Name: Lucrezia Riddle

Aliases: The Fist of the Bacab, The Righteous One, Angel of Prudence, The Tempest of Good, Heroine of Light

Age: 24

Species: Human (Nephilim)

Classes: Paladin, Fighter, Cleric

PowersWhite Arts (AnimancyHealingHoly VoiceElectricity ManipulationSummoning [angels]), Angel Soul

Abilities/Skills: Enhanced SwordsmanshipVirtue EmpowermentEnhanced CharismaEnhanced Beauty

Racial Abilities: Nephilim Physiology

Alignment: Lawful Good

Affiliations: The Bloody Gale (reluctantly), The Church of Bacab

Motto: "The Children of the Light liveth!"

Quotes: "You fool! How could you be so inconsiderate, so brash and arrogant, so uncaring about the greater good?! Why do you steal when instead you can help others? Why do you kill who you wish, when instead you can do good? I is not my place to judge you, for Bacab himself had said, 'Those who judge are headed off the path of righteousness'. I will forgive you for your indifference to good and evil."

"The vile will fall before my father's blade, just as the daemons had fallen in the netherrealm. Let that be a warning to you; Bacab's kindness and benevolence is infinite, but I am merely human, and I may not be so kind." 

"Since I could speak, I had vowed to uphold the honor of both my mother and my angelic parentage. As half mortal, half divine, I have the power to spread righteousness across the land and no heart, no matter how dark or corrupt, will eventually bathe in the everlasting light of the Supreme Bacab. I live by this code, and I will until I die."

Theme: 2Cellos - Resistance

Occupations: Missionary, Paladin, Adventurer, Healer

Archetypes: The ParagonThe PaladinThe Church of BacabKnight in Shining ArmorMagic Knight

Origin: Lucrezia literally came from the sky. On a stormy night, in front of the largest Church of Bacab in Othella, Lucrezia appeared on the doorstep of the church, presumably being set there by an angel. Nephilim being considered blessing by the heavens, Lucrezia was warmly taken in and raised in the Church. As she grew up, she definitely gained the favor of the nuns and the High Priestess in the church, and when she was of age, she began her adventures as a paladin. She quickly exceeded in her ventures, becoming well known throughout Othella as a servant of Bacab himself.