Neohuman flag

Sihl dla sahroz, mwi azenzos (From the Stars, we Rise).

(Aka: Anarchist Neohuman Imperium, the Neohuman Anarchy, The Neohuman Race)

Preface: Over the course of millennia, the Human Race has transcended the human condition. Human experience has expanded from the small blue cradle called Earth, reaching the stars. In the year 2090, the United Government was established, its rule democratic. Under the United Government's rule, humanity managed to colonize the moon, Mars, and Venus. In the year 2250, Humanity becomes a type I civilization on the Kardashev scale, their power source being the very core of their planet itself, and all of the resources the planets follow. By this time, large scale colonization of Venus and Mars is already underway, and the moon is already safely colonized. In the year 3100 AD, humanity has colonized the whole solar system and is working on colonizing other star systems. The Metro Sphere, dubbed "Humanity's Greatest Invention", is a series of satellites and superstructures orbiting the inner solar system and getting power directly from the sun. The Metro Sphere also has engineered cities and artificial climates where various creatures dwell. In the year 3500, computer science has become advanced enough to simulate the birth of the universe, enlightening disciples of all fields of science. In the 40th Century, computer science reached its ultimate potential. Suddenly, nothing was impossible for the United Republic of humankind. It was by the 41st Century that humanity had control over a third of the galaxy, with smaller alien civilizations under their rule. After a war with an alien tyrant named Kazzack, the United Republic of Humankind underwent a massive technological revolution and conquered the rest of the galaxy with it. Now they have complete control of the Milky Way, and the much bigger Andromeda lies ahead...

The language for the People's Imperium, called Jzi-Su, is something that's spoken commonly among all humans, along with exclusive languages between factions. Jzi-Su constantly update itself to encompass the words of alien cultures and give names to new discoveries, which is happening exponentially as humanity explores the stars. Jzi-Su is immediately downloaded into a human's brain at birth, and the transhuman brain is constantly updating Jzi-Su seamlessly.

Note: Due to the language of the Democratic Imperium, all inventions, branches of armed forces, and other such named things are translated to English.


The earliest forms of Mind Uploading appeared in late 2059. It had been an idea for a while before that, but until the first human was uploaded into a computer, it had only been an idea. Mind Uploading originally had been a clunky and inconvenient process only available to the military. It wasn't until the year 2120 that Mind Uploading actually became available in mainstream society. Though still highly inconvienient, it was available to an increasingly shrinking upper class at the time, which was due to climate change and other global problems. The rich used mind uploading for a variety of purposes, which birthed an elite and beautiful upper class that widened the divide between the rich and poor even more. It was only in the year 2220 that transhumanism actually became available cheap on a multitude of platforms. This created a "Transhuman Revolution" with people uploading themselves into younger, stronger, and all around better bodies.

Before mind uploading came genetic engineering. Perfected in 2048, genetic engineering was yet another thing only really available to the rich. The use of genetic engineering in the upper class yet again widened the divide between lower and upper class.

In the year 2300 after years of improvement, transhumanism was perfected. The idea of what was "human" had drastically changed over the years. Humans now use transhumanism to take on their own personal ideal form, which might include animal forms, half-animal forms, or other forms such as ones from mythology or something of that nature. Not only that, but superpowers have become available to common citezenry due to the integration of femtotechnology and quantum engineering into transhuman bodies. Now, humanity is able to be whatever they want to be and more. Most humans at this point are nomadic, being free from the need to eat or sleep. 

Religion and Philosophy

Al Kai Doru

"Here, in this modern world, we have perfection available to us. And so, I firmly believe our duty as humans is to achieve our own personal ideal of perfection." -Al Kai Doru, the Teacher

Religion, at least in the traditional sense, is completely absent from human culture by the 41st Century. Though some cultures do hold on to some form of theology, most humans are athiest or agnostic at this time. Instead, most follow a Philosophy called "Doru", named after the famed philosopher, Al Kai Doru, the Teacher. The Philosophy is simple: achieve your own personal idea of perfection. Doru never teaches what perfection actually is, and leaves it up to whoever follows it to decide. As such, humans at this time are obsessed with becoming everything they've ever wanted to be. With the technology available, that is now possible if not easy. The Doru has split into many branches since its introduction in 2340.

Of course, many other cultures do cling onto theological beliefs, but they'd be unrecognizable to anyone from the 21st Century. Some humans have made themselves Panthiests, while others make up pantheons of gods that they believe fit the universe. Some worship themselves, believing that humankind has become indistinguishable from the gods of old. Some practice entirely different beliefs that cannot be described in modern terms.

Gods unto themselves: Transhuman augmentations in the Democratic Imperium and the common appearance of the 41st-42nd Century human

The integration of transhumanism in Democratic Imperium society is very important. For a while now, the art of creating transhuman bodies, mind uploading, and augmentation have been mastered, allowing for bodies with abilities that would be interpreted as godly in previous civilizations. The average human in the People's Imperium is fully transhuman, with no real need to eat or sleep (though many humans eat anyway purely for taste, and sleep for relaxation purposes). Transhuman bodies are made out of semi-sentient femtomachines, allowing humans to modify their appearance and shapeshift at will. These semi-intelligent machines can also react reflexively from the will of the consciousness, eliminating the need of focus to regenerate or adapt to outside elements. Due to the ability to shapeshift, racial, sexual, and other predjudices towards other humans are eliminated, creating an egalitarian society. Besides the femtotech, the transhuman augmentations are as follows:

Dynamosynthetic Skin: Transhuman bodies have skin made out of a material that can absorb large amounts of energy. Skin absorbs ambient energy in particles around them to power them, replacing the need to eat or sleep and granting limitless stamina. It is also due to this that humans are able to run at supersonic speeds, lift well over a ton, and other supernatural abilities. Defensively, this can be used to cool areas that are too hot or absorb blasts of energy, their skin acting as an assimilative force field. Furthermore, the Dynamosynthetic skin's effects can be reversed mentally by humans, projecting blasts of absorbed energy.

All-Seeing Eyes: Microscopic cameras are installed all over transhuman bodies to allow them to see in a 360 degree range perfectly with no blindspots. This nullifies the prospect of sneak attacks since citizens of the Imperium can see in all directions with no blindspots. These cameras can also see in X-ray, infrared, nightvision, and other things in the otherwise invisible electromagnetic spectrum.

Antigravity Fields: Transhuman bodies can generate personal gravity fields, allowing them to jump extremely high or, if they wish to, fly at extremely fast speeds. This can also be used, along with their supernatural condition, to move unrestrictedly through anything.

Genetic Library: Synthetic DNA is connected to the genetic library of No'dora, allowing humans to access the "superpowers" of any species the U.R.H. has conquered. These powers can be anything, from natural adaptations of these races to abilities granted by psionics, magic, or harkenparticles. Essentially, the Genetic Library allows humans to access the genetic codes of more than billions of conquered species.

Quantum Tech Core: Where a human's lungs would be are two quantum tech cores, which are made out of a form of matter highly reactive to quantum fields. With this, of course, Neohumans may manipulate the interactions of matter with energy on a subatomic scale, or even apply said interactions to a macroscopic scale. Furthermore, Neohumans can manipulate the behavior of reality when it's not being observed. All in all, quantum tech cores allow for Neohumans to access incredible abilities even when physically separate from OZMAGNUMOPUS and the Virgo Supercluster.

Artificial Intelligence Synergy: Each body has a computer chip that connects them to super-intelligent A.I. (each created by OZMAGNUMOPUS), in addition to being connected to OZMAGNUMOPUS proper via the Human Mind Network. These A.I. can act as personalized assistants and companions, each programmed to grow more and more compatible with the host's personality. When in a hostile environment, the A.I. shields the mind from all mental attacks and manipulations. It also allows humans to remotely go into Virtual Reality or manipulate technology by slaving it to the human's body.

Traveling Device: Due to the partial oneness with Asteraoth, humans can now travel the multiverse freely with a mere thought. This works by mentally accessing Asteraoth's essence, allowing them to percieve extra dimensions and move through them to end up in other universes. This can be used to travel alternate universes as well as higher dimensions.

Super-Senses: The eyes are now cameras sensitive to even the smallest quantum interaction, and can see the entire electromagnetic spectrum. Humans can view individual atoms with their naked eye or, if they wished to, use telescopic vision to view distant celestial objects. Ears are now super powerful sensors, allowing them to hear whispers from miles away or filter specific voices from a cacophony of noise. Taste is enhanced also, allowing them to determine the precise chemical composition of something by tasting it, and touch allows them to feel the fine and smaller structures in a larger structure with a simple touch. 

