Name: ???

Shadow Name: Saorise

Aliases: The Dutchess of Fear, The Lady of Autumn, Hecate, She Who Walks Through The Twisted Thorns, The Enchantress of Darkness, The Darkling, She Who Whispers In The Wind

Age: Outside of time

Species: Faerie (Leanan Sidhe)

Powers: Chaos ManipulationHigh Sidhe Magic

Abilities/Skills: Adaptive Magic

Alignment: Pfft..."alignment".

Affiliations: Queen Mab (Chaos), The Autumn Court, Herself

Motto: None

Quotes: "Come, wayward souls. I shall show you the way. The way to your true desires."

"Do you believe that you can defeat me? Truly? Heroes die. They fade away and they're forgotten. I am eternal. I will always wander in the back of your mind, an amorphous darkness that creeps up your neck. The monsters under your bed are my pets, child. The evil queens you read about are my apprentices."

Theme: Darkness and Magic

Occupations: High Sidhe of the Autumn Court, Ruler of Fzellaholm, Backup Queen of Autumn, Sidhe Sorceress

Archetypes: The ChessmasterSorcerous OverlordThe BaronessThe VampEvil Is SexyManipulative BastardThe Stoic

Origin Story: Due to being a Fae -- and a High Sidhe at that -- Saorise's origins are ambiguous. According to her, she simply "came to be" from the primordial chaos the Fae were "born" from and what later became Elfhome. Also according to her, she was born before Elfhome -- a fragment of pure probability that grew a form and consciousness when the omniverse form. Also according to her...she is merely a figment of your imagination. She is nothing but the embodiment of your fear -- everything you despise, everything that makes your skin crawl in the dark is what she is. Point is, Saorise claims to have different origins every time you ask her, and due to the fact that the Fae cannot lie, either all of this is true or she believes a different thing to be true all the time.

Powers/Abilities (In Detail)

Magic: In terms of sheer magical prowess, Saorise is THE most powerful Sidhe Sorceress in the Autumn Court, second to only the Queen of Autumn. Saorise has existed for eons, mastering different forms of magic (or..she was actually BORN with a mastery of all of these forms of magic). Since the Autumn Court is the court of Sorcery, Saorise is a better Sidhe Sorceress than other High Sidhe of other courts. Her magical power is unreal. Instead of saying magical words or incantations, she merely has to move. Magic is within her very being. Every bit of her physical form -- the reality of her existence is magical in nature. Saorise can make up spells, create them, and change spells at will. With her High Sidhe Magic, she can manipulate probabilities on all levels.

Separation: Faeries -- especially the High Sidhe -- are unnaturally detached from reality and logic. Due to this, they have the ability to do things that are impossible for "normals" to do. This is due to the fact that the Fae are children of chaos, and so the physics they follow are simply defined as "chaos". Anything and everything they do has no understandable rules. Separation allows the fae to do things like walk on air and water, tie a subject's shadow to his or her bedpost, or devour an opponent's soul. Due to Separation, they are very nearly invulnerable and don't feel temperature. They can steal anything due to Separation -- concepts, ideas, dreams. Due to Separation, however, the Fae will always look strange in some way. Maybe the sound of hooves clopping against cobblestone will sound whenever they walk, or perhaps they'll always smell like death and decay -- or, in contrast, like summer flowers in the breeze. Separation is essentially the "physiology" of the Fair Folk.

Vainglory: One glaringly obvious fact about the Leanan Sidhe is that they're absolutely and inhumanly beautiful (the word "glamourous" coming from the word "glamour", which is another word for this ability). They're so beautiful, in fact, that they effect reality with their sheer physical presence. Because of Vainglory, everything about the Sidhe is alluring -- their smell, their scent, their voice. They are able to affect the minds of those around them with this ability, getting even the strongest-minded mortals to see things their way. This goes beyond looks, too. With Vainglory, a Sidhe can perform any performing art on levels beyond that of even the greatest masters. They can become good at anything they wish to try within seconds. Another aspect of Vainglory is the ability to turn their beauty...into something terrible.

Forge: Another feature of the fae is the ability to sculpt reality around them. Sidhe like Saorise can open up portals to other dimensions, manipulate space and times, and give objects sentience. She can manipulate the elements around her and manipulate the fate of someone's life. The Sidhe can "communicate" with anything and forge a contract with it -- even entire concepts. For example, she can communicate with the night to make it forever dark, at the price of her sacrificing a child to the moon at twelve o'clock.

Autumn Manipulation: Because she's an autumn fae, Saorise can manipulate Autumn -- both the physical and metaphysical concepts applied to it. (Harvest, wind, fear, sorcery, etc.)

