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my first character


Name: daviey (day-ve)

PowersScience Manipulation (absolute (IE greater than infinity) level)

Main Applications: none-yet

Alignment: absolute good

Motto: "The world is science. I control science, i control the world"

Occupations: kid

Hobbies: kid

Likes: fantasy, comic books, everyone

History: daviey grew up in foster care due to the fact that he was born in the slums. thankfully daviey was adopted, but his parents were worse then foster care. but the put him into school were he was beaten up day in and day out for being a orphan. daviey first moment of true happiness was when he saw his first comic. its was just after the daily beating from the bullys. he walking on a street corner when a comic book flew in his face. due to davieys power being Science Manipulation he was a absolute level user but didnt know it, so the power gained sentience but was limited becuase of davieys limited education, but when it saw that daviey was gonna die becuase a truck was gonna hit him and he couldnt stop him, he controlled the wind to use the comic book to stop daviey from getting hit by the truck. it was davieys first comic book due to davieys terrible life his brain and only produces engough dopamine to keep daviey from dying, that was his normal dopamine level but when daviey read this and he wanted happiness his brain produced engough dopamine to permantly put a smile a skip in his step and changed his subsonsis he was now a good kid, always happy and always super kind becuase of the insane amount of dopamine levels he forgot all sadness and was unable to experence it for the rest of his life (aww, damn you reality dont you dare mess with this kid i am the author you know) becuase of all the happiness daviey fell in love super powers and doing the right thing (like saitama levl kindness) daviey started working harder doing odd jobs around town his positive attitude working becuase of not feeling sadness he could always share his money, that lead to daciey being used by everyone and his foster-parents, but daviey could only be kind and be pure happiness, and like a mc( 4th wall boom gone) his happiness was infectous it spread to his parents the evil bad seedy parents were turned a full 180 and became the perfect parents

( to be continued) might be a while like a long time


Hot anime guy-1

this is Utemaro. davieys third freind


Gender: Male

Occupation: Friend

PowersEnhanced Power ReplicationBadassery Embodiment(??? level)



Anime-boy-tumblr17 zpsebca069e-1 zpscb491d8b

this Washichi, daviey's stalker,yeah but good stalker


Gender: Male

Occupation: Stalker

Powers:  Meta Probability Manipulation


DescriptionWashichi has always had the ability to manipulate probabilities ever since he was a child, when his mom commited suicide for the first time he got so upset and sad and afraid that he manipulated the probabilities unconsciously so he went back in time, but whatever he did he could never stop her from taking her own life over and over and over again. As washichi lived on in his lonelylife he started to notice his powers coming to the surface so to speak, so for the last 10 years he learned to control his powers. (made by User:GodOfNerds, i told him about this before and he asked if he could create a charecter page this is fine for both of us)

For easy things such as making a bird fly a different direction or a bully accidentaly falling infront of the train or stuff like that but one day the gloomy boy in class started acting happy,and it annoyed him so much that he tried to manipulate him to be stop being happy but there was 0% chance of that ever happening. (made by User:GodOfNerds, i told him about this before and he asked if he could create a charecter page this is fine for both of us).and becuase he could never manipulate him he reminded him of his mother and fell in love and is still stalking him to this day.(written by me)


this is Kyushichi, davieys first freind


Gender: Male

Occupation: Ex-Angel, Friend

PowersWing ManifestationAngelic PhysiologyAdaptive ResurrectionResurrection Empowerment




this is Yoshifumi, davieys second friend. she likes daviey "like like"


Gender: Female

Occupationfreind, ?????

PowersPerception ManipulationMusical EmpathyPerspective Manipulation( ??? level)



147015-4b96d823354e413ad5ce8c9e05b5bc371232868556 full super

this is takasu, the first assassin trying to kill daviey and who he then befriended.

Name: Takasu

Gender: Male

Occupationfreind, ex-assassin

PowersUltimate FighterDarkness ManipulationUnrestricted Murdering




this is higashi, the second assassin trying to kill daviey and who he then befriended.

Name: Higashi

Gender: Male

Occupationfreind, ex-assassin





this is okajima, the third assassin trying to kill daviey and who he then befriended.

Name: Okajima

Gender: Male

Occupationfreind, ex-assassin

PowersWeapon ManipulationIntuitive Aptitude




this is josuke, the fourth assassin trying to kill daviey and who he then befriended.

Name: Josuke

Gender: Male

Occupation: freind, ex-assassin

PowersSubjective Reality



Cool Anime guys tablet wallpapers 1024x1024 (25)

this is Nariaki, davieys uncle. also the one sending the assassins


Gender: Male

Occupation: ????, uncle of daviey

PowersUncertainty ManipulationCheating



Fire red wings cute girl cool hd wallpaper

this is Sachio, davieys grand mother. also god of the concept of fire

Name: Sachio

Gender: Female

Occupation: ????????, grand mother of daviey

PowersTranscendent PhysiologyCategory:Fire-Based Abilities



Kitty-Lelouch-chan-anime-animal-guys-3797851-464-512.jpg 1292444823

this is kawaii, davieys pet cat, its just soo CUTE!! *head explodes*

Name: Kawaii

Gender: Cute (suck it cute is a gender)

Occupation: ????????, Cat

PowersOmnifarious ( its a cat it gets absolute power sue me i have a weak spot for cats)

Alignment: Cat (it can be a alignment its a cat it can be whatever it wants)


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