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Individual over state. Liberty over coercion.

Long ago, there were three loosely-allied nations on Earth: Oscela, Britannia, and Ultima. These three nations, ancient in history, were founded by the priest-kings of old, those who had spoken to the Divines, who in turn granted them the power of magick: Water, Earth, Fire, Air. The Priest-Kings ruled their lands feudally, teaching their underlings the arts so that they could subjugate peasants. And so the reign of the monarchs lasted for ages, with dynastic land-owners and nobles taking land and then losing it.

But then came the Revolt of the Peasants. War raged throughout the three lands, the noble governments being overthrown, and in their place, small, peasant-run governments. Then began a period where the nobles were "oppressed by the peasants", leading to the emergence of democratic and individualist ideologies. Eventually a new upper class was born, one based on mutually beneficial contracts, the right to property, and self-interest. This class of wealthy entrepreneurs formed a syndicalist organization that functioned as a "government". Eventually, these Syndicates merged together into the Syndicalist Council, a democratically elected syndicate with little to no power except for the ability to protect life, liberty, and property.

It is 2015: For years, Oscela Britannia Ultima, the new nation-state, has thrived economically, technologically, and socially. This culture, free from all government intervention in their social and economic persuits, is based on individual freedom, meritocracy, and mutualism: self-interest for the benefit of all. Due to the lack of government intervention, there is significant poverty; however, private welfare syndicates provide aid to the poor for very cheap prices, or at the exchange of labor. 

Magic is still practiced. In fact, all citizens are born with the powers afforded by one of the four elements, due to the free trade of arcane secrets and the implementation of it in school systems. Due to magic, and technological innovation motivated by profit, this civilization is much more advanced than ours, and the merging of magic and technology has been happening for a while now. However, there are lands outside of Oscela Britannia Ultima, lands that still practice the old ways and are hostile to the ways of O.B.U. Furthermore, the lands beyond Earth, dimensions and planets, have come to recognize Oscela Britannia Ultima as a potential threat...or a potential ally.

The Four Elements:

Magic is divided into four elements: Water, Earth, Fire, and Air. These elements don't necessarily just represent the forms of matter themselves, but concepts that they represent. These are the abilities afforded to the four elements:

Water magic

Associated concepts: Liquid, Logic, Healing, Ice, Death, SoulTimeGravitation

Water is the element of logic, of technology, of innovation. Those with an inherent water talent are level-headed and forward-thinking. Those who use water can control liquids and ice. They can control death and souls, communing with the undead and spirits. Some can heal, and some powerful water mages can control the flow of time. The water mage is the "necromancer", and the dimension they're associated with is Yomi, land of the Dead.

Air magic

Associated concepts: Psi, GasShapeshifting, Space, Weather, Light, AuraWind

Air is the element of cleverness, trickery, and introspection. Those with an inherent air talent are hyperactive and clever. Abilities of air include weather prediction and manipulation, spatial manipulation, and the ability to create hard-light constructs and empower the auras of other people. Every user of Air is partially psychic, with either precognitive, telepathic, or telekinetic powers. The air mage is the "enchanter", and the dimension they're associated with is Enoch, land of the Aesir.

Earth magic

Associated concepts: SolidNatureFaunaStrengthTechnology, LifeTransmutation

Earth is the element of nature, strength, and patience. However, it is also the element of technology, innovation, and civilization. Those with an inherent Earth talent are down-to-earth and intelligent, but more intuitively so. Abilities of Earth include technology manipulation/construction, nature manipulation, and the manipulation of solids and animals. The earth mage is the "shaman", and the dimension they're associated with is the Animus, land of the Spirits.


Associated concepts: EmotionPlasmaSpeedEnergyMagnetismHeatImagination

Fire is the element of passion, speed, and creativity.Those with inherent Fire talent are passionate and reckless, but have artistic talent. Abilities of Fire include energy manipulation, motion manipulation, and electromagnetism manipulation. Others with more subtle talent can control emotion and inspire great passion in others. Some especially powerful Fire mages can manifest their imagination into reality. The fire mage is the "witch", and the dimension they're associated with is Naraka, land of Daemons.

Most citizens know at least a few of the concepts of each branch, but there are some citizens that don't. These citizens have to rely on their own technology and wits, though some learn the ways of Qui by becoming monks in monasteries. Some praise the Old Gods and become theruges and paladins. Some mages have the ability to master all branches of all four elements. These mages are very powerful, but exceedingly rare.


Smart Tech: Nanomachines in Oscela Brittania Ultima are used in many materials, from building to clothing to medicine. Smart Tech is made up of self-replicating nanomachines, capable of doing so exponentially and fusing with materials at the molecular level. Smart-bombs can be used to deconstruct or reconstruct entire city blocks worth of structures, nanowraps can be used for accelerated healing/regeneration, and smartmaterial can be used for shapeshifting clothes. To a larger scale, nanomachines are released into the atmosphere, merging with the clouds and various other gases, allowing for control of the weather.

At a much smaller scale, technology at a quadrillionth of a meter exists, allowing for humans to manipulate the finer materials of matter, such as quarks. This is used to build exotic materials, energy shields, and superstructures for astronomical-scale construction. Femtotechnology has allowed for a better understanding of exotic forms of matter such as negative and antimatter, and by extension the manipulation of both. When mixed with magic, femtotechnology allows for the mass-production of mana, which is sold by companies to allow practicing magi more mana. It also allows for the creation of magic-infused matter, with such materials such as the super-strong arcanium being used in the construction of superstructures and space habitats.