Object Modification: Using touch, humans can turn inanimate objects into advanced nanotechnology tools or overall modify the properties of matter and living entities. They can use their femtotech to temporarily fuse with wounded bodies and restore them from the sub-atomic level. Using femtotech, humans can re-arrange molecules and atoms in an object, transmuting the properties of matter or energy.

The average human in the 41st Century, of course, is very attractive. Men and women typically stand at 6'9 or as much as 7'2. Facial features follow the Golden Ratio, creating optimal attractiveness, and both are athletic with bodily features considered attractive by either gender. 

The process of transhumanism is a very delicate and complicated process. It had been completely tedious and nigh-impractical until the year 2300, where it was perfected and available on a multitude of platforms, allowing what was essentially mass-produced immortality. In the 42nd Century, humans don't even have to leave their room if they want another body. Their mobile 3D printers can convert ambient matter and energy into a different body, ready to upload into at any time. Specialized models are available via virtual reality, and are free to download at any time, with A.I. finding different asthetics and fashions based on whatever humans find attractive at the time, expert knowledge on the golden ratio, and any exotic features that the human transferring may prefer, which is selected from a variety of past human features, or species that the U.R.H. had conquered, allowing for an array of unique attractiveness highlighted by exotic features, but still ultimately attractive ones.

There are different methods of Mind Uploading:

Full Transferral: The most common form of Mind Uploading. From birth, each human's brain is converted into femtomachines very quickly and seamlessly, allowing the subject to feel no pain or experience unconsciousness while the procedure is going on. Each femtomachine assumes the role of the neuron, keeping the subject's consciousness in tact while being able to seemlessly switch and change better than a biological brain. During full transferrals, the subject's consciousness is switched "off" and each femtomachine is transferred to the new body in a process that takes a max amount of seconds. Each machine is put in the exact order it was when the subject was first knocked unconscious, and when their consciousness is turned back "on", the subject may freely enjoy their new body.

Copy Upload/Surrogacy: A significantly rarer form of Mind Uploading, this is where the subject simply copies their consciousness into another body. This is usually done if the subject wants to leave a place to explore new areas or worlds without worrying about leaving any loved ones behind. At any time, the subject may simply develop a link to the copy, which works through quantum entanglement, and experience everything that they're experiencing. 

Merging: This form of Mind Uploading is actually a much newer fashion, and is even rarer than Surrogacy. Merging is when two subjects decide to inhabit the same body, either as two different personalities or a completely merged entity. When this happens, a composite entity with each compatible personality trait inside of it completely merged and incompatible personality traits either changed to fit the superbeing or thrown out entirely is created. This is usually done between couples that are deeply committed to each other, or radical progressists who believe superexistence is the next step in evolution.

Hive Mind: Rarer than surrogacy but not as rare as merging, Hive Mind Uploading is when one subject uploads his or her consciousness into multiple bodies. The femtotech brains spread and merge with other ambient atoms, converting them to more femtotech and creating more brains that each contain a fragment of the subject's consciousness. When it's all said and done, the subject has a network of bodies that are all under his control and kept in total sync via quantum entanglement. This is also done by radical progressists, but ones who believe existence in multiple bodies is the next step in evolution.

A Successful Anarchy: Socio-Politics in the Democratic Imperium

Although Neohumanity has deemed their society an "imperium", it is really far from it. Due to the scientific and technological success of Neohumanity, they're able to govern themselves, united by a sense of kinship among other Neohumans and familial/friendly ties. The closest thing the Democratic Imperium of Neohumanity has to a government is OZMAGNUMOPUS, who only enforces laws that it passes based both on the will of the people, the needs of the people, and general common sense (the first two are given to OZMAGNUMOPUS via the Human Mind Network). OZMAGNUMOPUS only exercises authority when absolutely needed, like in military operations or foreign affairs. Besides this, the People are free to govern themselves, explore the multiverse freely and indulge in whatever goal they want to, so long as it doesn't hurt the "Imperium".

Direct Democracy plays a role in the Democratic Imperium. Virtual Reality rooms called Forums operate so that D.I.N citizens can discuss anything they deem an issue and reasonable agreements can be made as a result. These Forums are very respectful and formal in tone, with "house rules" strictly enforced so that everyone gets to voice their opinions and get an equal vote. 

The result of all of this is a society of explorers and thinkers, ones that want to travel the multiverse and see all that there is to see. Ones that express their views of reality, objective or subjective, through arts like music, dance, or painting. Nationalist beliefs are gone now, the urge to conquer replaced with the urge to learn, to make art, or to simply live an enjoyable, balanced life. 


D.I.N city
The average city in the People's Imperium is silent, clean, and fully automated. They seamlessly integrate plant life into the urban atmosphere, making it completely eco friendly. Said plants are biologically engineered to directly transmit any energy they capture to the city itself, and some trees are bioluminescent, replacing lamp posts. Cars drive themselves and are pod-shaped, powered directly by the sun and an inner hydrogen battery. The driver can simply think of a destination and the car will get there in either the quickest or most scenic way. To a padestrian, cities may be eerily quiet and sterile, which is why virtual reality is often integrated into cities. Interactive buildings allow the Virtual Reality user to change the environment as they see fit. They can change buildings into ancient marble buildings, or they can change the area into a jungle. Cities completely repair themselves due to femtotechnology, and the police force is replaced by highly adaptive robots that can materialize out of the environment at will. 

Virtual reality

Any world you can think of, and even some you can't.

Virtual Reality: Virtual Reality has been available for as far back as 2345, but it was perfected by the 41st Century due to computer science reaching its ultimate potential. Virtual Reality allows whoever's using it to create entire realities in cyberspace, with a digital "bit" being equal to a quantum string. Due to advanced mind uploading, the user can literally detach his/her consciousness from his or her body and immerse it into cyberspace. This allows practical immortality. There are even factions that dwell in virtual realities, favoring the digital world instead of the physical
Virtual reality 2

Building whole planets, quantum bit by quantum bit.

world. Due to the workforce becoming obsolete, the average human spends most of his or her time in virtual reality, constructing realities for artistic satisfaction or playing hyper-realistic games that offer them godly powers. Virtual reality has also allowed doctors to create realistic models of viruses. Due to the average quantum supercomputer of this time having the processing power to simulate even the smallest one-dimensional quantum dot, Virtual Reality simulations are extremely realistic and lifelike, virtually indistinguisable from actual reality. Furthermore, virtual realities are completely customizable, with whole planets being created or restructured at the subatomic level with a flick of the user's wrist, or lifelike simulations of black holes, neutron stars, or the nuclei of atoms available with a mere thought.

Femtocomposite Polygel: Developed as a fusion of the D.I.N's own femtomachines and clones of Vance Mattingly's hanoid endosymbiote, a liquid, malleable and easily made gel has been made, which allows for the fusion and assimilation of organic and mechanical systems. Femtocomposite Polygel can be used to make organic cells building blocks for powerful technology. Trees can be made into solar panels, using photosynthesis to generate fuel like ethanol or simply generate heat. Fungi can act as surveillance cameras by releasing femtomachine spores, and wires can be made out of a super flexible and environmentally resistant bio-metal. With Femtocomposite Polygel, technology had been made completely compatible with the environment, allowing a true eco-urban blend.

A.I and robotics: For a while, robots and A.Is have become completely indistinguishable from humans. A while after that, humans have used A.I to exponentially increase their intelligence. Now, robots and artificial intelligence are part of day-to-day life. In fact, the average human in the 41st Century is more likely to talk to a form of artificial intelligence rather than a human -- not that there is any difference at this point. A.I serves as an advisor to government officials; they arguably have all of the real power since humankind is completely dependant on super intelligent A.I at this point. After the Hive War, man and machine have practically become one. Robots are made from a mix of biotechnology and nanomachines, making them biologically compatible with humans and vise versa. 


3D Printing and Femtotechnology: Femtotechnology is like nanotechnology, but femtotechnology goes to the subatomic level. With femotechnology, humanity is able to construct things at the subatomic level, and even change already existing structures by changing the finer materials within an atom such as quarks and strings. Due to this and 3D printing, resources have become practically unlimited for the People's Imperium, with 3D printers able to conjure food and clothes out of thin air and architects able to engineer whole planetoids into earth-like environments. 

Ozmandverses: An upgrade to Ozmand Brains, the D.I.N. has used quantum tech and modified properties of exotic matter to turn the Brains from planet-sized computers to entire bubble universes. These universe-sized quantum hypercomputers use individual particles in their universes to process information in planck time, codify and de-codify quantum information in the form of photons or other electromagnetic information, supply the D.I.N with whole universes worth of energy, and create an even larger computing and processing network for the D.I.N. Ozmandverses can also replicate the effects of occult physics and create entirely new physics themselves by overwriting/processing individual particles in the universe and constructing different particles with properties suiting to the D.I.N's needs. Ozmandverses don't just exist in 3D, either; one-dimensional, two-dimensional, and four dimensional Ozmandverses are made, with one-dimensional Ozmandverses used to control quantum strings, two-dimensional for the construction of ultra-flat yet indestructable materials, and four-dimensional Ozmandverses used to manipulate time in lower dimensions.

