Infinity Gate
Man grew proud, and when man grows proud, things get destroyed.

In the Era of Legend, all beings lived together in perfect peace. Food and resources were unlimited, so no one wanted. Because no one wanted, there was no war. A universe vast and seemingly perfect was there for them to explore, and it was all governed by Enoch, an archmage who created the universe with his Exalted Mysterium. The united civilization of Legend expanded to the farthest reaches of the universe, advancing expontentially as they peacefully explored this universe. Everything was theirs to see, to experience, to share, but at the end of it all, they had seen, experienced, and shared everything. It wasn't enough.

Then man grew proud.

Enoch's existence wasn't exactly a secret. The civilization had worshipped the archmage since the creation of the universe, and Enoch had acted as a loving deity to the people he'd created. Using the total sum of their vast knowledge, the civilization forged the Infinity Gate, a massive, magical portal that would lead to Enoch's realm, Infinity. In masses, the people walked through the gate and seized the power of infinity, reaching the very mind of Enoch himself, gaining the magical knowledge he had. They would come down from Infinity, constructing wonderous worlds and cities for them to rule, then go back to Infinity for more power. Enoch did not stop them, for he knew nothing from his own Exalted Mysterium could hurt him. But then something happened.

Perhaps they had found a way to wound Enoch, their god. Perhaps the civilization had grown too powerful, took too much power from Infinity. Perhaps Enoch himself chose to disappear, moved on to create other worlds, leaving his hubris-filled people behind. Enoch's world broke metaphysically, a massive rift appearing in the universe and changing reality entirely. The universe split into several different planes, the darkness between these planes became the Eternal Sea, unreality personified. The civilization was split with these planes, and with time they had evolved into different species entirely. These now separate civilizations still had magic, but it is forever broken.

Those in Infinity during this event became one with the strucutre of reality itself, personifications of concepts in the Fallen Universe. These people are known as the Ten. Five of them have chosen to tyrannically rule reality with their powers, attempting to gain control again and rule over all that are weaker. The other five are those who oppose these tyrants, creating an eternal war for Infinity.


Othella, the Human City

The year is 3008. The Federation of Houses, an alliance between Human, Elf, Halfling, Dwarf, and Gnomes is at war with the Orcs, a race of artificially-created monsters made by the Tyrant Malek'aith. With the creation of Inter-Planar portals in 2999, a free-trade was set up with the other races, and a Federation not after that. The already magitechnologically advanced humanity, after learning artifice from the elves, gnomes, and dwarves, has reached an industrial revolution of untold of proportions, becoming a technological superpower rivaling that of the elves. The alliance isn't easily held, however; elven aristocratic government often clashes with human democratic monarchy. In fact, elven elitist attitudes towards humans often create tensions between the two, not to mention old hostilities between dwarves and elves. Overall, the Federation realizes they must be strong to combat this Orcish threat, and then there are terrorist attacks from mysterious secret societies all over the planes...

Technology common in the planes

Magitech city
Cities: The use of artifice has seemlessly combined industrialization and magic, creating infastructure and technology that is undreamed of by previous pre-artifice civilization. The average city is powered by an "Elemental Superspectrum" engine below the city, which consists of many elementals inside of a container, and robotic magi siphoning the energy coming from their colliding with each other into the city above. The cities themselves are fully automated, under the control of Knowledge Spirits geased to the city itself. Due to Knowledge Spirits' abilities to oversee multiple processes, they easily act as the master control in cities. Cars are powered by wind elementals and contain personalized runes from the owner that can only be activated by them, thus eliminating the worry of car theft. Damaged property and infastructure in buildings can easily be rebuilt via Restoration Magic from Knowledge Spirits.

Robotics: Wizards are fully capable of conjuring sentient minds. Robots and automations are created by artificier and wizard alike for various purposes, with some designed to be human and intelligent and some designed to act as warriors and bodyguards for their creators. Robots aren't always made of metal too; talented fleshcrafters can take bodyparts and bring them together, creating a homunculus or some variation thereof. Robots and homunculi are often golems used for labor and are usually simply programmed for their job, but more complex creations can be the extension of Knowledge Spirits or humans or other mortal species that have decided to transfer their souls into better bodies.


Airships: Airships are the primary mode of travel between the planes, protected with special wards to protect the inhabitants of the airship from the elements and unreality of the Eternal Sea. Airships vary in size, with some being entire cities in scale and some being the size of cars. Airships are generally not equipped with weapons unless they're not inter-planar airships, which are usually used for commercial flight and warfare.