Longdale, Capitol of Brittanica.

In times of old, the Roman Empire ruled the vast known world. However, due to the church being fragmented, corrupt politicians and civil disorder, the Holy Roman Empire had been destroyed and taken over by the Brits, a tribe descended from what was then Scandinavia. The Brits continued to expand and conquer, leading to many cultural, social, and political developments in Brittanian society. Eventually, in the year 1708, Brittania evolved into Brittanica after a revolution that overthrew Richard, the Terrible. Now, Brittania was Brittanica, and a new era of industrial and technological progression ensued in a better life for Brittanican citizens.

In the year 1879, the King of Brittanica ordered an expidition of the Coldlands below Brittanican territory. This expidition was long, dangerous, and had a massive lack in resources, but the payoff was worth it. At the center of the Coldlands, an alien artifact was uncovered. This artifact contained technology far beyond what Brittanica had, and a top secret operation called "The Growth Initiative" had started. Brittanica had their most genius engineers and scientists study technology taken from the Coldlands, and every time they managed to reverse-engineer something, ground-breaking discoveries in the field of science had been made. Brittanica's second industrial revolution, bought on by this alien artifact, has turned Brittanica into an industrial power.

It is 1943. Brittanica has expanded to encompass the whole planet, but are they truly in control of their world? Genetics and technology have exponentially advanced, allowing the citizens of Brittanica to do things they could only dream of in previous centuries. However, disease has arrived in the cities of Brittanica, and microbiologists are absolutely stumped as to where it came from, because it seems to have no cure and doesn't behave like the average virus. To make things worse, the corrupt king Julius II had inhereted the throne from his brother, who had mysteriously died. Julius' rule had bought great poverty to the to Brittanica, but great prosperity to the upper class elite. Due to this, organized crime has erupted, with many smaller businesses surrendering to a Feudalist-like rule of various crime lords.

Due to an ongoing spiritualist movement in 1897, cults have arrived, worshipping various "beings from beyond the stars". These cults have been dismissed by the Kingship as harmless, but the way they're growing numbers and gaining mysterious powers seems to differ...

Government of Brittanica

The Government of Brittanica is a triumvirate, much like the Roman Empire it descended from. It is separated into three separate powers: the King, the Justice, and the Sheriff. 

The King is the one who make the laws of Brittanica. They also handle economics, media, and other things important to the country. Brittanica's king, Julian II, decreased taxes for the upper class and increased taxes for the lower and middle classes, making poverty a heavy problem. His approach to industry and corporate affairs are largely laissez faire, allowing heavy unethical means of production such as child labor and underpaying workers.

The Justice is the head judge of the country and handles interpretation of the laws, and the second most powerful in the country. The justice cannot change the laws or anything, just determine how they're interpreted in legal battles. Of the whole triumvirate, the current Justice, George Smart is the fairest. He allows a fair trial to all, as long as they have the proper proof of whatever it is they're getting at. However, his pragmatic personality and his high-class background makes him unsympathetic to the lower class.

The Sheriff enforces the laws of the country, and is the head of all military, police, and intelligence divisions. The least powerful of the triumvirate, the current Sheriff, John Whitley is from the middle class and is very susceptible to corruption. He is infamous for being easy to bribe by organized crime, and brutally enforcing laws by the King. Due to him being the closest to the people, he often speaks on behalf of them in Triumvirate meetings.

Brittanican Technology


Gene Splicing: Brittanican society is very much based on splicing. With the biotech found on the Elder One's (the name the Brittanican media is giving the aliens who's tech they found) ship, geneticists have found samples of a hyper-adaptive alien genome that can have its properties modified. With this, the Williams Corporation created the "Gene Splicer", a drug that can give citizens of Brittanica superpowers. In order for the superpowers to be sustained, an agent called "Green-V" must be injected weakly to prevent degradation of the alien DNA. As a side-effect of the Gene Splicer, users often become heavily addicted and often suffer symptoms of mental illness of varying severity. Some patients have been reported to die, but given how 87% of the Brittanican population is addicted to Gene Splicing, no investigation or limits have been put on production or use.

Robotics: Machines and automatons are completely buildable but very expensive. Mechanical servants are often used for the rich in various house deeds, and some with the tougher deeds for humans in factories. Due to the sheer versatility of automations, a lot of humans are getting unemployed in favor of these robots. Skilled enough mechanics can create specialized robots with their own powers and abilities, or robotic appendages to replace their own in case of injury or for the sake of self-modification.

Black Box

The Black Box: Perhaps the most important discovered technology from the Coldlands, the Black Box is a highly mysterious piece of technology taken from the Elder Ones' space ship. Its exact capabilities are unknown, and scientists have been unable to do reverse-engineer it. However, it has shown the ability to re-arrange things at the sub-atomic level and make anything typed into a holographic interface. It can do this at a completely modifyable scale, and has been used to create the massive megacity known as Longdale in the first place. It can turn mass into energy and vise versa, and it theoretically has even more applications that hadn't been explored yet. Some scientists that have been in the same room too long with the Black Box have been noted to go insane or come down with some the disease. However, any negative side effects are left completely secret by the Kingship.