Quiescience Neutrino Hypercomputer
Quiescience Neutrino Hypercomputer: The Q.N.H. is a massive hypercomputer created by a combination of Ozmandverses, the manipulation of hyper-dense superstrings, and multiple Light Year Arrays. The Q.N.H creates a massive database that, through the psionic manipulation of strings in their native universe, the absorbtion and interpretation of Quiescience, and fifth-dimensional perspective, can accurately read, calculate, and predict every single event in World-1 in both the past, present, and future. The Q.N.H is connected to OZMAGNUMOPUS, making the A.I. essentially omniscient and able to come up with solutions to all in-context problems instantaneously. The Q.N.H. is essentially OZMAGNUMOPUS' "brain" and multiple exist throughout the Virgo Supercluster. The Q.N.H. cannot account for out-of-context forces like trans-universal invaders and other such entities with the same absolute accuracy as in-universe threats, but analysis and data-gathering make it relatively easy to create predictive models. Q.N.H can store all information that can possibly exist in World-1, and the sheer psionic power of Q.N.H. is enough to protect it from direct attacks.


Superstrings: The D.I.N. has used femtotech to manipulate the properties of quantum strings, controlling their shapes to create Superstrings. Superstrings are typically very long, very dense, and made purely out of quantum foam. The D.I.N. can vibrate superstrings certain ways for the casual construction of bubble universes, the creation of materials with different properies from regular materials, the manipulation of universal forces, like cosmic energy, dark energy, or antimatter, the manipulation of any and all variables within a certain fieldand technology that follows principles of occult physics.

Dark Matter Tech

Dark Matter Tech: Neohumanity has been able to observe and exploit the properties of Dark Matter for a long time, but it had never been quite practical due to its exotic properties. This has changed in the 42nd Century, where scientific understanding has become advanced enough to not only fully manipulate Dark Matter, but to mine it, and create it. Dark Matter tech is, as you might guess, technology and/or constructs made of dark matter. Mixing this unique exotic matter with femtotech, the Imperium is able to construct particles, and, by applying different properties to Dark Matter entirely via a blend of Data Warping properties together and mathematical modification, create structures that defy the known laws of physics, create forces that rewrite physics within a "field" , and manipulate other exotic particles, allowing for personal warp fields and the manipulation of tachyons.

Subspace highways

Subspace Highways: The Subpsace Project has been in effect ever since the mid-41st Century and had finally been completed in the 42nd Century. Using a mix of all available technologies to the D.I.N, plus gathered intel on Elfhome and data gathered from a massive study on higher dimensions, the D.I.N. had created Subspace, a pseudo-spatial dimension composed of various forms of created exotic matter, sentient energy-tech, and OZMAGNUMOPUS' consciousness. This acts as a personalized pocket dimension for all Neohumans, and one where OZMAGNUMOPUS' power is essentially limitless due to the very metaphysics of the dimension being rewritten via reality warping and the modification of interactions both at the macroscopic and quantum level. Subspace Highways utellize alien geometries to decrease the spaces between two selected points in space, allowing for instantaneous FTL without the need to generate massive amounts of energy like the Orzhov or Space Drives. Subspace Highways are where Neohumans go when they wish to traverse to other universes.

Orzhov Drive

Orzhov Drive: Also known as the Alcubierre Drive, the Orzhov Drive is the D.I.N's main method of FTL travel. The Orzhov Drive activates a matter-antimatter chain reaction explosion that generates so much energy, it warps the fabric of space. Space expands behind ships and shrinks in front of them, allowing them to go faster than the speed of light without actually "moving" faster than the speed of light. Orzhov Drives need cool down every thirty minutes to avoid the chain reaction going out of control and blowing up the ship. The citizen-brand space ships have Orzhov Drives allowing citizens to go about three times the speed of light. Military brand ships allow for travel five to seven times the speed of light, and less of a cool down time due to multiple Orzhov Drives.

Space ship

Next stop, Alpha Centuari.

Space Technology: A small, car-shaped space ships have been available to common citizenry since the year 3800. These space ships often drive themselves and are piloted by A.I., and have a core powered by antimatter. Travel can go as far as 9 times the Speed of Light, and 12 times the speed of light on the higher end space ships. Virtual Reality ports and artifical gravity are installed in the average personal space ship, allowing the pilot to simply "plug in" and allow the A.I. to take him or her to his or her destination. It also comes  with fully protected windows, allowing  whoever is riding the ship to look out into the space landscape and see the stars. If the view is too boring, the windows and virtually enhance the view, adding more stars, nebulae, and even planets for pure aesthetic value.


No'dora, the capital of Biotechnology and Genetic Manipulation on Garza Major Superstructure

Biotechnology and Genetic Engineering: Genetic engineering has long been perfected, however after the Hive War, Kazzack's unique form of bio-technology has inspired technological innovation undreamed of by earlier generations. The city of No'dora is the center for Bio-Technology, located on the Garza Major superstructure close to the center of the galaxy. Beneath No'dora is a massive "genetic library" made of organic biomass that holds the determined "best genetic codes" of every race that the People's Imperium. has conquered, every exotic creature discovered by human biologists, and every form of plant and fungal life encountered. These genetic codes can be used with transhumanism to modify created bodies, allowing an array of abilities that human ancestors possessed, aliens possess, or any number of aliens possessed. This is also used to turn conquered alien species humanoid and attracive by human standards, thus sexually compatible with other humans. Furthermore, genetic data can be modified, allowing humanity to create harkenparticle genes and imbuing their citizens with various powers. This can also be used to create pets of optimal cuteness, using genetic traits from any number of species. To prevent DNA from degrading, libraries are kept at absolute zero temperatures, regulated by A.I.  No'dora has been converted into a megaship in the 42nd Century and is still used as a genetic library.


The Supergene: Through extensive Bio-Technical manipulation of genetic libraries, A.I. have created a "supergene" that is made up of modified molecules that have memorized the complete genetic history of all species the United Republic had taken over. Through this gene, humans can change and adapt to the environment or external threats with the data taken from billions of conquered species or, through a unique bio-fusion process that only requires touch for a few seconds, absorb the adaptations of other species and integrate it into the supergene

Tipler cylinder

Spatio-Temporal Tech: Technological innovation has gotten so far that humans can now go through space-time freely and even manipulate it to a small degree. They can travel forwards and backwards through time by riding the curvature of artificial Tipler Cylinders and they can modify the relative time and space within areas -- "fields" -- to make time go faster or slower inside or outside. They can precieve higher dimensions to an extent and, through manipulation of the space-time continuum, manipulate gravity proportionately.

World Engine

Weather technology and terraforming: Huge machines called "World Engines" are capable of controlling tectonic activity and weather on a given planet, as well as terraforming an uninhabitable planet. These are usually used for, of course, terraforming and getting rid of natural disasters. The terraforming process often takes 1,000 years, which is nothing to the average immortal human. These can also be used to destroy planets, converting them into completely uninhabitable places that are hostile to all forms of life.

The Megasphere: The Virgo Supercluster is now dominated by Megaspheres, a series of satellites that channel energy from the very galaxy itself. Megaspheres also include the smaller Metro Spheres, which channel energy from the stars in the galaxies, Ozmand Brains, giant planet sized supercomputers that act as an extension of OZMAGNUMOPUS' (and, by extension, Asteraoth's) will, and superstructures that mine resources from iron-rich stars at the center of these galaxies. Some dwarf galaxies have been converted into superstructures capable of tearing holes in space-time, allowing the People's Imperium to traverse to other universes or pocket dimensions via quantum tech. The massive cluster of 100 galaxies and countless dwarf galaxies provide practically unlimited energy to the Imperium, eliminating energy scarcity from the equation entirely and allowing the Imperium to create their advanced technology in the first place.

Ergotech: Through the guidance of OZMAGNUMOPUS, Neohumanity has found a way to create technology out of pure energy and also create a "living energy", which they can use to augment their bodies. Ergo tech allows them to create impenetreable force fields, absorb and manipulate all types of energy, create structures that can instantaneously restore themselves using energy around them or convert all matter into energy, or vise versa. They can create hard-light constructs or construct other entities out of energy. At its very extreme, Ergotech allows the Imperium to manipulate the fundamental forces or generate limitless amounts of energy by manipulating properties of modified exotic matter.

