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Name: Jayce Caydn

Aliases: Agent WARP

Age: 25

Species: Human (Jaegar)

Power: Cthonian Host (Warping SpeedPlasma Manipulation)

Abilities/Skills: Hand-to-HandSpecial Ops MasteryLevel-HeadedShapeshifting CombatMechanical Intuition

Alignment: Lawful Neutral

Affiliations: The Black Chamber

Motto: "In this uncaring universe, only logic and civilization can hold us together."

Quotes: "I decided to become a Jaegar because I'm immensely interested in making sure that the Outer Flood doesn't come to our planet and enslave our species. They've already taken Titan, but we mustn't allow them to take anything else. I have devoted my life to the Federal Kingdom, to the human race as a whole, for we are a beacon of civilization in this alien, xenophobic universe."

"My powers work by partially phasing into angled space. By turning geometry curves into angles relative to me, I'm able to move the space around myself and move at speeds surpassing light. Doing so generates immense amounts of ionized gas -- plasma -- which I can generate and manipulate also. At least, that's what I think it is; all I know is that I have some spawn of Yog-Sothoth bonded to me at the molecular level."

"In a perfect world, the Federal Kingdom wouldn't have to worry about security. Cults wouldn't exist. Beings from beyond curved space wouldn't be trying to get their slimy, aberrent tentacles all over our DNA, and all of Sol would live in peace in a golden age. But this isn't a perfect world, and this imperfect world calls for extreme measures. These are the necessary precautions to make sure humanity doesn't fall into whatever eldritch pit we might fall into."

Theme: (Coming soon!)

Occupations: Black Chamber Field Operative (Jaegar), Mech Engineer

Archetypes: Well-Intentioned ExtremistAnti-HeroThe StoicNo Sense of HumorThe Comically Serious

Origin: Jayce Caydn was raised by military general Brice Caydn and senator Lana Caydn. As a result, Jayce was bought up with a firm respect for Sol. Taking from his mother, Jayce was always a rather stoic and intellectual individual. He was never rebellious unless forced to do anything transgressed what he percieved as morally wrong, he firmly believed in the laws of the Federal Republic, and supported the Security Acts fiercely. When he joined the Black Chamber and learned information as he climbed through the ranks, he became devoted to protecting humanity from both itself and the Outer Flood. As a result, Jayce is willing to go to any length for what he percieves as the greater good.