Halfaerd 1

Name: Halfaerd Greenridge

Aliases: The Unseen Hand, the Dreaded One, The Spectre of Death, The Darkwraith Asssassin, The Dishonored One, Son of the House Greenridge, Master Assassin, The Devil's Blade, The Raven, the Black Baron

Age: 24

Species: Half-Elf

Classes: Rogue, Fighter, Ronin, Assassin

Powers: Black Hand Techniques (Darkwraith TransformationTeleportationSoul Absorption), ShapeshiftingNinja MagicChi ManipulationThe Eyes of Dahkshasa (Accelerated PerceptionMind ControlPossession)

Abilities/Skills: Gadget Usage (Magitek)NinjutsuFlowmotionGun KataFlawless CoordinationEnhanced AssassinationEnhanced ThieverySpecial Ops MasteryEnhanced SwordsmanshipEnhanced CharismaUnpredictability

Rune-Augmented Abilities: Magically Enhanced Physiology (Supernatural ConditionUnrestricted MovementAssimilation Shield)

Racial Abilities: Druidic MagicAnimal/Plant EmpathyNature Channeling

Alignment: Chaotic Neutral

Affiliations: The Darkwraith Guild, Himself, the Bloody Gale Crew

Motto: "The mistakes of my father will not be my own."

Quotes: "Y'know that guy over there? Long ass beard, hairy as hell, short as hell? His name is Gregrakar Ironshield and he's a freaking dwarf. Dwarves are tough, y'know; their ale is enough to kill fifty men. But I'm going to go over there and I'm going to beat the crap out of him because he's one of the people who set my father up. They say payback's a bitch; but I dunno, it's pretty sweet to me."

"Me and my boys? We take what we want. We kill who we feel deserves it, and we're our own masters. We're the kings of our own worlds, our own slice of eternity, and sword, club, or fist can beat that out of us. Freedom is invincible, you see. Even if you restrict us, we'll be wild in our very spirits. So, please, if you want to go against us, by all means. I just hope you're okay with being hung from the highest tree afterwards."

"Your hand is gone, your feet are cut off. You're bleeding on the floor, and you can barely breathe because your lungs are collapsed. The stinger? You never even saw me. And why, you might be wondering, would the Unseen Hand creep into your house and fuck you up beyond repair? There's only one thing I have to say to that, and if you survive, you best remember it: Don't. Hurt. Kids."

Theme: ~Killer Is Dead~ Chosen by the Moon

Occupations: Thief, Assassin, Adventurer, Ronin, Sky Pirate

Archetypes: Deadpan SnarkerLovable RogueBig Ego, Hidden DepthsJerk With A Heart Of GoldIron Woobie

Origin Story: Born in Lorthellanheim to a human father and an elven mother, Halfaerd lived the first eight years of his life in difficulty due to the stigma of half elves in both human and elven society. When Halfaerd was seven, his father's master was killed, and his father was dishonored. When he was eight, his father was killed and his mother abandoned him, leaving Halfaerd to fend for himself in an elven city prejudiced against him with only the few skills he learned from his father and the little inherent magic talent he had. A cunning boy, Halfaerd had little trouble outwitting merchants and stealing food or keeping away from the wrath of street gangs. When Halfaerd was nineteen, he was a full-fledged rogue, and the Darkwraith Guild, a secret society of assassins focused on chaos theory, recruited him. Now he's their hitman, killing whatever target they assign him, travelling to various planes, and enjoying the benefits of his lifestyle whenever it presents itself.

Personal Data:

Personality: Halfaerd is a free spirit, always caring about freedom above all else. His morals are loose and flexible; he's willing to commit just about any dirty deed he needs to if he thinks it's the right thing to do or that it'll benefit him in any way. His boisterous and unapologetic personality often gets him in trouble, but this isn't to say he isn't capable of being amiable or diplomatic, it's just because of his strong value of freedom that he doesn't hold his tongue in most settings. He is an agnostic; he doesn't really believe in the story of Enoch or the Civilization, but he doesn't outright deny that it's happened. Due to his freethinking nature and his charming personality, he's a large hit with the ladies, which is a luxury he enjoys greatly; but due to his difficult upbringing, he is highly defficient in romance and emotional communication.

