Name: Roland Whatley

Aliases: The Monster, The Beast, Wanderer, The Raven Man

Age: 27

Species: Therian (Wereraven)

Powers: Magic, GiftsTransformation ( Werebeast Form )

Abilities/Skills: Anger EmpowermentPartial Transformation (Raven form, Dire Raven form, Winged-Man form)Hyper-InstinctsMathematical IntuitionPsychometrySemi-ImmortalitySingularitySocial Magnetism

Alignment: Chaotic Good

Affiliations: Himself, The United Republic of Humankind

Motto: "Without freedom, nothing can truly live."

Quotes: "The power of the raven cannot be taken away. I intend to put this power to good use."

Jean-Claude wereraven

Wereraven form

"With strange aeons, even death himself will die before I fear that overgrown weed that controls half of the galaxy."

"You've angered the spirits of this plane. That's not a very good sign."

Theme: Watsky - Whoa Whoa Whoa

Occupations: Mercenary, Occult Detective, Drifter

Archetypes: Byronic HeroLovable RogueDeadpan SnarkerGenius BruiserThe DrifterWalking The Galaxy

Origins: Roland was an independant mage that simply practiced his magic alone. While performing an experiment on higher dimensions, Roland projected his consciousness to the Spiritual Plane and was touched by a spirit, which bonded with him at a fundamental level. Now Roland is a Therian -- both a spirit and a human -- and he uses these powers to help whoever he can, regardless of any rules. He makes money by pulling jobs for people. He's nomadic, wandering the galaxy and helping whoever he finds needs help along the way.

Personal Data

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