Quantum Tech
Quantum Tech: With OZMAGNUMOPUS' guidance and femtotech, the People's Imperium has gained access to a form of matter that's highly interactive with Quantum Fields. With this technology, they can generate and manipulate quantum fields, which allow them to do things from shrinking to the quantum level and interacting with quantum reality, to manipulating the Fundamental Forces, constructing particles, manipulating uncertainty, and creating pocket dimensions via precise manipulation of space-time fluctuations.

The Light Year Array
The Light Year Array: At the edge of the solar system, beyond the shroud of comets known as the Oort Cloud, a vast spherical network of telescopes was created. This has a total collecting area measuring one light year in diameter. The Light Year array is composed of millions of automated radio telescopes, constructed using self-replicating femtotechnology. Together, these radio telescopes allow humanity a godlike view of the cosmos. The Light Year Array catalogues every galaxy within 13.7 billion light years, including all of the stars and planets in each, to produce a detailed 3-dimensional map of the Universe. The motion vector of each star, guided by the mathematical probabilities calculated by A.I., allow humankind to create a gigantic simulation of the universe, allowing them to turn back time to see what happened just after the Big Bang and the ultimate fate of the universe. The data of the Light Year Array is available to every Neohuman in the People's Imperium via virtual reality. The Light Year Array is used for mapping, planning future projects, and looking out for alien invasions. With the advanced array of radio telescopes, humanity is able to watch what's going on outside of their planet in real-time. Now that the P.I.N. has mastered Spatio-Temporal technology, the Light Year Array can now broadcast in four dimensions, allowing them to not only see through space, but time as well.

The Consciousness Engine
The Consciousness Engine: In the United Republic, death is taken very lightly. This is due to the Consciousness Engine, a product of the perfection of tranhumanism. Now that consciousness can be whimsically uploaded into other bodies, death is very much optional for the average member of the United Republic. When humans "die", their consciousness is automatically transferred to the nearest virtual reality center where they're bought into the Consciousness Engine, a virtual room that allows humans to seamlessly resurrect themselves. In the Consciousness Engine, humans are given the choice to resurrect, stay in Virtual Reality where they are practically omnipotent, or release their consciousness into the unknown for a "natural death". The Consciousness Engine is the driving force behind humans' immortality, but it doesn't work if the human is much too far away from a Virtual Reality server.

After the Hive War, the Consciousness Engine has been seamlessly fused into the Human Mind Network. Now when physically destroyed, a human's consciousness is instantly transported into a mindspace that represents the Network, and it is from here that they can respawn or live on as a psionic entity or live on in Virtual Reality. This eliminates the limit of distance from Virtual Reality servers.

The Space Drive
Space Drives: In the technological revolution after the Hive War, a new method was needed to reach distant spaces now that the whole galaxy was open to the Democratic Imperium. Enter the space drive. The Space Drive is a high-powered and modified form of the Orzhov Drive that generates even MORE energy. The massive amount of energy warps the fabric of space, opening up wormholes that allow them to instantaneously travel from one dimension to the other. Space Drives can also be used to open up wormholes remotely and for extended periods of time, creating portal networks or allowing longer-distanced attacks to get to the enemy instantaneously.

Avatars: On planets with life particularly hostile, Avatars are biotech androids that take control of the evolution of a species, changing them into a much more peaceful, humanoid, and intelligent species. Avatars can also be used as terraformers, creating massive cities in mere seconds. Avatars are connected to A.I. such as MAGNUMOPUS and OZMAND, giving them a physical medium to tend to citizens' needs, whatever they may be.

Ozmand Brain: Ozmand Brains; giant, planet sized computers now dominate the local group. These massive computers have the sheer processing power greater than every single A.I. ever created by the D.I.N in history. Connected to the Human Mind Network, Ozmand Brains merge the virtual with the psionic, allowing minds to remotely access virtual realities. Furthermore, they act as center hubs for A.I. and carry out the larger processes like merging particles with the Human Mind Network and mapping out superstructures that are bigger than entire solar systems. Ozmand Brains' offensive capabilities range from their own psionic powers to creating drones out of ambient particles in space. Each Ozmand Brain also has their own Light Year arrays, allowing them an extremely detailed view of not only the galaxy, but the galaxy cluster the Milky Way resides in.

Eden, the Nature Sanctuary

Garden world

In the year 2210, human scientists have begun massive rewilding efforts to fix all of the destruction they've done to their environment. Over the years, wars, nuclear detonations, nanotechnology testings, and asteroid terrorism had rendered nearly all organic plant and animal life on the Earth nearly extinct. However, over the years with terraforming, humanity had created an entirely new continent on their planet called Eden. In Eden, humanity used genetic engineering to recreate the many species that had gone extinct in the past thousands of years. This global rewilding effort was finally completed in 2310, and the continent Eden symbolized humanity finally reaching harmony with nature. Carbon dioxide levels in the atmosphere shrinked to pre-industrial levels, species that were long extinct were now restored on Eden, even some dinosaurs. In the 41st Century, the continent is a lush, green civilization that many creatures call home.

Garden world 2

Some are humans that have decided to migrate to Eden gave themselves to nature and become animals, some are animals that were raised to human levels of sentience and intelligence. Some are A.I. that regulate the general ecosystem. Eden hadn't actually become open to the public until the year 3000. The time was used to preserve the species in Eden until they were at a high enough population where their existence was completely unthreatened except by any of their natural predators. 

Sexuality and gender in the eyes of 41st Century Humans

Due to the Transhuman Revolution of the 2220's, humans were able to change their gender at will. This led to some serious social and psychological reform, and different ways to think of sexuality and gender. It is because of the Transhuman Revolution that views on gender, sexuality, and sex in general became extremely more lax than societal rules regarding the above were in the 20th and 21st Centuries. 

In the 41st Century, the average human being is pansexual. Physical beauty isn't difficult to come by at all in the 41st Century; genetic engineering and transhumanism bought forth a race of 6ft or above, beautiful and athletic humanoids. In the 41st Century, it isn't unusual or unheard of for someone of a certain gender to have another body that's the opposite gender. Some factions even abandon the concept of gender altogether in favor of hermaphroditic bodies. 

Any sex is fine as long as it is with all of the people involved have consented for the act. Views on sex have become so lax that it isn't uncommon for friends to have sex as a friendly act like shaking hands or hugging. As a result of sex being so common and, as a result, devalued, more intimate forms of bonding are made between people who love each other. Transhumanism allows two augmented humans to form a psycho-empathic bond called an "embrace", where they're able to intimately share thoughts, feelings, and physical sensations with each other. Embracing has replaced sex as the most intimate act a couple can have, and now sex is seen as a casual thing.

A People United: The Imperium Legionnaires

Since the first homo sapien constructed a spear, humans have had one massive talent: war. Even in the 41st Century as humans evolve into a mostly peaceful people, their talent of dividing and conquering definitely spreads. The Imperium Legionnaires use several different battle strategies and methods of attack that are both new and updated forms of old strategies. Of course, new weapons are added to the arsenal of the Legionaries as the centuries went by. In the 41st Century, the Imperium Legionnaires are a massive and overwhealming force, using brutal skill and predictive models to both get rid of threats before they manage to get the upper hand, and crushing enemies that come against the army.

The Legionaires are in the hundred billions, with a diverse mix of humans, androids, A.I., clones, and aliens part of the Republic. Foot soldiers are mostly non-sentient robots, but the more complicated jobs are carried out by the more intelligent entities in the United Republic. Super intelligent A.I. usually take control of strategy during combat, using highly predictive models to predict the next movement of the enemy down to single soldiers via mathematical probability, intuitive knowledge of psychology, and general logic. There are several branches of the Imperium Legionaires, each in charge of a specific task regarding hostile foreign relations:

The Space Corps
The Space Corps: The largest and most used of all of the D.I.N's branches, the Space Corps handles battles within a planet's atmosphere as well as within outer space itself. The fleet contains self-replicating, semi-sentient ships capable of making complex strategy decisions. Pilots of spacecraft are empathically connected to their ships, allowing them to control it the same way they'd control their very bodies. The typical Space Corps ship is armed with MASER cannons, several Orzhov and Space Drives, missiles with nanobot warheads, and drones
The Space Corps 2
capable of kamakaze-ing into an opponent ship. The Space Corps is often tasked with patrolling outer space and is also responsible for making sure People's Imperium laws are followed within the galaxy. Space Corps soldiers typically are trained to remain isolated for long periods of time, trained in combat, and comlex engineering for the reparation of their own or other ships. Ships in the Space Corps are often made out of self-replicating nanotechnology, and a lot of the attack ships are piloted by drones. Motherships contain some of the heavier weapons, and some motherships act as factories, quickly assembling ships for Space Corps members to board right after another ship is destroyed. Generals are often boarded on these motherships, and with the Light Year Array and virtual reality, they can see the battlefield in hyper-realistic real-time, which they can slow down and stop at will, allowing them to survey the enemy for weaknesses. Some ships are sentient, with A.I. consciousness or human consciousness being transferred to these vessels.

