Gareth Van Cuiick
Name: Gareth Van Agteren

Age: 22

Virtue: Prudence

Vice: Lust

Shadow Name: Boltzmann

Derangement: Schizophrenia

Path: Moros

Order: The Free Council

Legacy: The Celestial Masters

Concept: Failed Scientist, Occult Detective

Arcanum: DeathMatterSpace, Forces

Rank: Adept

Attainments: Celestial Telescope, All Is Stardust

Skills: Mathematical IntuitionEnhanced IntelligencePrecognition (Latent)Codification/DecodificationHacking Intuition

Motto: "We are the universe, and the universe is us."

Quotes: "Okay, I know it sounds crazy -- but please realize that I'm speaking purely out of experience here. All matter is energy, all energy is matter; everything is essentially uniform. So surely it stands to reason that consciousness is the same. I mean, I know there's no proof -- and science requires proof -- but maybe if you...kinda...y'know...gave me funding..?"

"I did something really simple with this one. By channeling spatial magic through a quantum computer, I managed to create a slightly modified Minkowski Space, the curvature of which slightly defies geometric principles and creates a non-euclidean spacetime. Anyway, I think if I'm allowed to go further with this, I can convert NP problems into P problems, or possibly make them equivalent. Only then will we be able to have a perfect game of sidoku. Or, y'know, cure cancer."

"See...that's kinda problematic in the fact that it transgresses several laws of science and magic. In fact, I'd call it straight up abyssal in nature if I didn't know any better. Point is, this map isn't correct. Nope. In order for it to be correct, the Earth would have to be a truncated dodecahedron...or the universe...or both. Agh, this is every mathematicians nightmare! Why the hell does the coast of North America bisect in four different ways? If you religious sort want us to believe in Atlantis, you'd have to stop bringing us maps with archaic forms of geometry. What is this? Back when people thought there was four corners to the world?"

Theme: The Pixies - Where is my Mind

Archetypes: Genius DitzMad ScientistBunny Ears LawyerOccult DetectiveBadass Bookworm

Occupations: Minuteman in the Free Council, Freelance Scientist, Engineer

Origin: Gareth was born in Providence, Rhode Island to New Age herbalist Rainia Van Agteren and biologist Gregory Van Agteren. Because of his parents' influence, Gareth was always interested in the occult, philosophy, and physics, and even did rituals in his basement combining the concepts. It was during one of these rituals when he was seventeen that he awakened. Gareth joined the Free Council out of a natural attraction to the sciences, and spent his college career trying to prove the most theoretical and out-there theories of science, but to no avail. Now, a failed scientist, Gareth gets by by doing freelance research for corporations or medicine companies and acting as an occult detective.

Personal Data:

Personality: Gareth is eccentric, awkward, and highly intelligent. He tends to prefer books and machines over people, though his social skills are well enough to allow him to not be completely recluse. He is generally dismissive of things he doesn't really understand or things that defy the laws of reality as he knows them. Due to his talent for interpreting systems, and solving problems/cryptograms, he has an innate talent for magic and tends to be a lot more spiritually aware than his peers. His schizophrenia is also a driving force in his social interactions, making him timid to relate or get close with people since mages with derangements aren't greatly trusted. He's smart enough to have an idea of what is real and what isn't, but whenever he has a breakdown, he's rendered mostly helpless.

Core Personality Traits: Neurotic, Eccentric, Intelligent, Cynical

Likes: Solving puzzles, Mathematics, Machines, Books

Dislikes: Illogical people, Dogmatic people, The Silver Ladder, the Seers of the Throne

Appearance: Gareth is messy and unkempt, but that doesn't necessarily detract from his looks. He has clear, pale skin and unruly black hair that usually covers his blue eyes. On his forearm, he has a few circutboard tattoos, and on his face there are a few small holes from where he had piercings (remnants from his goth phase). Gareth usually wears comfortable and casual clothes: sweaters, turtlenecks, stretchy jeans. When in formal settings, he usually settles for business suits or lab ware. 

Nimbus: When Gareth casts a spell, shadows become deeper and everything takes a dark, monochrome tone. Shadows grab out at the subject and metals rust, plants appear to decay. With powerful spells, the subject might even hear whispers, whispers similar to the ones Gareth hears in his own head. Deathly pale faces appear in the walls and appear to twitch or moan.

Equipment/Magical Tools: Thaumium Hammer-axe, dual revolvers, bone wand