Despite Halfaerd's seemingly immoral and arrogant personality, deep down he's an insecure individual. Due to growing up in a land where most hated his kind, he was the subject of heinous prejudices and almost the victim of hate crimes. He has difficulty trusting people, and he absolutely refuses to rely on anyone. He greatly dislikes people that are rich and greedy. Halfaerd is great with children and would never hurt one, not even if he was offered all of the gold in the planes. He tends to be very protective of children that grew up with nothing like he did, and Enoch help whoever endangers a child in any way...

Core Personality Traits: Cunning, Rebellious, Loyal, Protective, Free-thinking, Adventurous

Likes: Stealing, Travelling, Women, Children

Dislikes: Tyrants, People who use their powers to hurt those who he feels don't deserve it, People who hurt children, Prejudiced people, Elven purists

Fighting Style: Halfaerd's fighting style comes in two parts: Yaerl'drna and Forthell'jra. Yaerl'drna is the guerilla style of fighting that focuses on the incorporation of acrobatics into the in-and-out fighting guerilla warfare is known for. Users of this style often come from rooftops or alleyways or anywhere else they'd otherwise be seen, run to their enemy, quickly take them out, and then run. Included in this style are parkour techniques based on free-movement (flowmotion) that uses the environment around the user to their advantage, literally turning the battlefield into their playground where they can come out at the enemy from anywhere.

Forthell'jra is also similarly based on movement, but with dance acting as the medium instead of acrobatics. A purely Elven style of fighting, Forthell'jra focuses on the grace of movement, using quick, fluid motions to attack the enemy without needing to use strength or might. Countering is very important in Forthell'jra, as is parrying and using the opponent's strengths against them. Forthell'jra is often done with some weapon, in Halfaerd's case, dual katanas.

Halfaerd is perfectly capable of changing fighting styles in the middle of the fight, and with his trained adoptive muscle memory, he's perfectly capable of copying the opponent's fighting style and scanning them for weaknesses. In long ranged fighting, Halfaerd is shown to be incredibly capable with his elemental pistols and his spellcasting abilities. In long-ranged fighting, he often fires while dodging in a continuous style of countering, that way it's harder for his enemies to dodge.


Smoke bombs
-Smoke bombs: A basic tool for every Darkwraith assassin, smoke bombs explode on impact and released the trapped elementals inside. These elementals are usually dark elementals, trapping persuers and enemies in a cloud of darkness where the assassin can escape or teleport through the shadows they create. Smoke bombs can also be used offensively; many times, storm elementals are harnessed within smoke bombs, allowing the user to create small, personalized hurricanes or storms upon their impact with the ground. There are also firebombs, wind bombs, and ice bombs which can all be used offensively.

Magic guns

-Dual pistols: Inside the barrels of Halfaerd's pistols are runes which allow them to shoot out different elements upon pulling the trigger. All he has to do is think of which element and he'll be able to shoot whatever element it is (fire, earth, air, water, wood, shadow, glass, metal, lightning).

Blasting rod

-Blasting Rod: Halfaerd's blasting rod is the medium through which he channels his druidic magic. The rod is inscribed with runes that channel the ambient natural energy around him, allowing to use his magic without having to draw from his own chi. 

Prosthetic arm
-Prosthetic Arm: As an initiation to his current rank, Master Assassin, in the Darkwraith Guild, Halfaerd's arm was cut off and replaced with a metallic arm that is bonded to his soul, and thus now a part of him. This arm has a hidden blade in the forearm, which comes out just above Halfaerd's blade. Another function of this arm is the communication device, which sends the voice over to whoever he wants to via sympathetic magic. Below the hidden blade is a shotgun that comes out below his wrist, which shoots a blast of pure energy and kinetic force. 

Amulet of copying

-Amulet of Copying: One of Halfaerd's most versatile items, the Amulet of Copying allows Halfaerd to replicate any magical phenomenon/enchantment he sees. He can also absorb spells and reflect them back at his opponents and merge two spells inside of the amulet, creating a unique and deadly spell. Copied or absorbed enchantments can be replicated on any of his equipment. This amulet is what he uses to get new equipment or defenses against enemies that might be too tough.

