Futuristic dictator

Name: Bradley Hargrave

Aliases: Emperor Hargrave, Supreme Director of Ahzernekistan, The Technocrat

Age: 22

Species: Superhuman

Powers: Data Warping (Ontopathogenesis), CustomizationRemakingImaginative TechnomagicCodification/Decodification

Abilities/Skills: Mass ConsciousnessAdvanced Technology (Psionic Bio-TechEnergetic Bio-Tech), HypercognitionPsychic ShadowTranshuman Transformation

Alignment: Lawful Evil (Lawful Good???)

Affiliations: The World Empire, The People's States of Ahzernekistan

Motto: "Only through my guiding hand will humanity achieve greatness."

Quotes: "Attention leaders of the world: over the past few months, I have seized control of your countries. Your armies will stand down and drop their weapons. You will give up your sovereignty and give it to me. All problems will be solved directly by me and my office from now on. Any opposition or acts of resistance will be brutally crushed by my forces. My office is prepared to set up a world bank with one digital currency that will be kept track of by my A.I. We are also prepared to replace all fossil fuels and propaine derivatives with specialized solar panels, wind turbines, hybrid zero-emission energy technology, and nuclear power plants, all of which will be set up in the Sahara Desert. Currently, I am liberating all technology from the top technology companies in the world, and all scientific innovation, medical treatment, designs, and concepts are free and within public domain starting today. The world's governments will give up all of their secrets and release every possible plan and secret onto the internet for everyone to see. As of now, I have the names of every white-collar thief, every corrupt politician, and every secret trust in the world. I will personally detain them and punish them myself. Be not afraid: I am aware of the heinous crimes I have committed in the past. But know that I am ultimately interested in the good of mankind."

"Everything I do, I do for mankind. I imprison my enemies so they do not disturb the order. I watch the people so I may prevent crimes before they happen. The individual is important, and their civil liberties are maintained, yet they will not destroy the collective. The collective must be maintained, protected, and only by my guiding hand will that happen."

"Evolution happens not only on the biological level, but the social level as well. Humans have evolved to form groups, collectives, to follow strong leaders. It was under a strong leader that the Egyptians built the pyramids, and it was under a strong leader that the Roman Empire reached its peak. Absolute power has been abused, but only by those who are weak in and of themselves, only by those who do not understand what it is to rule. But I do, and under my strong leadership, humanity shall reach the stars."

"What have I done? Please. Born into a totalitarian dictatorship by my overbearing father and my very ill mother, I'd taken the throne after the death of my father and unified my country in a matter of years. What have you done? Any of you? In the end, you were all useless. Leeches. None of you had managed to do any of the things you were 'democratically' voted in for. Not that you'd tried in the first place. I'm taking over because I feel strongly that the world would fare much better under my leadership. When the world needed leaders, you were bureaucrats, obstructing important decisions for mere ideological differences. But perhaps that's the nature of oligarchy, greedy, selfish morons grasping for what they want and making the world sink beneath the water in the process. The world doesn't need politicians, nor bureaucrats. The world needs a single, strong leader intelligent enough to efficiently solve their problems. The world needs a technocrat."

Theme: Red Army Choir - Oh Fields, My Fields

Archetypes: Totalitarian UtilitarianWell-Intentioned ExtremistUtopia Justifies the MeansPragmatic VillainyThe Chessmaster

Origin: Bradley is the Emperor of Azernekistan, an Island fifty miles north of Scandanavia and an originally isolationist Fascist regime...until Bradley came into power. His father, Charles Hargrave II, died of a heart attack, leaving Bradley the ruler of the small nation. At first, Bradley didn't know how to run his government, but as his powers developed, he began to become more of a visionary. When he was nineteen, Azernekistan was on the brink of collapse. Bradley's office was corrupt and plotting against him, but Bradley used his powers to corrupt the traitors of his office into perfect copies of him, which scared a lot of other memers into being his allies. From there, he used his powers to greatly improve the technology of Azernekistan until they were many years ahead of the world outside. Bradley maintained absolute control of the people, eliminating all crime in Azernekistan and ultimately improving the quality of their lives through technology, welfare, and education. After he made his country nigh-utopian, he expanded to the rest of the world, taking control of world governments and establishing a worldwide totalitarian empire. In this empire, citizens enjoy many civil freedoms, hyper-advanced technology, and freedom of information...but those who speak against the government, express displeasure vocally or mentally (even in private), or try to rebel against the Hargravian regime tend to disappear overnight.