Computer Technology and Virtual Reality:
Computers now have the raw processing power capable of simulating all human minds that exist and have ever existed multiplied by fifty. Processing now goes as fast as the known laws of physics allows, and due to femtotechnology, computer chips and other processing tools come as small as a hydrogen atom. Virtual reality rivals reality itself in realness, with those who use it capable of simulating quantum strings due to sheer processing power. Computers are capable of processing thousands of things within femtoseconds, billions of things within nanoseconds. This computation power has allowed for things like hyper-accurate simulations of the human brain, which allowed scientists to fully map it out and gain an understanding of consciousness. It has allowed for simulations of viruses and a better understanding of them, allowing them to more efficiently eradicate disease.

The driving force behind most technology in Oscela Brittania Ultima is magic. This portable device called a "soul forge" allows for any magic user to channel or fuse their magic into or with technology in any way they can think of. The creation of the Soul Forge has led to an industrial revolution in the 1950's, with the fusion of magic and technology leading to nearly limitless possibilities in technological innovation. Well into the 2010's, this hadn't stopped, with space travel recently reaching a boom due to the ability of soul forges to connect magi to A.I., allowing them to amplify their power to astronomical scales.

Space habitat
Space Technology:
O'Neil Cylinders, Dyson Bubbles, Clarke Stations, and other structures dominate the territory of Oscela Brittannia Ultima. Some of this technology, like the Light Year array -- a vast network of radio antennae used to create a massive, virtual model of a large portion of the cosmos in detail. Space habitats are usually controlled by corporations: enclosed societies based on contract law where the worker lives with good welfare services in exchange for labor and money to the corporation owning it. A lot of other space habitats are where leaders of Oscela Brittannia Ultima meet the leaders of other races.

Soul Upload
Soul Uploading:
The soul uploading industry has been booming lately, with citizens uploading their souls into superhuman, magitech bodies, where they can upload "mods" for money made either by independent entrepreneurs in the market or by large megacorporations focused on technology, that can enhance them in any way, from superhuman strength/speed, to the ability to mentally connect to the internet. Some people choose to upload their souls into virtual reality, where they live immortal, digital lives.

Genetic Engineering and Biotechnology: Since ancient times, shamans have been using their life magic to enhance their bodies in various ways. After the Revolt of the Peasants, many independant Earth mages and syndicates have opened up profit-motivated clinics to allow others to get genetically enhanced also. Due to the existence of Soul Forges, many Life spells have been stored in capsules or gadgets and mass-produced for quick, temporary bio-mods to allow for things like household utility or self-defense.

Subspace highways
Subspace Drive:
The Subspace Drive is equipped on all military, cargo, and space transport ships. The Subspace Drive is a separate engine from the usual kugelblitz and antimatter engines, because the Subspace Drive warps the space around it. Using negative energy, the mass-energy equivalent of two solar masses is generated, which warps space just enough to compress it in front of the ship and expand it in the back of the ship. This effect only lasts for a few seconds, but it is enough to open a gateway to a higher dimensional "highway" created by beings that existed before human civilization. In these Subspace Highways, space is warped to make distance relative to normal space much shorter; that way ships going through the highways at relativistic speeds are surpassing distance problems in outer space.


Vandevalla real

Vandevalla, the capitol of Oscela Brittannia Ultima.


In the life of the average Brittannian, the government is almost nonexistent. The media never really talks about it, and elections for Chancellor aren't really a big event; at least, not as big of an event as news in corporate life, or news about Vandevella, a massive stock market city where people freely trade goods and services and stockbrokers sell stocks to hopeful millionaires. Why is this? The government of O.B.U. is a small, nigh-powerless syndicate that provides nothing but national defense (which is privately funded anyway), a criminal justice system that defends life, liberty, and property, and a small, flat tax on citizens to keep it going (though this is largely becoming unnecessary with many positions in the Syndicalist Council being taken up by A.I.). There is little to no bureaucracy in the Syndicalist Council and makes use of direct democracy for popular votes on who the Chancellor will be, who in turn controls the judges and the army. The Syndicalist Council is just that: syndicalist. It works in the interest of all because it is essentially directly the people.


Khoshu, the main temple of Ushavism


Due to the heavy emphasis of religion on the Reign of Monarchs, Oscela Britannia Ultima doesn't have a good opinion of the traditional sense. Most religions in 2015 revolve around self-transcendence, the betterment of self, and enlightenment. These monasteries give teachings of the betterment of the self and the worth of the individual, which goes perfectly well with Oscela Brittannia Ultima's philosophy of individualism. That being said, there are still those who worship the Old Gods. These religions are funded by private, religious organizations and seek to make others convert to keep the Old Gods alive, but religion is ultimately regarded as a collectivist philosphy and isn't seen in the best light.

Shopping mall

Meritocracy is key in Oscela Brittannia Ultima. Every child, from the moment they are born, are encouraged to compete with their peers to reach the top, and some of them do. In Oscela Brittannia Ultima, only those with merit make it into the highest positions, and those who don't fail and fall into welfare contracts. Each and every child, regardless of race or social class, is encouraged to be the very best they can be in the name of self-interest. Sometimes, this leads to unfettered competition and the exploitation of others, but this has all in all led to a culture of people striving to be the absolute best they can be. Furthermore, due to the unrestrained capitalism, Oscela Brittannia Ultima has a large consumer culture, with flashing lights and advertisements decorating every street, building, and even sometimes the skies themselves.

Schooling is mostly done at home, and traditionally through a mentorship with a child's parents. However, if the parents don't have the necessary skills to give their children an adequite education, there is an industry of travelling mentors to teach children what they need to know. College is entirely optional, since degrees aren't needed in the market to get high paying jobs. People in OBU mostly go to college to learn new marketable skills or to improve skills they already have, not to get qualified for a job license.