Name: Warren Burns

Aliases: That Poor Bastard, Montgomery's Lapdog, The Metal Man, the Titanium Enforcer, the Diesel-powered Officer

Age: 40

Species: Human (Formerly)

Powers: Diesel-fueled Physiology (Concussion BeamsHigh-Tech ExoskeletonMechanical Weapon ConstructTechnology ManipulationOxygen IndependenceEnhanced StrengthFlightMechanical Limb GenerationGun ProtrusionBlade Retraction), Genetic Access (Others only)

Abilities: Defunct PhysiologyUndying LoyaltyPsychic ShieldScanningCombat Perception

Alignment: Chaotic Good (Actions are Lawful Evil due to forced loyalty to Montgomery)

Affiliations: The Montgomery Foundation

Motto: "Protect and serve the free market!"

Quotes: "I...I can't fee-- brzzt..what's happening to me-- brzzt. It hurts...what happened to my hands...? Why are they made out of metal? Oh god...Oh no....N-brzzt. What's happening to me?! Oh god, it hurts! IT HURTS! OH GOD, NO!"

"Halt, worker! I regret to inform you that you are violating rule no. 42 of your three-year contract. Please return to your work station and continue your contributions to this great company. Failure to do so will result in immediate termination of your contract. Thank you! And remember: Altruism is the root of all weakness!"

"I am a Titanium Enforcer series Omega. I exist to protect and serve the free market! Please use me if you have any questions on how to get to your work station; I am here to help! Remember: Altruism is the root of all weakness!"

"Please help me...p-please-- I'm sorry, I did not register that answer. Please stand by while I make slight repairs; it will not take long, I promise."

Theme: (coming soon)

Occupations: Titanium Enforcer of the Montgomery Foundation, Robert's personal servant

Archetypes: Was Once A ManBody HorrorAnd I Must ScreamTragic MonsterThe DragonImplacable Man

Origin: Warren was a normal worker at the Montgomery Foundation who was only working there because Montgomery himself had bought his property. As a result, Warren's wife and children were forced to work in the factories, manufacturing machines and Green-V for the masses to consume and use. Of course, Warren wasn't okay with this, and he created a worker's union with the intention of rebelling against Robert Montgomery. This resistence was brutally crushed, with most of the workers being outright killed or forced into tougher jobs. Robert had special plans for Warren, though. Using a mix of his intrinsic fae magic and cutting-edge cybernetics, Warren was sergically fused into a titanium exoskeleton with most of his organs being removed and replace with new, indestructible ones powered by diesel. Now Warren is the Montgomery Foundation's head of security, and even more like him are being sold to the King of Brittanica...