Name: Dellmerrek Varr

Aliases: Master of Entropy, Scourge of Life, Herald of Destruction, Lord of the Drvaka, The Ruthless King

Age: 10^117

Species: Ascended Being

Powers: Magic (Remaking/CustomizationMathematics ManipulationPsionic ManipulationEnergy Manipulation), Entropy ManipulationThe Power of NilAbsolute Restoration, Exalted Archmagus

Abilities/Skills: Reality Anchoring, The Golden RoadMathematical IntuitionAdaptive MagicAvatar CreationMental PerfectionLiving Anomaly

Alignment: Chaotic Evil

Affiliations: Himself, the Drvaka Race

Motto: "The very stars will fall before the Drvaka."

Quotes: "When I was a boy, I pointed at the moon and said, 'I want that.' When I was older and had the moon, I pointed at a neighboring planet and said, 'I want that.' When I was the lord of my solar system, I gestured at everything and said, 'I want ALL of this.' And so I got it. There is no denying Varr."

"Soon...SOON! Everything shall be MINE! All that exists, from the smallest particle to the largest supercluster, the Drvaka will be SUPREME! WAR IS INEVITABLE! BLOOD WILL BE SHED! ALL WHO OPPOSE US SHALL RAIN IN GORE AND DEATH! WE WILL FEAST ON THEIR FLESH, WE WILL STOMP ON THEIR BONES! Why? BECAUSE THE DRVAKA RACE IS SUPERIOR!"

Theme: (Coming soon)

Archetypes: (Coming soon)

Origin: (Coming soon)