Female samurai
Name: Aoki Miyu

Age: 23

Virtue: Faith

Vice: Wrath

Shadow Name: Susano-o

Derangement: None

Path: Mastigos

Order: Adamantine Arrow

Legacy: Brotherhood of the Demon Wind

Concepts: Vengeful Killing Machine, Tranquil Killer

Arcanum: MindSpaceTime, Fate

Rank: Adept

Attainments: Tazeini Buzei

Skills: Indomitable WillTranquil FuryHand-to-Hand trainingWave-Man trainingIntimidationUnpredictability

Motto: "My blade knows not conscience, nor mercy. My blade knows only your blood."

Quotes: "I'm afraid I don't care much about why you did what you did. You stand in the way of my mission, and as a result, you fell before my blade. It is as simple as that. There is no room for mercy in vengeance."

"Do you see me? Look into my eyes. Do you see the girl that you terrorized? Whose parents you've beaten and killed? Whose house you burned down? Do you see the girl you've left for dead in the forest? The one you left to the werewolves and other horrible creatures that lurk in the dark? Yes. Now you know. Now you see. All this time, I have not just been some obscure fairytale. I am not a boogeyman your associates gossip about. I am very much real. I am very much here. And so is my blade."

"I don't care about connections, friendship...all of it is pointless in the end. For years, I have honed my skills, psychologically modeling myself into the perfect killing machine as per my master's training. I am not one who has free times, attends consilium meetings and shakes hands with stuffy bureaucrats. I am one who takes action, one who destroys my enemy and moves on to the next one. That is who I am. That is who my master trained me to be."

Theme: The Yoshida Brothers - Fuyu No Sakura

Occupation: Contract killer

Archetypes: Ice QueenLady of WarAloof Dark-Haired GirlAction GirlTranquil Fury

Origin: Aoki Miyu is the daughter of British CEO John Stanford and Japanese innkeeper Nanako Miyu. She originally lived in the United Kingdom until she was eight, when her father was assassinated by a member of the Ministry of Mammon for uncovering an important breakthrough regarding Atlantis, a crime that Aoki herself witnessed. She moved to rural Japan to live with her mother, where she lived until she was about twelve before her mother was assassinated also in an attempt to kill Aoki, which was to close loose ends. Aoki was left in the snowy forest that winter, and only survived because her soon-to-be master, Susano-o (real name Shouji) helped her. Aoki shortly awakened after Susano-o found her, and then she was taught the ways of the Brotherhood of the Demon Wind. When Aoki was twenty one, her father was assassinated by those who associate with the Ministry of Mammon. Aoki survived the attack on their sanctum, took her master's shadow name as a way of honoring him, and vowed to get revenge on the Ministry of Mammon.

Personal Data:

Personality: Aoki is a cold and driven individual. She's generally apathetic towards how other people feel and focuses more on results. Due to this, she's prone to going to extremes to accomplish whatever goal she needs to accomplish. Due to her upbringing, Aoki is very savvy in the codes and ethics of high class society, and her time with her innkeeper mother gave her knowledge on traditional Japanese customs. As a result, Aoki is a very polite person initially, at least until she blocks out all distractions and annoyances to focus on her goals. That being said, this cold and tough exterior is a shield to cover someone who is essentially a broken and hurt individual, who had the dreams and aspirations of every girl her age taken away from her by her enemy.

Core Personality Traits: Morose, Serious, Defensive, Polite

Likes: Sweets, Revenge, Music, The color Red, Travelling

Dislikes: Parent-killers, staying in one place, talkative individuals

Appearance: Aoki is a beautiful woman, with a statuesque and graceful physique and long black hair. On one side, her hair is cut short like a bobcut, but on the other side, it's kept long. Due to Aoki's lifestyle, she's not very able to wearing overly expensive or lavish clothes despite her having the money to buy them. She usually wears the sturdiest and most comfortable clothes she can find, allowing her constant mobility in case she were to ever get into a fight. Sometimes Aoki wears makeup, but it's usually just eyeshadow and minimal lipstick. She wears glasses because of her poor eyesight.

Nimbus: When Aoki casts a spell, the area around her goes dark. The sky seems to gain a deep red hue like dried blood. The grounds seems to be made primarily of shadows, and dark appendages looking like arms or insect legs sometimes rise out of the darkness. With powerful spells, the screams from Yomi are heard, and Aoki's form seems to shift and contort as if in some spatial distortion field.

Equipment/Magical Tools: Dual Katanas, Wakazashi