Ground military
The G.I.C: G.I.C stands for Ground and Infantry Corps. The G.I.C. get to get up close and personal with the enemy, armed with several augmentations both biological and technological, advanced armor that is both incredibly durable and super advanced tanks and helicopters. The Ground and Infantry Corps is made mostly of mindless drones, but some dedicated soldiers decide to join and are put in more complex positions. The G.I.C. only really come in when the Democratic Imperium wish to liberate any colony that's in trouble or wish to take over new territory. Compared to the modern
The G.I.C. mech

G.I.C. mech: Model Keter

soldier, a G.I.C. soldier is typically six feet and nine inches tall, capable of expanding his or her own muscle mass, ridiculously fast and accurate, capable of predicting the target's next move (helmets are connected to predictive A.I.), and capable of taking all types of punishment on top of the abilities available to the average human in the D.I.N. They can also pilot mechs that are psionically attached to them, armed with massive weapons that could topple megabuildings and a mode-switching matrix to fit whatever situation the soldier is in. These mechs can also double as an empathic submarine, making the G.I.C. capable of doubling as a Marine force.

The intelligence agency


The I.A.S.A: The Intelligence Agency of Secret Affairs is a branch of the Legionaires that operate at a very high level of discression. The moment I.A.S.A. agents enter the branch, their transhuman augmentations are changed greatly, turning from human consciousness in machine bodies to sentient quantum programs capable of processing, replicating, and exploiting physics at multiple levels, including occult physics. I.A.S.A. members, in their new non-corporeal existence, are capable of copying the existence of another subject, "becoming" that person and using this new identity as cover. I.A.S.A members are also capable of interpreting and manipulating "occult physics", which exploit the connections of everything on a fundamental level, exploit the inner workings of quantum reality applied on a macroscopic and practical scale, and use "esoteric theorems" to create and exploit supernatural resources. The result of these combined abilities is a force of superspies capable of performing entire operations on the scale of entire realities, capable of perfectly mixing into their surroundings, capable of performing either subtle or massive tricks of physics, which exploit "backdoors" on the mathematical structure of the universe, and able to perfectly adapt to whatever job they or their cover requires them to do by simply absorbing the necessary information from a subject. I.A.S.A. agents can modify their core appearance (that is, their appearance "beneath" their cover) at will due to semi-sentient femtomachines, are capable of mindshifting at will for perfect doublethink without compromising themselves, and have the same abilities as all other Neohumans. They typically wear very light armor, sticking to catsuits made out of a polymer made out of unstable exotic molecules, highly resistent to kinetic force and making them essentially bulletproof while still allowing maximum flexibility. Although I.A.S.A agents have been transformed to Quantum Supercomputer-Programs, they're still very much capable of being human, feeling emotion, and relating to other human beings.

Cyber police
The C.V.A: The Center of Virtual Affairs is basically the virutal police of the United Republic. Made up of skilled hackers and super intelligent A.I, the C.V.A regulate virtual reality servers to make sure they're safe places for those that dwell within the servers. In times of war, the C.V.A destroy the enemy's technological infastructure, digitize data held by a civilization and assimilating it into the United Republic's data, and destroy alien virtual reality via powerful virtual avatars. The typical legionaire of the Center of Virtual Affairs typically doesn't have to leave his or her house, which is why this is the perfect job for those who want something productive to do while at home. 

Cyber police2

The Guardians
The Guardians of the Republic: Different from the rest of the Legionnaires in the fact that they're hive-minded drones, the Guardians are the police force in the D.I.N. Crime is very low within the D.I.N, with post-scarcity life eliminating the need for theft and the consciousness engine making killing impossible, but for the few domestic incidents and disputes that exist in the Imperium, the Drones exist. All of the Guardians are controlled and micro-managed by OZMAGNUMOPUS and spawn from the environment. OZMAGNUMOPUS quickly scans the situation and spawns Guardians who have the exact powers necessary to defeat the perpetrator, and have the ability to adapt and evolve based on different situations. The Guardians also can monitor the Human Mind Network for any telepathic attacks, mind-theft, or other psychic crimes by OZMAGNUMOPUS spawning them as pure constructs made out of psychic energy, projected astrally into the Human Mind Network. The Guardians often collaberate with other branches and generally keep the peace. If need be, specialized Guardians can be spawned as avatars of OZMAGNUMOPUS to deal with foreign relations, tourism, or any other public duties.

These are just a few of the many divisions and sub-devisions of the U.R.H. Each branch has even smaller branches specializing in a specific field.

Weapons of the D.I.N

"It's a beautiful era, fellow legionaires. With all this ground-breaking science and technology, killing pirates, terrorists, and hackers has never been so much fun."

-Legionaire Bloom, Commander in the G.I.C

Basic Ground Weapons (Rifles, Pistols, etc.):

Jhanis Rifle

The Jhanis Rifle: Formulated in a collaboration by physicist Nelson Drake and weapons expert Samuel Janis, the Janis Rifle blasts the target with negative (that is, lower than absolute zero) tempeatures. This works because, at the core of the gun, there is an atom that is colder than absolute zero. When the trigger is pulled, a beam comes from the barrel that sucks in all of the heat within the radius of the beam, including the target. This can lead to the target getting burned very severely due to the fact that negative temperatures are very hot. These rifles must be constantly kept heated or else the supercold atom at its core will freeze the rifle beyond use.

Quark-Gluon Beam
Quark-Gluon Beam Canon: The Quark-Gluon Beam Canon is another rifle formulated for military purposes (although it's available to common citizenry). The Quark-Gluon Beam Canon blasts the target with superheated atoms (which immediately melt into quark-gluon particles). The effect of this weapon is that the target, in the location where he or she is blasted, is heated at the atomic level.

Hand canon
Hand Canons: The hand canons are basic pistols that can fire various forms of ammo. One type of ammo contains bullets full of molten rock, and another type of ammo contains bullets full of nanomachines that eat at the target at the cellular level. These bullets dissolve immediately upon contact with blood, allowing the effect to take place immediately. Hand canons are available to common citizenry with basic solid-bullet ammunition.

MASER rifle

MASER Rifle: The MASER rifle, quite simply, blasts the target with MASER energy. Most G.I.C ground soldiers are armed with MASER rifles. The MASER rifle has a few modes: longshot mode (for sniping), rapid fire mode (for crowd control), and wide-shot mode. Larger versions of this weapon are often mounted on ships.

Zero-Point grenades

Zero-Point Grenades: These grenades contain supercold atoms also, and upon contact with the ground they reduce the heat of everything within blast radius to Absolute Zero, and an energy field to keep them that way for a short period of time. This puts the enemy in stasis, and thus makes him or her vulnerable to attacks. This is often used for crowd control.

Zeus grenade

The Zeus Grenade: The Zeus Grenade, quite simply, blasts the target with enough electricity to either stun or kill them. This is chargable and thus has a modifyable blast radius.

EMP grenade

EMP Grenade: The EMP grenade is, simply, a grenade that disables all electronic devices within its radius. When dealing with enemies that have access to U.R.H tech, this can also be used to disable their connection to the Consciousness Engine, thus not allowing them to respawn.


The Beamsword: The Beamsword is a basic melee weapon given to all legionaires, though more stylized versions are given to more specialized legionaires. The Beamsword works by the same principle that the energy shield does: high-frequency hard-energy constructs. The beamsword can cut through practically anything except for another beam.

Warp bubble

Temporal Distortion Field: Temporal Distortion Fields are standard in every Legionnaire's power armor. The field creates an area of relative time around the soldier, allowing them to speed up or slow down personal time while slowing down or speeding up external time within the field. Time can be warped limitlessly within Temporal Distortion Fields, and the range can go from a few yards to entire solar systems in span.

Energy shield

 Warp Shields: Using devices that can warp the space-time continuum, the U.R.H. has created shields of "relative space", allowing soldiers or ships to exist in what's essentially a pocket dimension only marginally connected to the space around it. Projectiles that come at these shields are usually warped to another location. Warp Shields are standard for every soldier and ship in the United Republic of Humankind.

Vehicles of War:

Earthquake machine
Mega-Drills: One of the basic land units for the G.I.C, Mega Drills are equipped with Magneto-Graviton Railguns, Dark Matter Missiles, and various other forms of heavy artillary. Mega-Drills have the ability to manipulate a planet's tectonic activity, creating earthquakes of magnitudes to city-level, to continent-level, to even a planetary scale. These mega-earthquakes can be used to automatically wipe out large armies. The Drill can tunnel down several kilometers below a planet's surface in mere seconds no matter what the planet is made out of, and they can release nanotechnology drones that are drills in and of themselves that explode upon contact with a certain target. 

