Jiezou City
Jiezou City, one of the many human territories on their plane, and the second biggest human city, next to Othella. Halfaerd decided to visit the city himself, the crew of the Bloody Gale having their own adventure under Halfaerd's -- or rather, the Black Baron, as his pseudonym was -- authorization. The half elf was there partially for business, partially for pleasure as usual. A gang leader that one of the Darkwraiths had been contracted to kill was in the vicinity, controlling the streets of Lower West Jiezou City, and Halfaerd was the closest and most capable assassin for the job.

While Halfaerd was there, it wouldn't hurt to steal a bit of gold from local noblemen, perhaps gamble on a couple of golem fights while he was there. In a place like Jiezou City, the possibilities were endless. He jumped from wooden rooftop to wooden rooftop, prefering the freedom of high ground over the crouded streets below. He was dressed in his usual garb: hakama pants, a kimono top with light armor over it, covering his chest in plate padding and his arms in plate padding. His two swords were sheathed at either side of him, and his guns were holstered on his back, always ready for him to fire. His wand was in a mechanism on his forearm, allowing him to retract it like a hidden blade, and his synthetic arm's hand was covered in a glove like usual. On his feet were silent leather boots.

Jumping down on scaffolding, he descended to the streets of Jiezou City. It'd been a long journey there, time to relax in a tavern somewhere, maybe get into a drunken barfight with a dwarf.