Chaos Manipulation: The Fae are children of Chaos, so they all have this power at some level. The High Sidhe can manipulate chaos on a massive scale -- from causing hurricanes with the flap of a butterfly's wings to creating waves of destruction capable of unmaking galaxy clusters. All of a Fae's powers, at their most fundamental, are based on the concept of Chaos. Chaos is what they ARE, it's their behavior and their very being.

Actors: To a Faerie, life is nothing but a massive game of pretend. Everything to them is acting, everything they do is for their own amusement. They're under the illusion that reality is nothing but one big game of pretend, and they act accordingly. They have the ability to be anybody they want to be through "actors", this sort of system of avatars they use. Each actor has a "title", which is connected to the main faerie in some way. Each actor has a fraction of the Faerie's abilities; the more actors, the more powerful the Fae. Actors usually have their own powersets, personalities, and goals. They usually also have their own flaws, which are either in the fashion of classical Greek heroes' fatal flaws, or hideous deformities that make them pariahs to society. Fae often have actors compete against the actors of another Faerie, usually in battles to the death. The fae that wins gets the other fae's actor, and thus a piece of that fae's being.


Likes: N/A

Dislikes: N/A

Destructive Capacity: Universe Level+ (Can manipulate all levels of probabilities from the quantum mechanical scale all the way to the universal scale)

'Range: 'Billions of light-years (Capable of using thaumaturgy and remote spellcasting)

Speed: Unmeasurable (Teleporting; also capable of moving much faster than the speed of light due to not abiding by the same physical laws)

Durability: Nigh-Invincible (Separation makes her immune to physical attacks, however some magic is capable of working on her, and causing her to break any of her contracts/oaths physically harms her)

Lifting Strength: Unmeasurable (Separation makes her able to lift anything)

Striking Strength: Unmeasurable (Separation makes her strength nigh-unlimited)

Stamina: Godly (Does not tire)

Intelligence: Saorise has lived for eons, weaving plots and plans whenever she is "bored". She is shown to be capable of creating plans that span for billions of years and manipulating people. Despite all of this, however, she is prone to forgetting things due to that being the nature of a fae. She is capable of being tricked and fooled.

Battle Record: Let's see...she's lived for billions of years without fading away, in a realm where beings have to fight and stay relevant just to exist. She's a High Sidhe, which means she has a lot of enemies -- mostly enemies, actually, since the Fae have no concept of friendship or "allies". Let's just say she isn't a stranger to fighting.

Base of Operations: Fzellaholm, the Way to Autumn

The bridge

Dare you to cross the bridge.

Description: Fzellaholm is the foresty path just before the Domain of Autumn, where the King and Queen of Autumn reside. Being Saorise's domain, Fzellaholm is literally one with her. It reacts to her moods, her tastes, and her wants. In her domain, Saorise is nearly omnipotent. It's actually quite easy for people to wander into Fzellaholm, especially little children and young adults. All it requires is walking down the wrong bridge at the wrong time. Saorise is known here through the actor of "She Who Walks Through The Twisted Thorns", an ugly, old crone with thorns protruding from her feet. Here, she acts as a sort of witch of the path, putting wanderers through a series of tests before allowed to enter the Domain of Autumn. Those who fail the tests -- and the chances of such a thing happening are dramatically high -- get devoured by Saorise and her monsters. Those who pass..well, they might still get devoured.

The Game of Immortals

Description: The Fae, diverse and unalike as they may be, actually do have qualities in common. These qualities are not in their appearance or physiology, but their code of behavior. The bizarre behavior of the Fae has no sure reason -- perhaps it is because they're a mad race. Perhaps it's another one of their acts. Either way, the Fae follow rules that replace both their morality/ethical codes and their physical laws. This behavior has been studied by magi for century, and has been named -- rather infamously -- the Game of Immortals. This Game seems to be exactly that -- a game. Since the Fae see reality as a massive game of pretend, then the Game of Immortals would definitely be the rules of their game of pretend. The Fae seem to be completely incapable of breaking the Game of Immortals. Magi estimate that the Fae are under a powerful geas that even they are unaware of.

Rules of the Game of Immortals:

1) Never kill a mortal, unless that mortal attacks you first.

2) Never break an oath, promise, or contract. Always stay true to your word.

3) Never lie.

4) Always show hospitality to guests.

5) Always stay relevant.

Breaking these rules can lead to the Fae fading away, back into the primordial chaos from which they came. Each Fae has no friends -- only enemies. Their existence is a constant struggle to "stay at the center of the universe". If they're ever forgotten, they grow weaker and weaker until they eventually turn back into the primordial sludge their plane came from. The Game of Immortals is not only the code of behavior that they follow, it's the driving force behind what they do and their existence. It's what they are.