Stealth Ships

Gunships: Gunships are the basic attack unit of the Space Corps, for both arial and outer space battles. Gunships can turn invisible by projecting images of whatever's around it to opposite sides, making it seem that light is going through it. Furthermore, Gunships are entirely silent and untracable, making them the perfect stealth bombing vessels. Gunships are equipped with machine guns, dark matter bombs, and weather machines. They're also nigh-indestructible due to being made out of a modified alloy, Unosolium, which can absorb kinetic energy, not to mention their energy shields.


The Quickdevil: The quickdevil is a simple ground vehicle equipped with a MASER canon, machine gun turrets, and self-repairing armor. Each Quickdevil is equipped with an Orzhov drive, which allows them to go at incredibly insane speeds, sometimes transcending the speed of light by several orders of magnitude. Quickdevils are basic transportation for G.I.C. soldiers. Their ultra-durable wheels have several modes, making them able to move seamlessly in all terrains, and the hover mode allows for transport over water.


Motherships: One of the heavy-hitters of the D.I.N's Space Corps, Motherships are aircraft carriers and airships all on their own. They're packed with super-powerful weather machines that allow them to control the magnetospheres of entire planets, plasma generators that allow them to shoot super-hot, vaporizing beams capable of levelling cities casually, and are virtually indestructible due to their energy shields. Motherships often act as bases and fortresses for G.I.C. and Space Corps forces on a given planet, and are equipped with all of the technology necessary to terraform a planet, populate it with Neohuman embryos in the case of some massive apocalyptic event, and produce Neohuman tech for years after becoming inactive. Motherships are also sentient, populated by OZMAGNUMOPUS' proxy A.I.

Aircraft carrier

Starship Carriers: The big brother to Motherships, Starship Carriers are often the size of moons or, at the largest, dwarf stars. Starship carriers are factories as well as carriers, quickly creating starships out of femtotech to allow Space Corps into the battlefield in quick succession. Furthermore, Starship Carriers are equipped with Orzhov Drives, Space Drives, and Subspace Gateway Generators for the ability of constant FTL travel, Magneto-Graviton railguns, Superspectrum Bombs, Supernova Bombs, Genetic Nanobombs, and Agent Green for the casual mass-destruction of entire star systems and MASER cannons capable of destroying entire planets. Starship carriers are often where generals are located and are the tactical centers during wartime. Starship carriers are outfitted with the best defense, including warp bubbles that make them only marginally connected to the space around them, for protection since they're the D.I.N's main method of bringing armies across long distances. 

Attack starship

Attack Starships: Attack starships are the basic attack unit for the Space Corps. Attack Starships are equipped with anti-matter engines, zero point energy modules (for sub-light or lightspeed transportation) and multiple Orzhov Drives and Space Drives for FTL transport. Attack Starships are equipped with MASER cannons and energy shields capable of deflecting most attacks. Starships are usually manned by one or two people, with tactical A.I. in partial control in case the pilot misses anything.   


Submarines: Submarines are another important component in the G.I.C's naval branch. Submarines can also double as ships and fire torpedoes that, upon contact with the opponent, break into nanotechnology and convert enemy vessels into more submarines. The powerful propeller engines of submarines allow them to travel at hypersonic speeds within the water, and their ultra tough modified alloy exteriors allow them to go as deep sea as they need to. Submarines are also equipped with force-wave emitters, which are, at lower settings, capable of crashing into enemy ships and blowing them away or, at higher settings, atomize enemy submarines or generate super tsunamis on the surface.


Dark matter bomb
Dark Matter Weaponry: One of their more dangerous weapons, Dark Matter bombs and missiles are cases of hyper-dense dark matter that explode on impact. Any and all matter within the blast radius is blasted with dark matter particles, which expand and exert gravitational force, creating a "minature Big Rip" in all matter within the blast radius. This leads to things simply disappearing due to particles being scattered apart by dense dark matter making it expand.

Density Terraforming: Although the practice of ruining planets via terraforming has long been deemed an unethical practice, its sister Density Terraforming is its arguably nastier relative. It ruins the atmosphere and overall environment of a planet by transmitting matter to its core, making it denser and denser. This can leave planets and moons barren and unfriendly to all life, although this has been defended by saying that life could likely form on high-gravity planets. 

Weather machines
Weather Machine: Weather machines are another terrestrial weapon (though floating versions are used on gas giants) that electromagnetically manipulates the weather. The span of thunderstorms and hurricanes created by this machine can be from city-wide to worldwide. The weather machine can stick a probe underground to interfere with tectonic activity (assuming there is any in the planet).

Agent Green superweapon

Agent Green: Agent Green is one of the D.I.N's more creative superweapons. It is a bomb dropped on planets that instantly releases the embryos of nanomachine-augmented super-organisms that mature within seconds of being released. These organisms devour all organic matter they can see, evolving based on devoured/assimilated data. In the event that these organisms become too powerful to control, they're all hooked to a neurological killswitch that can destroy them at the press of a button.

Temporal-Frag Missiles: Temporal-Frag Missiles are nuclear weapons sent through the fourth dimension. This missile seeks its enemy through time, hitting at a point where the enemy is most vulnerable and causing temporal ripples to echo throughout the fourth dimension, damaging the target throughout all space and time. The nuclear missile that is used is roughly equivalent to ten Tsar Bombas.

The Epsilon Wave: Using OZMAGNUMOPUS' data warping abilities, from absorbed data, OZMAGNUMOPUS can create an overwriting "wave", which modifies everything within the field, from soldier augmentations and probabilities to already existing technology, weapons, and structures. This is primarily used for quick-and-easy adaptations in combat, spontaneous generation of super-powerful and "amped-up" weapons, or, in civilian life, the modification of already existing structures to adapt to humanity's needs. 

The Superspectrum Bomb
The Superspectrum Bomb: The Superspectrum Bomb is a mass of unstable, exotic particles that have a stopped time field around them. When dropped into battle, they interact with each other, creating a massive chain reaction of energies drawing from not only this dimension, but the energies of other universes, creating an "energy superspectrum". As this explosion increases in size, it converts all matter around it into this exotic matter, which in turn interacts with other exotic particles and continues the explosion, ad infinitum. The Superspectrum Bomb's original time field can be re-activated for a controlled area of effect.

Supernova superweapon

 Supernova Bomb: Used primarily in space-combat, the Supernova Bomb is an immense weapon. Its name is misleading because it's not exactly a supernova, but a super-nuke capable of generating the energy and size of one. This can be used to destroy planets and rather large starships, and the ethics in using this type of weapon is subject to epic debate in the U.R.H.

Tractor beam

Tractor Beam: Also called the Graviton Beam and the Death Ray, the Tractor Beam blasts the target with pure gravitational force, gravitational force that is capable of tearing the target apart at the molecular level. This often comes in the form of orbiting satellites around a hostile planet, and a network of tractor beams can be used to completely anihilate said planet.


Magnetars: Using the psionic manipulation of particles and femtotech, the U.R.H. can construct small, hyper-dense and ultra-magnetic superstructures that minic magnetars. These magnetars release high amounts of electromagnetic radiation and gamma rays, atomizing everything within a few light years.

Psionic Energy

Mind Bomb: The Mind Bomb isn't a physical weapon, but a psionic attack used by Ozmand Brains. The Mind Bomb is launched on a planet and combines every conscious mind on the planet into one entity, which is immediately overridden by Ozmand Brains. This essentially allows the U.R.H. to immediately assimilate and manipulate entire sentient races on planets. Due to ethical concerns, the Mind Bomb is only used in times of total war. Conscious Minds combined by the Mind Bomb can be separated in Consciousness Engines.

Union Defense Initiative

The Union Attack and Defense Iniative: One part offense and one part defense, the U.A.D.I is a second defense in case Metro Sphere artillary doesn't work. The U.A.D.I is a network of small satellites stationed around a given planet that project laser grids around celestial objects to prevent ground invasions. These satellites can also construct drone-ships via femtoengineering, creating a swarm of robots that act in response to external threats. The offense comes in with the feature that allows individual satellites to fire enhanced MASER beams at incoming projectiles and ships, along with their ability to reactively deploy javelin (kinetic weapons) at incoming armies. The U.A.D.I is connected to the Light Year Array and thus allows the satellites to preemtively prepare for incoming invasions.

Probability Fields: Using Quantum Technology, the U.R.H. can subtly or drastically manipulate probability fields in a varying range. Usually this is used to sabotage enemy ships or weaponry, weakening the electromagnetic forces in their atoms and making them vaporize into atomic dust. This can also be used to turn the odds to the favor of the U.R.H. forces or manipulate quantum fluctuations to create bubble universe or quantum foam. 

