Erza's humanoid form.

Name: Ezra Immaniuel

Aliases: The Monster, The Collective, Lord of the Flesh, Abomination, The Hive, the Ultimate Lifeform

Age: Unknown

Species: ??? 

Powers: Self-Molecular ManipulationBiomass ManipulationOrganic ManipulationAbsorbing Replication (Organic things only)

Abilities/Skills: Hypercomputer BrainSupernatural ConditionPsychic ShadowIntelligence Infinitum

Powers (As a result of assimilation): Psionic ManipulationPsionic Bio-TechEnergy ManipulationRemaking

Alignment: Orange and Blue Morality

Affiliations: None

Motto: "All will be preserved...within me."

Quotes: "Entropy is an awful concept, and stagnation even moreso. In order for life to thrive, it must change, it must evolve. Perfection isn't a stagnant state of being, nor is it being in the first place. It is evolving, changing forever and ever to the world around you, being the ultimate predator. And that's what I am: the ultimate predator."

"Things that I assimilate continue to live within me as information. This is information that I can use ad infinitum. You see, I am not here to destroy. I am here to preserve, to involve. All organic things I absorb are with me, always, living in constant thrill as the ultimate being. That's why I live. That's why we live! Within me, the looming spectre of entropy and death are no more! We are eternal!"

Theme: New World Symphony - 4th Movement

Archetypes: Assimilation PlotUltimate Life FormUbermenschHumanoid Abomination

Origin: Ezra is the result of an experiment by an advanced alien species. The experiment gave a colony of bacteria enough sentience and intelligence to think on their own. This bacteria was genetically engineered to be able to absorb various organic substances and, through microscopic technology in their nuclei, turn it into "information". Through this, the colony was able to gain more and more sentience and intelligence and, eventually, they all merged into one collective being by merging their consciousness. This being, named Ezra, has the ability to manipulate itself at the molecular level, manipulate organic matter, and absorb and replicate organic matter at a greater degree than the sentient bacteria. This bacteria replicates all bodily functions, making Ezra without organs or functions such as removing waste, breathing, or sleeping. He has to eat, however.