    inspirations: the flash, captain America, thor,

    story born to an alcoholic father, Dan was constantly beat. his mother buryed herself in her work, which left him at his grandmas most of the time he was very angry. when dan discovered his thyroid had gone into a state of hyperactivity he thought it would stop shocked when discovering it had not been ever normal. his anger was non other then the element of change. when dans grandma died of cancer her dying wish was his freedom, shock to find that …

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  • Grothmow

    Charictor sheet

    October 9, 2014 by Grothmow


    personality Hopefull yet intellagante

    Powers: solar affinity solar attacks flight

    skills: leadership Expert in genetics good with animals does meditation

    Born as a Mutant Jordan had a rough life. but not as rough as the other mutants Jordan was one of those jenny mcarththy Mutants riche mom who used him inher political carraer growing up with a friend ansel Jordan and ansel got along with spirtul goals and hopes until Ansels mutation set in ansel grew the power to suck the life force out of other people Jordan became to wake up to the night mare that wasnta nightmare at all but reality!!!. Ansel and Jordan Where spiritual but Not as a holy person as a santanic vampire. Jordan The only thing Jordan could do was turn ansel in to the po…

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  • Grothmow

    its pretty rare here is a link

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  • Grothmow

    any help will be thx

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  • Grothmow

    i will take no offence i just cant fiuge out if its more telekinisis or somthing else

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