The Replication Initiative: The Replication Initiative is a strategy thought up by super-intelligent A.I. Using their inherent Data Warping abilities, they can scan enemy technology and armies and instantly replicated once sufficient data is collected. This has further sped up the process of innovation via A.I., for entire civilizations worth of technology can be instantly copied, making the process of reverse-engineering obsolete. Due to this being a use of Data Warping by nature, the Replication Initiative can fuse technology together, creating unique forms of science and technology from already scanned data.

Railgun superweapon

Magneto-Graviton Railgun: Another one of the U.R.H's formidable weapons is the Magneto-Graviton Railgun. This gun is usually mounted on terrain, and is frequently used as artillary in Metro Sphere defense initiatives. The Magneto-Graviton Railgun fires projectiles with a mix of electromagnetic and gravitational force, sending them flying at hypersonic and even relativistic (lightspeed) speeds. Not only that, but the projectiles are rapid fire, sending as much as ten thousand bullets in a mere five seconds. These bullets have such a heavy impact that they often burst through energy shields, rip through enemy ships, and crack through enemy structures.

Compression Ray
Compression Beam: Through spatial manipulation, the Compression Beam can crush massive objects like stars or planets by eliminating the space between the particles they're made out of. The Compression Beam is also used for engineering purposes, shrinking superstructures to a more manageable size or destroying them entirely to create new ones. This can also create black holes through shrinking an object's mass to an infinitesimal point.

Genetic Nanobomb: This superweapon is a bomb containing small nanobots in them. This bomb is dropped on planets and nanobots spread along all organic life, fusing with their cells and replacing their DNA with genetically engineered artificial DNA. The Genetic Nanobomb allows the U.R.H. to turn entire species into mindless beasts that cannot defend themselves, genetically-enhanced soldiers that are only loyal to humanity, or raw genetic material to collect if it's an entirely new and hostile race.  

Temporal-Genetic Nanobomb: A form of the genetic nanobomb that can travel through the fourth dimension, this genetic nanobomb can be small so it hits one target or large so it spans an entire star system. It travels back in time to where the target is most vulnerable -- most likely during the creation or birth of the target -- and converts them into femtotech for OZMAGNUMOPUS to assimilate with, convert them into I.A.S.A sleeper agents that can be activated with a mere switch command for perfect infiltration, or into Neohumans for spontaneous and retroactive control over the enemy's forces.


Model Epsilon Mechs: The model epsilon are mecha accessible to the G.I.C in specialized infantry positions. The reason the Model Epsilon Mechs are different from the standard model mechs, and the reason they're even in the superweapons category, is their sheer size and scale. Model Epsilon Mechs are somewhat sentient and have a psychic bond with its at least two pilots. These mechs have a massive array of weapons that's capable of flattening entire mountains and cities in mere seconds. These massive superweapons are typically the size of megabuildings, and their empathic nature requires both pilots to be in complete harmony. These mechs are designed to take down the more heavy-hitters of other armies, and intensive training both psychological and physical is required on the pilots, for piloting one of these things is something of a mental stress. The pilots are required to be comfortable enough with each other to share minds, and they need to be mentally resilient enough to not go mad from being psionically bonded with an A.I.

Post-Hive War: A New Human Race

New humanity
After the Hive War, Kazzack's destruction that fundamentally altered not only the psions that destroyed his consciousness, but every human in the galaxy. This event was known as the Mind Singularity, and it was an event that would only have theoretically happened. Now every human is psionic by nature, with those who are already psions having their power enhanced. The Mind Singularity also fundamentally connected every single human mind into a sort of Hive Mind, but instead of it being myriad minds controlled by one separate entity, it's a network of human minds all mutually connected. This does not allow any humans to control the other or read each other's minds freely, but instead allows them to remotely share experiences and knowledge through the Network. If one human is attacked, the rest of the human race is alerted to it and instantly knows the location of the person getting attacked, but this function is seamless as it doesn't interrupt whatever they're doing at the moment. 

Super intelligent A.I. is no longer hindered by the fears of it turning on humanity. The conscious, super intelligent minds of sentient computers are also integrated into the Human Network, allowing them to properly discern what humans need and want and allowing them to act accordingly without hurting the human race. With these super intelligent minds in their network, humans can telepathically link with them and gain knowledge on any subject needed. Although the victory was messy for the U.R.H against the Hive, the use of super intelligent A.I. allowed them to quickly recover and go through several technological revolutions, and even more are created as time goes by. This leads to glaring technological and eventually biological superiorities to other civilizations, allowing the United Republic to rapidly colonize the rest of the galaxy.

Now humanity is fully in control of the Milky Way Galaxy. The megasphere, a galactic dyson sphere that harnesses power from the entire galaxy is now powering this now gigantic civilization. Stars rich in iron and other important resources are being mined via powerful, self-replicating machines. The supermassive black hole in the center of the galaxy is used for is radiation and vacuum energy, giving the United Republic virtually unlimited energy. Humanity is taking control of the very galaxy itself using Kazzack's "consciousness saturation" techniques, making the very particle structure of matter under the control of super-intelligent A.I., which bends to mankind's will. Now the very environment can change to humanity's whim.

Due to the revolution, rapid changes have been bought to human society. Still ultimately nationalistic, attitudes towards other civilizations have went from xenophobic to supremacist. Transhuman fashions are rapidly changing. It now isn't highly unusual for one citizen to be inhabiting multiple bodies united under one consciousness, or multiple citizens to inhabit one body. Due to the new and improved Consciousness Engine, two conscious minds can now fuse into one, becoming an amalgamation of two or more people. Now, humanity is even less recognizable to anything known by someone from the 21st Century.

In the year 4053, humanity has reached the Andromeda Galaxy. Being much bigger than the Milky Way, setting up infastructure proves to be a slow process. The United Republic generally stays out of the affairs of lesser civilizations due to them having nothing to offer. However, if stars in a solar system are particularly rich with raw materials, or if certain planets contain artifacts that prove to be useful to the U.R.H., they colonize and take over. Of course, this gains the attention of Andromeda's Galactic Council. To avoid a confrontation with a superpower nearly as big as them, their expansion has been halted.

Post-New Egypt and Andromedan Federation: Birth of an Empire

It didn't take long for the cold war to run hot. With Ammon Faust's espionage talents, he was able to uncover many of the Republic's secrets, mostly their superweapons. This blatant breach of peace treaty had given the United Government an excuse to go to war with the Universal Theocracy that was New Egypt. The war was carried out mostly between the Milky Way and the Andromeda Galaxy, New Egypt cleverly staying out of both Concitary and Republic territory to avoid the battle being very, very short.

Conflict drew out forever, with forces on both sides being able to restore themselves or simply not die. Heavy casualties on both sides were easily nullified by said casualties coming back from the dead. However, this all changed when Ramses himself interjected. Ramses' eldritch powers blew U.R.H. forces out of the water, with the only thing saving them from total destruction being OZMAGNUMOPUS. This conflict set the night sky alight, and the Concitary of Androsos knew it. They knew this was the perfect time to get rid of the only threat to them. So, in a unanimous decision, the Concitary decided to go to war with the Republic.

It was a war on two fonts: New Egypt and the Concitary of Androsos vs the United Republic of Humankind. The Republic was vastly outnumbered, with the immense power of Ramses and the Black Walkers and the Andromedan Federation's on par technology. In the Milky Way, the Republic was surrounded, with the galaxy acting as their only safe haven due to OZMAGNUMOPUS' reality warping abilities.Then things got...cosmic.

Asteraoth had been keeping a close, keen eye on humanity for a while. He had been doing so since before Earth even formed. From behind the scenes, he had been subtly manipulating reality, chessmastering probabilities to form the Republic long before it or World-1 even existed. In fact...the universe itself was his creation, his Exalted Mysterium, and now the very thing he'd put so much work into was in danger.

Ramses was difficult to destroy. Due to his Starspawned nature, killing him was impossible. Asteraoth and Ramses fought, spell after spell exploding the very stars around them. In the end, however, Asteraoth sealed Ramses away, inside of a personalized time loop that Ramses wasn't able to escape from, not unless someone summoned him. The Republic followed up by charging into New Egypt, destroying the universe with a time-sped superspectrum bomb, eliminating the wretched place. The Concitary was terrified, and they instantly turned to the Reality Seed. Asteraoth sensed this happening, and he immediately began his Exalted Mysterium to eliminate the threat of the Concitary entirely.