Powers (In Detail):

  • Data Warping: Bradley's main ability is the ability to scan, decode, and replicate any phenomena that he sees. The origins of this ability are unknown. All data scanned and de-coded is stored in an inner network in Terra Ultima's astral shadow (a reflection of an object/place in the astral plane). This data is effectively memorized and there for Bradley to repeatedly replicate or fuse with other data at any point. It was with this ability that Bradley elevated Ahzernekistan from a backwater third world country to a post-scarcity technocratic empire.
    • Physics Manipulation: Using absorbed data from his universe's laws of physics, Bradley is capable of manipulating them within varying areas of effect. The extent to which he can alter the laws of physics is relatively limited outside of Terra Ultima. Within his city, however, he is capable of warping the laws of physics to a completely eldritch degree.
    • Formula Manifestation: With a combination of his physics manipulation and his data warping, Bradley has created a new set of mathematical laws, formulae, and constants that he can use to manipulate reality around him. These mathematical formulae create effects like "magic", and he teaches these formulae to his trusted soldiers (who are really his constructs) to make his army even more powerful.
    • Adaptive Replication: Bradley has modified himself to be able to replicate powers adaptively as per his Data Warping. With this, Bradley has gained a wide array of powers, such as Psionic ManipulationMagneto-Gravitation Manipulation, and Self-Molecular Manipulation.
  • Customization/Remaking: Bradley's second most important ability, giving him the power to customize all nonliving things and remake all living things. With this, Bradley has constructed an army of bio-mechanical supersoldiers and elevated the citizens of Ahzernekistan to post-humans, able to customize themselves at will with Bradley's customization stations. Bradley has also used this ability to enhance his own powers, elevating him to the level he is at now.
    • Form Manipulation: Bradley can manipulate the physical "form" of anything including himself, allowing him to physically shape, enhance, or simply modify and change anything around him at will.
    • Essence Manipulation: As an extension of Form Manipulation, Bradley can also manipulate the essence of anything around him. This allows him to change the fundamental traits of everything around him, including their attributes and properties.
    • Supernatural Properties Manipulation: Bradley can "enchant" objects, people, or aspects of reality to gain properties that are supernatural.
  • Imaginative Technomagic: Using a combination of his Data Warping and Remaking abilities, Bradley has gained the ability to create technomagical constructs out of nothing. These machines must be thought out fully by Bradley, with the physics, purpose, and overall look completely thought out. These technomagical constructs can be upgraded and changed at will.
    • Technomagic: The most basic application. Bradley has the ability to combine magic with technology for various purposes.
    • Wish Machine: Stations all over Ahzernekistan are installed to grant citizens whatever wish they'd like (with limitations, of course, like the wish cannot affect Bradley's rule or affect anyone negatively). These machines are linked with Bradley, complete with intent decryption programs to ensure that the citizen's wish is met without the problems bought on by communication errors.
    • Magi-Nanites: In each of Hargrave's super-soldiers are specialized nanites that can grant them any one of his powers, or access to any knowledge/ability stored in Terra Ultima's astral shadow. Furthermore, the Magi-Nanites are linked to Hargrave and make them at least partially hive-minded to Emperor Hargrave, allowing him to assume direct control of them at any time, mentally relay instructions to them, or remotely change them with his powers. The Magi-Nanites are also in every Ahzernekistanian citizen with all of the traits minus the power bestowal or the information matrix.
    • Hargrave Factories: Hargrave Factories are propped all over Ahzernekistan, capable of perfectly creating any resource, material, or object that the people may need. Hargrave Factories are entirely self-replicating and can come in handheld forms.
    • Necrotech: Necrotech is pretty unique among Emperor Hargrave's magitech in the sense that it allows him limited control of alternate universes. With necrotech, Bradley can fuse trans-universal versions of a subject's consciousness together to generate a new entity. Furthermore, he can manipulate the consciousness (or "soul") of any being with this technology, so long as it HAS a consciousness.
    • Adaptor Drives: Adaptor Drives are basketball-sized, crystalline energy cores imbued with data from Terra Ultima's astral shadow. Each Adaptor Drive is programmed to allow small-scale reality modification for the construction of materials that follow physical laws or rules different from normal matter. Large-scale Adaptor Drives are used to construct cities, dilate space, or create megastructures within seconds for the population's various needs or to be used as tools for the government.
  • Mass Consciousness: Bradley's last power and perhaps his greatest curse. When not wearing gloves, Bradley's touch slowly converts another living being into him by changing their way of thinking, their ideals, and then finally psionically linking them to him. It is with this power that Bradley was initially able to take control of his father's office, and it is with this power that he has full control over the government and eliminate all corruption within it. However, due to this power, Bradley must always keep his gloves on.

