The Citadel was one of the U.R.H's many achievements, a spectacular city where immigrants become citizens of the Republic. It's also the main stage where the U.R.H. deals with negotiations with other nations, something the Republic hadn't done in a while. Regardless, the talks with the Concitary of Androsos had opened the Republic up to negotiations a lot more. It was time for a representative of the Republic to meet with leaders yet again.

Mara walked through the absurdly clean, almost crystalline city that made up the Citadel. She had to hide her utter disgust that the Republic was making deals with...aliens. She'd grown up in a Nationalist Republic, one that wouldn't negotiate with aliens or do anything in their favor short of conquering them and making them submit to the human way. She had to correct her mindset; after the Hive War, she was named ambassador of the Republic due to her persuasive abilities, so she couldn't make her dislike for aliens obvious. Still, she'd been enjoying one of her very few vacations since the beginning of the New Egyptian Cold War. Even in the beautiful Citadel, this job was very much inferior in comparison.

Mara was formally dressed -- at least, by the U.R.H's sexually liberal standards -- but fashionably. She knew the people she'd be dealing with were biologically human or similar, albiet from another universe, so looking attractive would definitely make matters lean in her favor, as she'd learned in the I.A.S.A training academy. If words didn't work, she had more than enough weaponry concealed in her dress to kill whatever threat may come at her. Call her paranoid, but it's better to be safe than sorry. OZMAGNUMOPUS was with her, its consciousness inside of her mind, ready for any telepathic attacks. Unlike the rest of the galaxy, OZMAGNUMOPUS wasn't subatomically bonded with the Citadel, so Mara was on her own if any physical attacks ensued. That was fine. She could take care of herself.

As she walked up the stares leading to the massive Citadel Spire Tower -- a structure that would make the 21st Century Burj Khalifa look like a thumb tack in comparison -- she sent a mental note to OZMAGNUMOPUS to send to her superiors, letting them know that she was fine. This being top secret work, OZMAGNUMOPUS was shielding her mind from the rest of the Human Mind Network, allowing her to conduct negotiations without having to worry about any astral-projecting humans getting a hold of secrets. When she entered the massive, crystalline boardroom at the very top of the tower, she was all ready for politics.

"Well, gentlemen." She greeted the leaders in the room. "Welcome to the United Republic of Humankind. I'm Mara Rigby, representative of the Republic."