Thyrsus mage
Name: Caroline O'Boyle

Age: 23

Shadow Name: Trivia

Virtue: Hope

Vice: Wrath

Derangement: Intermittent Explosive Disorder (Minor)

Path: Thyrsus

Order: The Free Council

Legacy: The Solidality of the Tor

Concept: Pagan High Priestess, Environmental Activist, Anarcho-Socialist

Arcanum: SpiritLife, FateTime

Rank: Adept

Attainments: The Spiral Dance, Drawing Down the Moon

Skills: Medical IntuitionAnimal EmpathyEnhanced Combat (Krav-Maga)PersuasionEnhanced Crafting

Motto: "The soul is sovereign and divine, and by extension, humanity is too."

Quotes: "Magic is plagued with antiquity. The Silver Ladder, the Adamantine Arrow, and the Guardians of the Veil seem stubbornly determined to hold onto the traditions of old. Well...I hate to break it to you, but...even if Atlantis were real, it obviously didn't work, with the so-called Exarchs ascending to the Realms Supernal and taking the thrones of the Old Gods. Why would we try to emulate a failed society? Tradition has no place in magic."

"Fascist! You don't care about the Sleepers! You don't even care about anyone other than yourself! You and those of your path are concerned with only your own interests, your own! I just...I cannot stand you! You are a tyrant, and the gift of seeing through the Lie is wasted with you! Only the lowest of Seers are scum like you."

"I call upon the moon, that which speaks to my divine soul. I am the gate between the Spiritual and the Physical, Gods and Men. Through me, the divine souls of humanity will be realized, and the tyranny of the Lie can be seen through. Humanity deserves the gift of magic, and it is theirs to bear, all of them, equally. As below, so above."

Theme: Yeah yeah yeahs - Heads Will Roll

Archetypes: Fiery RedheadHair Trigger TemperNature HeroThe BeastmasterDon't Think, FeelThe Idealist

Occupations: Veterinarian, Coven Priestess

Origin: Caroline O'Boyle was born to Saoirse O'Boyle and Ronan O'Boyle. Born in Ireland, she descends from a long line of Irish-English witches. Her family's rituals when she was six eventually lead to her awakening when she was fifteen, and her liberal upbringing attracted her to the Free Council's democratic philosophies. Now she lives in Portland, Oregon, working as a Veterinarian and leading the small coven of two witches (including her) and about fifteen sleepwalker (humans aware of magic) followers. She also is in charge of one of Portland's lorehouses by night and acts as a librarian for arcane lore.

Personal Data:

Personality: Caroline is a warm, caring person with a tendency to get angry at the smallest of things, especially at those who manipulate others. She is good with people, which makes her perfect for her job in both mage and human society. Caroline has a passion for equality and strongly believes in free will, which is reflected in her very idealistic philosophy that the soul of humans are divine, and that the will of man can shape the world around her. 

Core Personality Traits: Passionate, Idealistic, Short-tempered, Rebellious

Likes: Animals, nature, dancing

Dislikes: The Silver Ladder, Manipulators, Those who deny humanity their divine rights

Appearance: Caroline has a natural beauty and wears minimal makeup. She has slightly curly red hair, pale skin, and blue-green eyes. She looks younger than she is (often being able to pass as a teenage girl most of the time), and this youthfulness is due to her status as a Thyrsus mage. As for her clothing, she tends to wear dresses over pants and t-shirts. Her clothing is often stylish and layered with transparent cloth. It's common for her to wear scarves of varying colors, mostly purples and greens. She always wears a necklace with a spiral symbol on it, a bracelet containing many occult trinkets, and had a tattoo on her left wrist of a cat.

Nimbus: Whenever Caroline casts a spell, the area around her grows wild. The distant sound of animals echoes in the distance, shapes seem to manifest at the corner of the subject's eyes, faces that seem to be watching them, ready to pounce. The buzzing of insects hums low over the ever-present sounds of the jungle, and the air grows hot and cold randomly.