Terra Ultima

Terra Ultima
The capital city of Ahzernekistan, Terra Ultima, is different from the rest of the world at large. One example of it's anomalous properties is how the city is larger inside than it appears to be on the outside, though that can simply be dismissed as a trick of architecture.

The truth is, Terra Ultima is a construct of Bradley's soul, retroactively created when he reached full power, and made only marginally connected to the rest of the space-time continuum. In Terra Ultima, the laws of science, physics, and even magic are bendable to say the least. In Terra Ultima, crystal-based superscience allows for technologies beyond modern human comprehension.

Bradley is one with Terra Ultima and is omnipresent within the city. The very size of the city changes and fluctuates with his growing power, and is able to "devour" other chunks/aspects of reality and modify/replicate them as per Bradley's data warping. Terra Ultima is partially sentient, and constantly evolves and changes as Bradley's power grows.

The Hargrave Matrix:

The Hargrave Matrix, also known as the "True Soul of Hargrave", is a collection of all scanned data, a place where Hargrave contains everything about himself in the form of raw symbols. The Hargrave Matrix is a metaphysical place, in the sense that is in between everything: life and death, fantasy and reality, mind and matter. Bradley's powers originate from the Hargrave Matrix, meaning Bradley is the embodiment of his own power and origin. Due to how big the Hargrave Matrix is, it essentially became a universe in and of itself, a sentient one embodied by Bradley himself, and constantly shifts and changes to whatever Bradley's goals or emotions may be. Much like Terra Ultima, the Hargrave Matrix can absorb other planes or aspects of reality. In fact, Terra Ultima is a physical manifestation of the Hargrave Matrix.

Life in Ahzernekistan


Illudias, the metropolitan district of Terra Ultima

The average citizen of Azernekistan would be unaware that they're living in a totalitarian regime. That isn't to say that citizens are unaware of being under a government with absolute power -- citizens regularly disappear for dissenting against Emperor Hargrave and his office -- but this totalitarian regime is different in the fact that the government does seem to care about the well-being of its people. This is demonstrated by the free augmentations and Hargrave Machines, being sure that no citizen is deprived of what they need. There is nearly no censorship in the media, and art and expression is nearly completely free to the people. That being said, the government has undergone massive projects to make sure the citizens are completely loyal to the Emperor, which include mass mind-control through magi-nanites to erase words related to "freedom" and "revolution" from the vocabulary of the citizenry. This way they cannot form ideas related to revolting against Hargrave due to their vocabulary not even having the necessary words to form the thoughts in the first place. 


Of course, re-wiring the language of the people to get rid of certain words won't stop dissatisfaction. Bradley knew this, so he'd underwent another project to completely fuse civilian life with pop culture. With a manipulation of the media, he'd ensured that talented citizens would become famous, and then he'd made sure that the media would cover them primarily, more than they cover the actions of the government and its people. This results in citizens barely realizing that every aspect of their lives was controlled by the government, instead being hyper-focused on things such as entertainment, always focused on new technology being created, new albums being released, or different TV shows premering. The media is manipulated in a way as to bombard citizens with consumerist ploys, making them more focused on entertainment media than the government. The result of this project is most citizens not being entirely aware that there even IS a government. Most citizens are convinced they live in some kind of anarchist utopia, where they have total freedom of speech (being unaware of the words completely erased from their vocabulary) and expression. Due to this common view by citizens, Hargrave is able to operate discreetly while maintaining absolute control of the populace.   

