"Just go someplace and hang out. The point is to get to know each other better, so just be yourself."  Krissy in regards to dates

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Basic Info
Alias(es) ??


Gender Female
Age 14 (in most rps)
Main Abilities
Personal Data
Birthplace Just outside of Inklopolis
Nationality ??
Affiliation(s) ??

Turf War Fighter

Quick Start - Splatoon OST02:29

Quick Start - Splatoon OST

Interests and Goals

Krissy has always been interested in the past. Not her past, nor the past of the inklings, but all the way back to the long-gone humans. When she's not fighting in a Turf War, she studies everything she can about them (explanation for knowing English). She hopes to one day be able to test out a time machine so she can see them for herself (explanation for being in rps with humans).


Krissy is very curious about humans. She's a bit shy at first, but warms up to people quickly. She's highly emotional; even though most of the time she's happy, she can quickly turn very mad or very sad. Every emotion is extreme with her.


Animal morphing

Since she's an inkling, Krissy can turn into a squid at will. It slows her down on land, but speeds her up past her running speed in ink. She also uses this ability to hide in her ink, using the tactic of swimming in short bursts to compensate for not wearing gear with the Ninja Squid ability.


When she splats, her spirit is left behind. Since she knows that, in the time of the humans, there were no spawn points like what inklings would normally respawn in, she's trained herself to be able to use a simple puddle of the same color ink as she used before she was splatted to form a new body out of the ink.



Krissy's body is made of ink (fanon) which would disperse in water, so not only can she not swim (canon), she can't even touch water (fanon).

No ink

Without ink on the ground somewhere after she splats, she can't make a new body and without a body, she can't survive for long.