Children of the New Age: Factions in Brittanica

The 1920's is an era of conflict in Brittanica. On one hand, the fruits of the Industrial Age are bringing great posperity and wealth to some citizens, but on the other hand, poverty, crime, and corruption are as rampant as ever. Due to this, various organized crime units have appeared, and some have turned to the shady cults of Brittanica due to a need to turn to religion in tough times. These have formed factions:

The Giovanni Family:

The Giovanni
One part mob family, one part cult, the Giovanni are one of the biggest factions in Brittanica. They deal in extortion of small businesses and trafficking Green-V and Gene Splicers. They terrorize the streets of Longdale, having connections all over the world, their only opposition being the Abrami. Within the family, there are...disturbing activities related to incest and human sacrifice. The Giovanni worship "the Faceless Gods that Walk Twilight", spirit beings who are told to have some kind of power in Giovanni lore. A lot of Giovanni have been shown to be imbued with powers allowing them to talk to spirits and control the dead, and some have shown a natural talent for magic. A weird thing about the Giovanni is they seem to have a strange form of dementia that seems to get worse and worse as they get older. Giovanni are shown to have various other mental disorders due to contact with these "Faceless Gods", but overall nothing more is known about them due to how secretive they are and how exclusive their parties and events are. 

The Abrami Family:

The Abrami
The Abrami Family is victim to a strange disorder called therianthropy. It doesn't affect most of them that badly, just a bad temper that causes them to turn into berzerkers. However, a few members of the Abrami Family turn into massive, animalistic beasts when they get angry. It is for this reason that they're the second largest faction in Brittanica, and it is for this reason that they're so feared. The Abrami Family deals with trafficking money and weapons to other customers. Members of the Abrami Family tend to live long, and as creatures of passion, tend to throw massive and grandiose parties that even government officials attend sometimes. To the Abrami Family, appearance is everything, and making friends at the top is always beneficial.
The Crone's Brood:

The Crone's Brood

The Crone's Brood is a large cult in Brittanica, encompassing about 6% of its population. The Brood believes that the end times are coming, and the Disease is just one of many signs. The Brood is very secretive, but agents sent to their houses undercover have found a very in-depth and terrifying mythos. The Brood worships the Crone, an Earth Goddess that is supposedly sleeping beneath the Earth. They believe that when she's awakened, humans will be destroyed except for her followers, and they will all be given a perfect form that they will then conquer the universe with their "Holy Mother". Much like the Giovanni Family, they show powers that aren't originated from gene splicing, and they show some talent for a strange type of ritiual magic involving changing the body and "crafting flesh" in horrible ways. Recorded instances of human sacrifice and summoning strange beings have been found, but very few. Whatever the Crone's Brood is doing, it's definitely not good.

The Horrors Beyond: The Faceless Gods and the God-Machine

The Faceless Gods

The Elder Ones have been fighting a centuries-long war with beings from another dimension. This battle has gone through out the entire universe, finally reaching its peak on a prehistoric planet Earth. The Elder Ones had fought for generations with these glaringly superior beings from beyond three dimensional space, but they had lost in the end. Now the Faceless Gods are settled on the moon, and they have been dormant for a while. On April 17th, 1888, they finally awakened. Due to the numbers lost during the war with the Elder Ones, they must repopulate and make their race anew. The human race is used as a tool for repopulation, and their abilities to modify their own genes make it possible to reproduce with humans. There are several cults that worship them for the power the Faceless Gods give them in exchange for their loyalty, but they're ultimately unaware of the goal: turning the planet earth and, by extension, the human race into a massive slave farm.

The God-Machine

"What is reality? I have seen it. I have closed my eyes and seen the gears, the cogs, the engines. I have heard the steam, I've seen the oil working through tubes, I've seen the order in the chaos."

-Gregory Argyros, the Prophet of York

World-2 was a flawed universe. Some error in its formation led to wild inconsistencies in physics and mechanics. Reality, being as adaptive as it is, fixed this problem by creating a machine. It wasn't a literal machine, more like a sentient "programming" made to oversee all processes of this world, big and small. It was formless, but could take any physical form it needed for the situation. This machine, this "God-Machine" was essentially a guardian of World-2...but something went wrong. Its programming contained a small flaw, and this flaw only increased as billions of years went by. Now, it is essentially broken, working towards some unknown and vague goal that only it knows. The God-Machine creates "Angels", using its total mastery of physics and matrixes to carry out various duties and maintain the universe. These goals can range from creating agents, manipulating humans, or destroying entire galaxies -- causality is the God-Machine's game, and creating small changes can lead to massive changes in the future. There are few that are aware of the Machine, but those people are usually angels or those who have managed to slip out of its control.