The Office of Hargrave:

Throne room

Hargrave's Throne Room

 Political officials, however, are immune to the tricks Bradley plays on citizenry. To deal with them, the Emperor has fashioned himself as a god, some kind of living embodiment of Kingship. As a result, many officials in his office that aren't actually his proxies and avatars worship him as some sort of omnipresent deity. Bradley rewards the especially loyal by making them "high priests", giving them magical abilities and perks above the average citizen, which the emperor continue to provide so long as the official stays completely loyal to him. Those who find ways to betray him are immediately assimilated into the Hargrave Matrix (a collection of all of Bradley's data/proxies that make up his extended being), where Hargrave would learn any plans to usurp him and immediately destroy the opposition. As a result of this religious control over his office, the officials beneath him both fear and revere him, most not even seeing Hargrave himself except through proxies or chosen avatars.


Chandra Room
After a few generations, Emperor Hargrave had come to notice that making dissenters disappear overnight was a good way of disturbing civilian life and creating unrest. Due to his goals of creating a totalitarian shadow government unseen by the people, this model of punishment for citizenry was incompatible with his goals. So he created a new initiative called OPERATION: CHANDRA. The goal of the operation is simple: give citizens no reason to rebel against the totalitarian regime and ensure maximum satisfaction while maintaining full, complete control. The implementation of this initiative had increased how happy citizens are with their life, even those who had managed to break free from the media illusion and discover the true nature of the Ahzernekistanian government. 

Citizens that so much as think of distaste for the state of the Empire disappear whenever they are alone, but only briefly. They are taken to the Chandra Rooms, located in seemingly innocent buildings at unspecified locations upon every street. Within these Rooms, the citizen undergoes a full scan via technomagical machines that replicate Hargrave's Data Warping. Once the scan is over, the citizen is replaced with a perfect copy with one minor change: they have no complaints with the current regime. That copy is unaware that they're a copy, and thus are sent off to live the civilian's life unaware of the original being kidnapped.

The original isn't as lucky, however. The fate of the original citizen is being broken up into raw data via decodification procedures (a process in which the citizen is fully conscious). This raw data is then assimilated into the Hargrave Matrix, where each piece is analyzed to discern the reason for this particular citizen's unhappiness, and once the source of the dissatisfaction is found, Bradley takes it into account and modifies the very reality of the Empire to eliminate that source of dissatisfaction, that way the copy or anyone with that particular problem never has it again. Of course, this is done in such a way that it does not compromise the integrity of the empire, the happiness and satisfaction of other citizens, or the trajectory of Hargrave's plans. If such a conflict arises, Bradley performs a full scan of all minds in Ahzernekistan and either retroactively erases their existence from the universe, or uploads their minds into a Polis, a virtual dream-plane where they can be under the illusion that they live in a world where their dissatisfaction is gone. 

The Polis Coalition:

The Polis Coalition
Every terrestrial planet in the Solar System besides Earth, the material from the Asteroid Belt, Kupier Belt, and Oort Cloud, and some material from other planes has gone into a massive project, creating megastructures. These megastructures are disk-shaped supercomputers the size of entire planets, each of which has enough processing power to sustain its own self-contained virtual plane, or Polis. This Polis Coalition is a creation of Emperor Bradley Hargrave as a sort of territory for immigrants and prisoners. Each being in a polis lives in a virtual world that can either be connected to that of other citizens, or completely solipsistic in nature -- which is to say, they are the only "real" being in the Polis, and everyone else is just an artificial intelligence programmed to interact with the citizen. Polis environments are usually paradises, utopias that are perfectly tailored to whomever is experiencing them. Due to the nature of the Polis, each citizen can live in their own perfect world without the risk of hurting someone else.

However, there is a catch as always. Each citizen of the Polis Coalition is kept under the same rules and conditions as the citizens on Earth, except Bradley is watching them literally 24/7, due to the citizens of the Polis Coalition being "criminals", immigrants (whom Bradley has an inherent distrust of), or prisoners. Furthermore, Bradley is virtually omnipotent within the Polises, and thus doesn't bother to hide the true nature of the totalitarian hell that Ahzernekistan truly is. Citizens within Polises must live in a perfect, utopian world fully aware that Bradley is constantly watching them, controlling every aspect of their life. 

Due to the nature of the Polises, it is fully possible for sentient minds to randomly spawn within the code. When this happens, the minds are usually uploaded into physical bodies on Earth to maintain the illusion that the population wasn't sterilized (an initiative Bradley had taken to be rid of the problem of overpopulation).