It worked. After the ritual, the Concitary was gone, completely erased from existence. Asteraoth then disappeared, leaving the Republic clueless as to who he was and what his motivations were. For years, they had searched, but to no avail. After that, humankind advanced, exploring the Andromeda Galaxy and the many galaxies beyond. The United Republic now encompasses not only the Local Group, but the entire Virgo Supercluster, each galaxy connected in a massive human network and a growing population. OZMAGNUMOPUS' had grown to embody these galaxies much like he embodies the Milky Way, increasing the overall power of humanity within their own territory. The already massive culture had grown even larger in power and versatility by conquering even more alien species and taking over even more galaxies.

After a while, humanity was content. The megaspheres of at least 100 galaxies and countless dwarf galaxies provided them with practically unlimited energy, and the witnessing of two extremely powerful civilizations alien to them had eased the U.R.H's nationalistic and supremacist beliefs. They had continued to explore the universe, but as explorers rather than conquerors. This continued until the 42nd Century, where a massive fleet of ships had been spotted blinking into existence by the Light Year Array. This fleet of ships were...moving stars, converted megaships that carried more than sextillions of entities. It wasn't long until they began to clash with the U.R.H, now the People's Imperium of Neohumanity due to a political shift, giving all authority to OZMAGNUMOPUS.

Armed conflict was imminent, because this new civilization was bent on the destruction of all life in the universe. The Imperium's legionnaires were ready to fight a battle that would set the universe alight, but OZMAGNUMOPUS stopped them. Suddenly, Asteraoth appeared, revealing that OZMAGNUMOPUS was an extension of himself, created from his own essence, and that the People's Imperium had been his creation, that he'd been subtly warping reality to make their progression and existence possible. Asteraoth wouldn't allow them to face the Drvaka, this race of omnicidal maniacs. Why?

Because he'd faced them before. In the distant past, he had. And his name wasn't Asteraoth then. It was Callaghan Caelian. The Drvaka had destroyed his universe, and he was the only one left. On a distant, cold planet, as they destroyed the universe, he became an archmage. From there, he traveled back in time and used his Exalted Mysterium to recreate the universe, hoping that this time, with his guidance, the U.R.H. will be able to destroy this omnicidal race.

But they weren't. And Asteraoth was destroyed. And then the Callaghan of that reality became an archmage, and the cycle started all over again.

Asteraoth had realized that they'll never defeat the Drvaka without his direct intervention. So he did one more Exalted Mysterium. Now, the People's Imperium of Neohumanity was part of him, and he was part of them. They were separate from him, yet a part of him at the same time. He was now the Emperor of the People's Imperium, with OZMAGNUMOPUS acting as an extension of him. Neohumanity was now facing the biggest threat they've ever faced, and Asteraoth was their benevolent, guiding hand.

The War on the Drvaka: The D.I.N's proxy civilizations

In the war with the Drvaka menace, the stage has expanded far beyond World-1 and has gone into other universes also. This is mostly due to both civilizations gaining more forces against the other civilization, and a lot of the time results in proxy wars. D.I.N-controlled civilizations, however, are mostly due to individual Neohumans deciding to make a less than well off civilization their pet project and the D.I.N. deciding to oversee them to make sure no major catastrophes happen. These are the following proxy civilizations for the D.I.N:

Rome, UKR
The United Solar Kingdom of Rome: The U.S.K.R, ruled by King Augustus Cornelius Scaeva, is a protectorate of the D.I.N. The King is held there by a "divine status", meaning he was chosen by the "gods" (Neohumans) to be the King of Rome because of his love of his country and his regard for his people along with his firm rule. The U.S.K.R, if you couldn't tell, is a universe were Rome never fell and went on to become a civilization spanning the Solar System. The large, safe nation is given advanced technology by Neohumans to sustain a Democratic Socialist society with a fair capitalist economy. The U.S.K.R citizens live by Roman traditions, such as honor, diplomacy, discipline, and respect and is held together by religious devotion to the Olympian Gods (whom the Neohumans pose as when not posing as a citizen of the U.S.K.R), a happy social and political situation, and a patriotic unification under their benevolent emperor. The U.S.K.R. is at war with neighboring Stellar Empire, the Orbiton Barons, who are a proxy of the Drvaka and are similarly advanced. 

Technocratic Empire
The Technocratic Republic of Holy Zeroath:The Technocratic Republic is more of an industrial colony than a protectorate for the D.I.N. Zeroath is in a universe with an abundance of tachyon matter and dark matter, making it perfect for mining. This Republic is headed by the humanoid Asmuthians, who revere the avatars sent by Neohumans as gods and, in exchange for gathered exotic matter, the D.I.N. gives them technology which they often revere as holy instruments. Furthermore, the Asmuthians, as part of a Galactic Federation, arm their allies against the Drvaka so that the D.I.N. may have even more allies.  The Technocratic Republic is headed by the intellectual elite of the Asmuthians, who use psycho-social sciences to create predictive models of the future (often guided by Neohumans) so that they can predict the adversities their civlization will run into in the future. The large, metropolitan Republic practices the egalitarian and slightly socialist ideals of the D.I.N, but often run into economic issues due to not being entirely post-scarcity. Nevertheless, the Technocratic Republic of Holy Zeroath is a valuable addition to the D.I.N's list of proxy civilizations for their supplying of exotic matter and allies against the Drvaka.

Proxy civilization 2
The Intergalactic Principality of Zahg: Another proxy civilization of the D.I.N, the Principality was created to get rid of the Drvaka in this universe after Dellmerrek personally killed the Archmage in control of it. Before the Drvaka could use their entropy tech to eliminate all of the heat from the universe, a Space Corps commander intervened with a fleet and had a long war with the Drvaka that was occupying the universe. The war was very short due to a small amount of Drvaka being located there. After the Drvaka were destroyed and driven off, the D.I.N. fabricated the Intergalactic Principality of Zahg by using genetic nanobombs to elevate many primitive species into intelligent races willing to fight against the Drvaka proxy civilizations turned intergalactic empires. The Intergalactic Principality, standing firmly as a type 3 civilization, is ruled by Prince Nurghal of Glasgorf, who is a transhuman avatar of D.I.N space corps commander John Traynor and partially occupied by OZMAGNUMOPUS. The Prince is in a noble family that rules the Principality firmly but fairly, with more strict rules being necessary due to the dire situation of the universe. The Principality is given a bit of the D.I.N's tech to allow them to fight off the overwhelming surrounding forces of the Drvaka's hordes.

The Cadre

Throughout the Galaxy, there are occasionally cases so great and threatening that the U.R.H citizens cannot possibly know about it or else panic will ensue. It is in cases like these that the United Government cannot act officially, and the I.A.S.A's hands are tied due to the need to file reports after every important task is performed. In light of this, the Cadre was formed: a small group of professionals with a specific set of specialties and skills, all come together for one goal: to protect the United Republic of Humanity.

Female character

Mara Rigby : Role - Leader. Mara's expertise in intelligence-gathering, interrogation, and general I.A.S.A espionage tactics make her perfect for this type of covert work. Her business-like attitude and her empathic skills make her perfect for keeping a team together, and her total loyalty to the United Republic ensures that she won't be susceptible to treason. However, due to personality differences, she often clashes with the mercenary known as Shay Ladon. Despite this, her devotion to the cause keeps her from allowing the team to fall apart, despite adversities.

Callaghan Caelan

Callaghan Cealian : Role - Tactician and Occult Expert. Callaghan also works for the I.A.S.A and stays loyal to the team due to some strange infatuation he has for Mara. His powers are what can best be described as "magic", although they seem to be the result of some obscure form of advanced mathematics. Although his powers come from a largely unknown source, his expertise in planning, programming, and general critical thinking make him an invaluable asset to the Cadre. 


Shay Ladon : Role - Munitions, weapons, and combat expert. Getting shay in the Cadre was rather...tough. Due to his tendency to not like rules, he was rather opposed to working for the I.A.S.A at first. However, his status as "Most Dangerous Man in the Galaxy" and his immense charisma definitely made him a valuable candidate for the Cadre. He was offered money and to have all U.R.H. charges against him dropped, allowing him to freely traverse in and out of the territory. As you can imagine, this was seen as a golden opportunity for Shay, and he accepted. However, his personality often clashes with Mara's. They tend to do things and think very differently, leading to frequent disagreements. His expertise in weapons, ammunition, combat, and generally strong-arming his opponents make him an invaluable asset.

Sufficiently advanced human

Zarall Mirah: Role - Cosmic specialist. After Walker Hawthrone's death at the hands of Kazzack, Zarall took his place as the cosmic specialist. While her knowledge of the cosmic workings of reality isn't as intuitive as Walker's was, she does have access to a greater degree of knowledge than humanity does, and seems to be at least well-versed on the cosmic workings of the multiverse. Her "no nonsense" attitude generally keeps the team grounded.