Ring of telekinesis

-Ring of Telekinesis: The Ring of Telekinesis allows Halfaerd to do exactly what it implies: manipulate telekinetic force. The degree at which he can do this is depending on how much of his chi he's willing to pour into the ring. Usually he uses the ring for smaller reasons like controlling weapons in battle when his hands are full, simply pushing or pulling his enemy, or mundane utility.

Pocket dimension gauntlet

-Pocket Dimension Gauntlets: Halfaerd's pocket dimension gauntlets do exactly as they imply: allow him to open personal pocket dimensions where he stores items. He can even store prisoners in these dimensions and go into them himself, where he has total control of the area. Halfaerd stores most of his extra weapons and items in his pocket dimension.

Combination sword

-Combination Sword: Stored in his pocket dimension, Halfaerd's combination sword is a massive broadsword that can split into several smaller swords. He usually uses this if he's disarmed or if he's taking care of multiple enemies. Each sword that makes up the Combination Sword has its own enchantment that allows Halfaerd a different ability. When combined into a massive blade, the Combination Sword can create shockwaves and cut through steel and concrete.

The Bloody Gale:

The bloody gale

Dead Men Tell no Tales...

The Bloody Gale, captained by Halfaerd, the Black Baron himself, it a front he's created as a cover up of him being a Darkwraith Assassin. His vessel, the Bloody Gale, ia an airship that's powered by fire elementals in an internal combustion engine. The Bloody Gale mirrors how versatile Halfaerd is, containing several enchantments and battle modes for many different purposes. All processes on the Bloody Gale are overseen by a Knowledge Spirit by the name of Seras, making the Ship somewhat sentient due to the Knowledge Spirit embodying all aspects of the ship. Automations are also on the ship, connected to Seras, and tend to the dirtier and harder jobs, such as cleaning bathrooms, ship repairs, and cooking.

The crew is mostly made up of Darkwraith Assassins of lesser rank than Halfaerd, or recruited thieves and captured pirates. The crew is loyal to Halfaerd as per Sky Pirate tradition and also due to Halfaerd's general personal friendship towards the members. His stance among them is a lot like a big brother or a benevolent boss, always looking out for them no matter what. In short, the Bloody Gale crew is a big brotherhood that values adventuring and freedom much like Halfaerd himself. They adventure all over the planes, stealing from those they believe deserve it, pirate or politician. 

Base of Operations: Darkwraith Guild Hideout

The Den of Chaos
Located in Vesuvia, an artificial plane created long ago, The Darkwraith Guild is located in a collection of ruins and temples from civilizations of old. The whole place is ruled by nature, with only ropes, pulleys, and wooden platforms allowing Darkwraith Assassins to freely explore. It is teeming with animal life and monsters, making the place naturally dangerous and wild, which both serves to protect the guild from explorers and constantly hone their skills in survival, climbing, and combat. The Darkwraith Assassins have made the entire land their business, learning its every nook and cranny, making guerilla tactics very
easy against any intruders. Arrows and signs are set up on various walls to signal where the underground hideout is.

The Darkwraith Guild believes in the domino effect; that is, creating small changes so that bigger changes happen over time. With its "leaders" being oracles gifted with sight, wizards capable of calculating large-scale probabilities, and anarchists who believe in shaking the system, the Darkwraith Guild often engineers certain events to benefit their cause later on. This is done by predictive models made by oracles, which are right nine times out of ten. The Darkwraith Guild, due to their Anarchist roots, also don't really have a form of recognizable leadership. The so-called higher ups, like the wizards and oracles, are under unusual influence from the Monks, the spiritual leaders of the Darkwraith Guild and personal mouthpieces of the so-called "Mother Dark", the Goddess of Chaos; and the Monks are under the influence from the higher-ups. Furthermore, the Darkwraith Guild doesn't really have a ranking system, with orders and authority being given to those who prove suitable for the job at the time based on merits.