Name: Derrick Mell 

Age: 21

Aliases: Glitch

Species: Metahuman

Powers: Video Manipulation (Digital ConstructsDigital MaterializationImagination ManifestationVideo Game MaterializationData DrainTechnology Manipulation), Electricity ManipulationCustomizationVideo Game Physics

Abilities/Skills: Martial Arts IntuitionScientific ProwessHacking IntuitionHero's CharmAdvanced Technology (Upsilon ArmorPlaneswalking/Wormhole CreationNanite Constructs)

Alignment: Neutral Good  

Affiliations: Himself

Derrick power armor

Upsilon Armor

"True heroism is helping people help themselves."

Quotes: "You've hurt my friends. You destroy things that I care about, and you expect me to surrender to you after all that? I've been nothing but fair to you. I've shown leniency towards you, more than you probably deserve. But now, there is a line that you've crossed, and one that you won't cross again. Come; let me show you how I've become the Champion of Trondopolis."

"I don't fight for myself, I fight for others. Yes, I can simply ignore all of the problems around me and live a more than comfortable life with my powers, but if power is all it takes for me to lose my conscience, then I shouldn't have it in the first place."

Theme: Daft Punk - Derezzed (The Glitch Mob remix)

Occupations: Superhero

Archetypes: Good Is Not SoftTechnical PacifistBeware The Nice OnesBadass BookwormKnight ErrantScience Hero

Origin: Born in a parallel universe to World-1, in the year 2102, Derrick Mell is the son of famed biologist Robert Mell and Susan Mell, who died giving birth to Derrick. As a child, Derrick had to deal with the grief of his father, who tried his best to stay strong after his wife died. When Derrick was seven, Robert Mell killed himself, taking his work with him and leaving Derrick nothing. After that, Derrick went from foster home to foster home, always wondering what was wrong with him to have his father just kill himself while he was a kid. He had inherited his father's intellect, being able to solve problems and think critically with ease. One day, Derrick discovered his powers after playing in Virtual Reality all night against his foster parents' wishes. After playing the game, he found out that he could materialize beings from that game into real life, mimic the abilities of any character in the game, and even absorb data for more power. With these abilities, he decided to help people and become a superhero.