Name: Quinn McAvoy

Age: 46

Virtue: Justice

Vice: Pride

Shadow Name: Hades

Derangement: None

Path: Moros

Order: The Silver Ladder

Legacy: Brotherhood of the Demon Wind

Concepts: Bitter Wizard, Cynical Mentor, Tough Master

Arcanum: DeathMatterSpaceForces

Rank: Master

Attainments: Celestial Telescope, Light Long Dead

Skills: Scientific ProwessEnhanced CombatPsychological IntuitionMaster's Wisdom

Motto: "All that is material is nothing to the decaying touch of death."

Quotes: "Your methods of exploring the Mysteries are...untraditional. You foresake the culture of Atlantis and stick to these barbaric 'modern' practices. The Old Gods are rolling in their supernal graves, boy. But fine. If you wish to explore an alternative path to tradition, it isn't my place to stop you. I will continue to guide you in the Mysteries, no matter how little we see eye-to-eye."

"Jewels? Money? Material wealth? All of this is just...matter. Molecules, atoms, particles, all of which will separate and re-bond to form new materials. How can one call themselves a king if they are subatomically no different from the dirt they walk on? What truly makes the millions of dollars someone owns special? The value we attach to things is useless. The only things that exist are atoms and empty space. And even atoms will decay one day."

Theme: ~Persona 3~ Burn My Dread

Archetypes: Dark Is Not EvilThe CynicThe StoicCynical MentorBadass Bookworm

Occupations: Deacon in the Silver Ladder

Origin: (to be made)