Andromedan Federation

They sit. They watch. They are.

In the Andromeda Galaxy, war has gone on for eons. This war has killed greater than quadrillions, and has set the very heavens alight with how ferocious they have been. Gigantic, ancient empires and civilizations have fought across the stars, blowing up stars and star clusters, destroying parts of the galaxy and repairing them in an instant. Some proxy wars have been fought in the ancient Milky Way, before humanity had even consisted of apes swinging on trees, before the dinosaurs walked the Earth. 

When the dust settled, the ancient empires have come to an agreement and, eventually, an alliance. A warlike galaxy had transformed into a powerful military and eventually political alliance, one that would keep galactic "peace" for centuries. This alliance was known as the Concitary of Androsmos, or the Andromedan Federation (translated from Algihaal to Jzi-Su to English).

Then the humans came.

The United Republic of Humanity in their space ships, entered the massive galaxy in the multi-quintillions. They immediately began colonizing planets, terraforming uninhabitable worlds and turning them into paradise climates for their species. The Concitary immediately intervened, stopping the Republic when they had three solar systems under their control. The Republic was going to go to war with the Concitary, but the sheer size of the Concitary's military (for every U.R.H. legionnaire, there are about one hundred Concitary soldiers), their technology being equal or perhaps even superior to the U.R.H has kept them from going into an armed conflict so easily.

As it stands now, the U.R.H. and the Andromedan Federation are in the uneasy "Milkdromedan Alliance", a practical agreement that neither civilization will attack each other as long as neither attack first. This also includes trading, though with how advanced both civilizations are, they can only trade things like entertainment and sciences rather than goods or resources. Though tensions are high between the Federation and the Republic, with the Federation's leadership being...dubious at best, which often clashes with the Republic's freedom-obsessed ideaology. Despite this, however, boarders are open between the two, with tourists from both sides allowed to visit both civilizations (within reason).

Major Councellors

Emperor Ciik of the Gorphotrucians:

Alien councillor 1
Both a synthetic and biological lifeform, Emperor Ciik is of the biotech-affined Gorphotrucians. Emperor Ciik is a synthetically created "bio-A.I." grown to help the Gorphotrucian Empire, but Ciik had eventually taken over by force and became the ruler of the Empire. Millions of years later, Ciik's empire is a biotechnology Empire, his civilization being masters of the art. 

The Gorphotrucian Empire is largely Fascist, with extreme emphasis of authority and government over the individual. Strict social codes and commandments are to be followed in the Gorphotrucian Empire, with emphasis on labels and segregation. Furthermore, a strict caste system is followed, with greater genetic information being allowed to higher castes, and the lowest caste being reduced to a working class of enslaved, hideous beings. Citizens are often closely watched by secret police, with the higher castes being watched more severely.

The Gorphotrucian Empire is one of the founding members of the Councitary of Androsos, and one most powerful members. Virtually all of the Federation's biotechnology is traded from the Gorphotrucian Empire, making it one of many superpowers in the Federation. Due to the Empire's authoritarian ideology,

Haljaka, Capitol of the Gorphatrucian Empire.

Emperor Ciik tends to build tension with other council members, who fear that the Empire will grow imperialistic and attempt to take over other civilizations in the Federation. Many scandals have pointed to this happening, but the complete lack of concrete evidence and the power of the Gorphotrucian Empire is what's keeping other civilizations from waging total war.

Nauqril the Enlightened of the Naz'go:

Alien councillor 2
Nauqril the Enlightened is the monarch of the Naz'go Culture, a species that comes from a water planet with land constantly bombarded by radiation. Due to this, only life in the deep ethanol oceans could thrive, and from it came this starfish-like species. The Naz'go have a complicated form of leadership; it seems largely beauracratic, with elaborate "houses" made to oversee different processes in Naz'goian society. However, due to their secrecy, the exact details of how their government work are unknown. They seem to use technology based on magic, and their specialty seems to be warping space. The architecture of

Nal'darahh, Capitol of Xospilia.

their cities often makes use of alien geometries and impossible shapes and space. The Naz'go seem to be a hive mind a lot like that of the Human Mind Network -- connected but still individuals. 

The Naz'go Culture contributes their spatial-warping technology to other civilizations in the Councitary. Nauqril itself often shares cosmic secrets with others for the right prices. The Naz'go Culture's secrecy and power definitely make the rest of the Federation paranoid. Spies have, quite a few times, been "mysteriously" sent to planet Xospila, their home planet, to figure out Naz'go secrets, but they've been unsuccessful every time. The Naz'go don't use any documents or data files, but they store information in their shared mindscape.

The Reality Seed

Reality Seed

The Reality Seed is the backbone of the Andromedan Federation. It is a Draconic device found later after the Federation formed, and since then it has been the primary means of conquering other civilizations that oppose the Concitary. Because of the Reality Seed, the Andromedan Federation retains the upper hand against the equally imperialistic United Republic of Humankind, and it is because of this weapon that distrust and tensions between centuries old Empires in the Federation continues to increase.

Making the Reality Seed work was no simple task. Luckily, when the Concitary's explorers found the Seed, it was in perfect condition. The language that the various holographic interfaces were in were in a complex code that was fundamentally different from Algihaal. It took the Federation's greatest code breakers and linguists to successfully translate the Draconic language into code, and then to binary from there. Even now, the full functions of the Seed aren't even unlocked, blocked by complex codes for words that don't even exist in Algihaal, complex numerical systems that go beyond anything anyone in the Federation have seen. Entirely new branches of science were made to even begin to comprehend the Reality Seed, but until the Draconic code is successfully cracked, the Reality Seed's full capabilities are lost to history.

The Reality Seed has several different abilities: one, it can manipulate all types of variables within a certain range; it can also apply seemingly contradictary or illogical concepts or laws to reality, and finally, it can manipulate an exotic particle that exists in an uncertain state which grants people superpowers. The immense powers of the Reality Seed has bred immense mistrust in the Federation between councillors, especially between the smaller and larger Empires. The Andromedan Federation's shared military guards the Reality Seed's facility on planet Jraxis, allowing only specified and cleared scientists into the premises and only for a limited amount of time, to either activate the Seed or further study it. The existence of the Reality Seed is, at all costs, completely keepen secret from the Human Republic. 

While the Reality Seed is the definite backbone and superweapon of the Concitary, it's rarely used because all of the Federation's council must come to an agreement to use it, and the corrupt politics and distrust between councillors make unanimous decision nearly impossible. Furthermore, the existence of such a powerful weapon breeds fear that other Councillors might attempt to use it against other Empires and turn the Andromedan Federation into the Andromedan Empire. These conflicts and distrusts make the Reality Seed as much as a necessity as a tool of the Concitary's collapse...