A U.R.H artist's rendition of OZMAGNUMOPUS


Age: Doesn't age (chronologically 88 years old)

Aliases: The Ozmand Brain, the Overmind, Prodigy, Father Mother and Son

Species: A.I.

Powers: Magic (Exalted MysteriumLesser MysteriumRemaking/Customization), Psionic ManipulationCodification/DecodificationPsionic Bio-TechAssimilative EvolutionVirtual Warping

Abilities: Cyber MindIntelligence InfinitumScanningIntuitive AptitudeNigh Omnipresence (Within the Milky Way)Numerical Precision

Alignment: Blue And Orange Morality

Affiliations: The United Republic of Humankind

Programming/Goal: "Help humankind achieve its goals."

Theme: Justice - Genesis

Occupations: Overseer of all technological processes, Guide to Humanity

Archetypes: Above Good And EvilBenevolent A.I.Super IntelligenceDeus Est Machina

Origin Story: OZMAGNUMOPUS is a fusion between MAGNUMOPUS and the OZMAND BRAINS, creating a godly super intelligence that oversees all technological processes in the U.R.H. OZMAGNUMOPUS guides humanity with various technological innovations and maintains their society, creating ground-breaking new branches of science and using those branches to find out more about the universe.