People's Republic of Seattle

"Obey and live."

It started with an alien invasion. It was something unlike humanity had ever seen, and they immediately responded with hostile action. The aliens, a technologically advanced and militaristically superior force, had crushed humanity's forces, leaving many countries in a state of disarray and chaos. Riots erupted throughout several different countries, small and large countries alike went to war, and superpowers fought massive wars over the fragments of alien technology they could salvage from the invasion. From the ashes of war, the United States was split in half, with Seattle leading a cession of states from the union. The Absolute Commonwealth of Seattle was born, and from it came a new society, one of Free Enterprise, Competition, and absolute economic freedom...for the rich.

It wasn't long until this new "government" was overthrown by corporations, mostly the Mikaboshi Corporation, who had reverse-engineered alien tech enough to create groundbreaking technological innovations. Now, the government was ruled by corrupt corporations, some forming uneasy trusts and strong monopolies to further disparage the poor and make money off of their cheap labor and consumerism. Eventually, corporations have gained too much control over the political structure of the Absolute Commonwealth, turning the once Laissez Faire Capitalist society into a Neo-Fascist Police State. With monopolies and rapid technological innovation, they have become a military power that encompasses all of the Western and Northern United States, and Canada.

This has gone on for decades until the stars were right.

In the year 2088, everything came to a boiling point. Strange, supernatural events have been happening all over the world. Old gods awaken, humans have mysteriously been gaining superpowers via interactions with "ball lightning", some are abducted, and secret societies that have existed for centuries, locked in an eternal, secret war for absolute power over the human race finally bubble to the surface with their strange technologies and forbidden lore. While all of this is happening, the Absolute Commonwealth of Seattle struggles to retain its power, while other countries struggle to retain theirs. The year 2088 is a great period of transition for humanity, and nothing will be the same once the dust settles.