Cole rand
Name: Cole Rand

Aliases: Ergomagus

Age: 27

Species: Ultrahuman

Powers: Quantum Magic (Energy ManipulationOccult PhysicsMatter ManipulationTechnology Manipulation), Faerie Magic

Abilities/Skills: Scientific ProwessFlowmotionAdoptive Muscle MemoryEnhanced CombatEnhanced Intelligence, Master HackerEngineering ProdigyCombat PerceptionGadgetry

Alignment: Chaotic Good

Affiliations: Network Blue, Himself

Motto: "You are not in control."

Quotes: "Network Blue. Aw, man, you're gonna make me explain it, huh? We are...legion. We don't really have any leaders. If any of us are taken down, more will answer the call. We're everywhere. We see everything, and we're a driving force for freedom in this shithole of a world. Information should be free. The people should be free. We're making it happen."

"Occult physics is a science. Ritual magic is basically the art of making bigger things happen by making smaller changes to the very structure of reality, much like chaos in theory, and it takes advantage of the connection of even the smallest of things to the largest of changes. Y'know, I'm starting to think the universe -- or perhaps the multiverse, if such a thing is even real -- is really just a very elaborate simulation."

"Changing the system in one giant, dramatic revolution is impossible. You must find cracks in the system, exploit them, and then use those small changes to create larger changes. The Butterfly Effect is the model to work from here; probabilities affect nature at the most fundamental level. An effective plan gains control of these probabilities, models them to the plan, and exploits any large-scale and long-term effects as a result of the changing probabilities. And that, my fellow Networkers, is our revolution."

Theme: Muse - Unnatural Selection

Occupations: Cyber-Terrorist, Hacker, Vigilante, Rebel

Archetypes: Science HeroStreet SamuraiInformation Wants to Be FreeThe ChessmasterFor Want of A NailRebellious Spirit

Origin: Cole Rand, born in Capital Seattle in the Absolute Commonwealth of Seattle, has had to teach himself most of his life. Being from a lower-class family, he didn't have great formal education, and his parents were often busy working in factories for very little money. Due to this, Cole had to turn to the internet and use the very little information to teach himself. Eventually, he found the Deep Web, which was untouched by the deep monitoring of the Guardians of Seattle, and Cole got a better formal education there. On the Deep Web, he learned coding, advanced mathematics, engineering, and everything he needed to know to properly face the Corporate Fascists ruling the country. From there, he joined a hacker organization called the Network Blue to free the people from the tyranny of the rich.

Personal Data


Network Blue Server

Base of Operations: The Labyrinth